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Things to do in Palm Springs CA

The article focuses on the things to do in Palm Springs CA. It is a desert resort city in California. This city is famous for its hot spring season. And, not to forget the artistic landscape which unfolds the desert and flora-fauna found here. The weathered volcanic peaks, sand dunes and mountains shimmering in the hues of the mustard yellow to vibrant pink is a retreat for your eyes. The mesmerizing scenic view allures you to fall in love with it. Palm Springs is a land of an artist. The retro flair and soothing climate make it a most popular city visited by the hipsters and celebrities. Read more, to know things to do in Palm Springs CA.

Fun Things to do in Palm Springs CA

things to do in Palm Springs CA

1.) Death Valley National Park

The first thing on your list of things to do in Palm Springs CA should be a visit to the Death Valley National Park. Though the name of this place sounds very harsh and hellish but unlike the name this place has much to offer. It has a diverse desert environment including salt flats, valleys, sand dunes, badlands, canyons, mountains and endemic wildlife. It is the largest national park in the world. This national park is known as “International Biosphere Reserve”. The land in this area holds the hottest temperature which goes up to 134°F/57°C. If you are planning to visit the place then do it in winters or during the spring season. It is the time when the wildflowers bloom and you will get to see a life form in the Death Valley National Park.

2.) Joshua Tree National Park

The Joshua Tree National Park holds the quirky “Joshua Trees” which are the actually tree-sized yuccas. This park is spread in the 794,000-acres of land. It is located near Colorado and Mojave Deserts. This place was named so because the branches of the tree are so huge that they are believed to be stretching towards the heaven. The whole  scene is similar to the land which Biblical prophet Joshua promised and thus, it got the name Joshua Tree National Park. If you are a rock climber then you should give a check to your adrenaline rush and come to this place. It is the best place to climb and one of the fun things to do in Palm springs CA. Moreover, for hikers this place has shady, hidden, desert- a fan palm oasis. Whereas for mountain bikers, the hypnotizing desert vistas are enough.

3.)  The Upper Mojave Desert

The Upper Mojave Desert spreads around the urban areas on the northern edge of LA county and sparsely populated Mojave National Preserve. It is a harsh land irregular mining settlement and a wide area marked for aerospace and weapons testing. This might not excite you but there are a few existing sites which are a must visit. The first one in the list is “Lancaster- Palma de”. This place is a retreat for eyes especially in the spring season as the bright orange fields of California make smooth carpet. It also offers hillside walks among the wildflowers. Other main attractions in Palm Springs CA are “Antelope Valley India Museum” and “Downtown Lancaster”.

4.) Knott’s Soak City

This place is a seasonal waterpark. Knott’s Soak City has wide arrays of water rides, such as “Banzai Falls”. It is a 6-lane family mat water slide. Another attraction of  the amusement park is “Gremmie Lagoon”, a small area for children with rides and play area. “Laguna Storm Water Tower” features three enclosed slides. Among slides Malibu Run, Old Men Falls, Pacific Spin, Sunset River are to name a few. It is the best place for people of all ages. Food, entertainment, adventure, are all that the place promises for. Now you know why it is one of the best things to do in Palm Springs CA.

5.) Palm Springs Walk of Stars

The place is unique in itself. The golden Palm stars are embedded in the sidewalk pavement. Each star is embedded in the honor of the renowned people of Palm Springs area. This place is located in the downtown Palm Springs, California. The walk of fame covers Palm Canyon Drive, LA Plaza court and Museum Drive. It was founded in  the year 1992. Visiting here is one of the top things to do in Palm Springs CA. This place is one of the main attractions in Palm Springs CA. The place will definitely answer the questions about US history lurking in every visitor’s mind.

6.) Cabazon Dinosaurs

This place is an eye opener for all those who believe that dinosaurs just exist in the stories. The place holds Claude Bell’s Dinosaur’s huge sculpture. It is a roadside attraction in Cabazon, California. The building is enormous and it has a look of a real dinosaur named Dinny the Dinosaur( 150- ton- building). Take yourself back in the era of dinosaurs by visiting this place. If you have seen the movies “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure” and “Paris, Texas, Fallout: New Vegas” then you will surely go head over the heels about visiting this place.

7.) San Jacinto Peak

It is the highest peak in the San Jacinto Mountains and Riverside County. It is the most topographically prominent peak in the US. You can enjoy the magnificent scenarios that consist of beautiful flora and fauna. Apart from this, you can feel amazing climate that can make you feel relaxed, vibrant and energetic. This place is known to be best for camping, tracking, climbing and other picnic activities. You can have fun with food and nature and can be a part of nice campaigns. Visit San Jacinto Peak and feel the real adventure. Those who love photography  must visit the place to capture the mesmerizing scenic view. Indeed, it is one of the must things to do in Palm Springs CA.

8.)  Palm Springs Stadium

For the baseball lovers, this stadium is a must to visit. This place was home field of the “Palm Springs Sun” of the “Western Baseball League” in 90’s. All the national and local baseball matches are held in this stadium. The place gets hugely crowded during the month of March as the annual “Palm Spring Baseball Tournament” is  held in the same month. This stadium also hosts amateur football team “Dessert Valley Spartans”, members of “LaBelle Community Football League” in August. Give the sportsperson inside you a reality check and visit Palm  Springs Stadium.

9.) Santa Rosa Mountains

Situated between the Palm Springs and Idyllwild, Santa Rosa Mountains are extended to 13 miles. The site offers beautiful desert landscape. It has a breathtaking view and breathable air which is hard to get in the densely populated city. The mountains are perfect for climbing whereas the scenic beauty is a retreat for eyes. It is surrounded by the bounty of flora and fauna and natural oasis. It is home to endangered Peninsular Bighorn sheep. Climbing Santa Rosa Mountains is one of the best things to do in Palm Springs CA. People who want to relish in the lap of nature, visiting Santa Rosa Mountains is the best thing to do in Palm Springs California.

10.) Fantasy Springs Resort Casino

The casino cum hotel is located in south and east of Plam Springs, California. It is the largest casino in the city. Fantasy Springs Resort Casino is perfect for family vacation. Relax in the midst of nature and enjoy every moment of your life with the world class services such as pizza kitchen, swimming pools, fitness center, golf course and many more.

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