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Things to do in Panama

Welcome to Panama City! Are you looking for things to do in Panama? In this article, you will get to know about best tourist attractions and the best things to do in Panama. Panama country is set in Central America with coastlines on the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean. There is an artificial Panama Canal, which cuts through its center. This Canal links the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean to create a shipping route. Panama City is famous for its casinos, modern skyscrapers, colonial buildings and the rainforest of the National Metropolitan Park. Visitors can enjoy the oceans and vibrant urban life, experience the mountains and learn about native cultures. These attractions make Panama one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. Panama also offers some amazing beaches in the country. Panama has a wide range of activities such as horseback riding, scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking, boating, rafting and more.

Things to do in panama

Top Things to do in Panama

Here is the list of the best tourist attractions in Panama.

1) Panama Canal

Visiting Panama Canal is one of the most amazing things to do in Panama. It is a ship canal in Panama which connects the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. There are locks to lift ships up to Gatun Lake. Here you can see the ships very closely. Taking a tour of the locks is best things to do in Panama Canal. This lake consists of crocodile and fresh water. So, it is not used for swimming. The scenic beauty around the lake is mesmerizing. If you are in Panama City then you must visit the Panama Canal.

2) Bridge of the Americas

The Bridge of the Americas is one of the main tourist attractions in Panama. This bridge is a road bridge in Panama which spreads the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal. The bridge of the Americas is built with steel and reinforced concrete. It is about 5425 feet long. See the ships crossing the canal. This Bridge is used for road traffic. When you see this bridge in the night, it looks so beautiful. Take a walk on the bridge and enjoy the spectacular views of the canal.

3) Metropolitan Natural Park

Enjoying wildlife is one of the amazing things to do in Panama. The metropolitan national park is situated in Panama City. This park is best for  nature lovers as it offers numerous walking trails around the park. Enjoy the diversity of flora and fauna. You will find wildlife and also witness rare species of bird and some mammals. Some of the birds are the dusky Antbird, blue-grey tanager, the orange chinned parakeet and more. It is one of the remarkable places to visit.

4) Causeway Islands

Visiting the Causeway Islands is one of the most interesting things to do in Panama. The Causeway Islands connects the four islands by the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal. These islands offer a spectacular view of the Panama City and the Bridge of Americas. You can do many activities such as riding a bicycle, jogging and rollerblading down the causeway. You can have a meal or drinks in many restaurants and bars which are located on the Islands.

5) Playa Las Lajas

Playa Las Lajas is the longest beach in Central America. It is one of the beautiful beaches on the Pacific Coast. Las Lajas is good for body surfing and swimming. Cheap restaurants and rustic shacks are clustered on the beach. This beach is a white sandy beach with incredible sunsets. Visit this beautiful and longest beach with family and friends.

6) Isla Taboga

The best tourist attraction is Isla Taboga. Taboga Island is a volcanic island which is also known as the “Island of Flowers”. This island is a pleasant island with one road and no traffic at all. The Isla Taboga is packed with sweet-smelling blossoms. This island is a popular tourist attraction due to its wonderful natural areas. It has trails for hiking and boat tours for fishing. The island offers many activities such as snorkeling, whale watching, walking and sightseeing. Enjoy these activities with your friends and family.

7) Bio Museo

Exploring Bio Museo is one of the fun things to do in Panama. Bio Museo is situated on the Amador causeway in Panama. This museum is designed by architect Frank Gehry. The Bio Museo host some events such as private events, concerts, and expositions. This exhibition contains eight exhibitions. The Gehry design attracts thousands of visitors. The museum tells about the history of Panama and biodiversity. Children and adults must visit this place. It is near to the canal where you can take the advantage of the amazing views.

8) Miracle Strip at Pier Park

Visiting Miracle Strip is one of the fun things to do in Panama. It is an amusement park which is in Panama City Beach. It is a great place for kids and adults. This amusement park is packed with cool rides, great food and lots of fun. There are several water slides, wading pool, swimming pools and great lifeguards. There is a restaurant where you can enjoy your food.

9) Sendero Los Quetzales

Visiting Sendero Los Quetzales is one of the adventurous things to do in Panama. The Quetzales trail is one of the most beautiful trails which is used for hiking. This is one of the best places to encounter Quetzal. Quetzale is one of the top ten birds to watch in your lifetime. The Quetzales trail is situated within the Baru National Park and connects Boquete and Cerro Punta. You can enjoy hiking from either direction. It is recommended to start the hiking at sunrise which is the best time to see the wildlife.

10) Multiplaza Pacific Mall

The multi plaza pacific mall is a big mall in Panama. There is a wide variety of restaurants and stores. There is also a movie theater where you can enjoy the movie. This mall offers the best brands, gift shops and art galleries. This is  a great mall for shopping, movie, and American food. Spend your day by wandering around the mall.

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