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Things to do in Oxford

The article features top things to do in Oxford. Oxford is one of the oldest cities of England that is popular for being the hub of universities. The beautifully designed city with the honey-colored buildings of the colleges is an epitome of supreme education. Intact with rich history, lively academic life and years old tradition. It is the homeland of many scholars and scientist. And, not to forget the world of Harry Potter. Oxford welcomes tourists through out the year. Feel the glory of the city and plan a trip to ‘city of dreaming spires” as said by the famous poet Mathew Arnold. Read more, to know fun things to do in Oxford.

Top Things to do in Oxford:

1.) Colleges in Oxford

Things to do in Oxford

Colleges and universities are cultural icons of the city. Oxford has approximately 38 colleges. Each of them has a wide courtyard, dining hall, chapel, library and rooms for tutors and students. The honey-colored buildings are the homeland of many scholars and scientist of past and future. All Souls college, Balliol, Christ church are famous for tom tower. Corpus Christi, Hertford, where the bridge of Sighs connects both old and new buildings, Jesus college, Lincoln, Magdalen (attractions of the college include Magdalen Tower, Oxford University of Botanic Garden), University college and Wadham College are to name a few colleges of the city and top things to do in Oxford.

2.) City Center

The City Center holds many attractions and things to do in Oxford. The city’s street meet at the point known as Carfax. Carfax tower which is now destroyed was the symbol of the street’s intersection. Other key attractions include Town hall, Pembroke college, St Aldate’s church, Modern Art Oxford. The modern art Oxford displays the  contemporary and modern art. The magnificent High Street is lined-up with many college building. The street is so beautiful that the famous American writer Nathanial described it as “ the finest street in the world”. This is one of the top things to do in Oxford.

3.) Sheldonian Theater

The theater was built by Sir Christopher Wren. It celebrates the annual function of the university. The major attraction of the theater is Museum of History of Science. It specializes in the study of science and history. If you have an interest in science and history then this is one of the best things to do in Oxford. The museum comprises a blackboard that Einstein used during his lectures in Oxford. The Holywell Music Room, the oldest concert hall around the globe and Kettell  hall are other side attractions that the theater has to offer.

4.) Christ Church Cathedral

The Christ church became a cathedral in 1546. A unique feature of the structure is its mesmerizing interior. It is done with a double arcading of the nave which creates the effect of greater height than it has. It is one of the holiest place in the world. Visiting the church is one of the best things to do in Oxford. The highlights of the cathedral are 14th-century tombs, remains of the Frideswide shrine and five glass windows designed by the Edward Burne –Jones. The cathedral also has a grave of philosopher George Berkeley.

5.) Radcliffe Square

Radcliffe square is a residence of the Radcliffe camera and the Old Schools Quadrangle. Radcliffe square is Oxford’s first public library. A copy of every Britain book is kept here with approximately 2 million volumes and more than 40,000 manuscripts. The visitor can explore splendid Divinity School from the library.

6.) Ashmolean Museum

The Ashmolean Museum was founded in the year 1663. It is one of the most prominent and oldest universities in the world. The building was designed with the neo-classic look. The museum has a splendid collection of antiquities, art including classical sculptures, the classic collection of jewelry, Far Eastern art and Roman-Greek poetry.

7.) Cornmarket Street

Cornmarket is the pedestrian friendly street in Oxford. It is also known as the Corn. It is the busiest  shopping street in the Oxford. The place where Shakespeare stayed during the journey between London and Stratford is also located here. The star attraction of the street is St. Michael’s church with the Norman tower.

8.) Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace is located in Woodstock, a few kilometers away from northwest of Oxford. The monument is the birthplace of the Winston Churchill and seat of the prominent people of Marlborough. The church was built in 17th century by John Churchill as a token of thanks to Duke for his success in the Battle of Blenheim. The highlight of the building is its neoclassical columned entrance with towers  and huge courtyards. The attractions of the palace include Herb and Italian gardens, maze and a butterfly house. The palace has 200 rooms and monumental Great hall with beautifully crafted ceilings.

9.) Oxford Castle Unlocked

The castle has been the home to imprisonments till 1996. Today the place impart information about the  real people and events that took place in the early era. It depicts the early life with attractive re-enactments and displays. The highlight of the vastly is Saxon St George’Tower. It is one of the oldest buildings in Oxford. The tower offers the eye-catching all-round view of the city. Other places to visit within the castle are Debtor’s Tower and the motte and bailey castle. One of the worth things to do in Oxford.

10.) Abingdon-on-Thames

The charming town is located over river Thames. The town boasts n number of fascinating houses and things to do in Oxford. Churches and two-story county are among them. Both have been now turned into a museum. The attractions of the site include St Helen’s Church and Christ’s Hospital. Visitors can explore Benedictine Abbey with the Checker Hall, long gallery and the doorways. Abingdon offers many recreational trails. Tennis center, Tilly park, White House Leisure and Southern town park are to name few. The center of the town holds the longest street fair in Europe. It is known as Ock Street Michaelmas Fair. It takes place in October every year.

11.) University of Oxford Botanic Garden

University of Oxford Botanic Garden is  a historic botanic garden in the heart of England. It  is one of the oldest botanical and scientific gardens in the Oxford. The garden is a hub of medical research of the plants. It has more than 8,000 species diverse collection of plants. The garden has three sections. The walled garden, glasshouses, area between the River Cherwell and Walled Garden. A satellite site is located a few miles away.

12.) New Theater Oxford

Also known as Apollo Theater Oxford. It is a main commercial hub of the Oxford. Located on the  George street, the theater boasts a wide variety of the shows. That include stand-up comedy, musical theatres and concerts. This is the most popular entertainment hub in the city and one of the best things to do in Oxford.

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