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Things to do in Ottawa

The article is all about best features things to do in Ottawa. Ottawa lies in Ontario, around the Quebec border. It is the most developed city in the Canada. Today, Ottawa is culturally and intellectually strong. All thanks to  its internationally famous venues. That have garnered internationally fame to the city. Ottawa is a perfect tourist attraction in all the seasons. However, winter is the most famous season for tourist. Peeping into the history of the city, Ottawa was earlier known as “Bytown”. The Parliament buildings were the first buildings to be constructed in the capital. The vibrant city welcomes you for memorable and infotainment trip. Follow the article for best things to do in Ottawa.

Things to do in Ottawa

Top Things to do in Ottawa

1.) Parliament Hill

The Parliament building boasts the look of Victorian Gothic Sandston. The 50-meter- high hill glance the river Ottawa. There is a Parliamentary Library at the back. It is one of the most exciting things to do in Ottawa. The library is wonderfully furnished. You can stroll around and can also attend the question period. Other highlights of the building are Peace tower and a manicured park with impressing sculptures.

2.)  Canadian War Museum

The museum is located along the Ottawa River. It had designed in the modern theme. The museum depicts the history of Canada’s military. The museum exhibits artifacts that display the whole scene of the war between French and Iroquois. It is one of the most amazing things to do in Ottawa. It creates the ambiance of the war in such an original way that you will feel that you are watching the battle live.

3.)  National Gallery of Canada

National gallery of Canada is designed by Moshi Safdie. It is a great example of the architectural masterpiece. Gallery is a prism-like glass tower which echoes the sound from the Parliament buildings. It is one of the most delightful things to do in Ottawa. The gallery exhibits local art transformation of the Canadian art. The side attractions of the monument are Major’s hills park, Canadian war museum, and Notre-Dame.

4.) Radeau Hall and Canal

The radio hall is a residence of Governor General. The building has beautiful architecture and interior. However, Radio canal is 200-kilometer long. It acts as lesion between Kingston on Lake Ontario and Ottawa. The earlier canal was a route between Lake Ontario and Montreal. It is one of the most delightful things to do in Ottawa. The canal and locks are active waterways in summer. However, in winters the frozen canal is used as a recreational area for festivals. It is one of the mot stunning things to do in Ottawa.

5.) Ottawa Upper and Lower Towns

Ottawa is divided between two towns one is upper and another is lower. The upper town is full of glamor and fashion.The town stretches from Parliament hill and Rideau Canal. The busiest streets of the town are sparks street and Met Café Street. The streets are lined up with boutiques, shops, and gourmet eateries. It is one of the most prominent things to do in Ottawa. The lower town is also the busiest town in the city’s marketplace. The main attractions of the lower town are National Gallery of Canada and Major’s hill park.

6.) Canadian Tulip Festival

The Tulip festival embarks the end of the winters. It also marks the beginning of the spring. The spring festival is an homage to queen Juliana. The queen gave the tulips as a token of thanks for their support during the WWII.  The festival is organized at Commissioner’s Park and Canals bank. Millions of Tulip bloom and are spread as a Tulip Route. It is one of the most joyful things to do in Ottawa. The attractions of the festival are performances and fireworks.

7.) Canada Aviation and Space Museum

The museum is located around the Rockliffe Airport.  After traveling for long hours, you can relax at this place. It depicts the story of Canadian military and civil aviation. The museum displays aircraft, Silver dart, fighter plane which were used  during World War. You should add this spot in your list of things to do in Ottawa.

8.) Dows Lake Pavilion

The Pavilion is situated over the Dow lake. To visit this lake is one of the most joyful things to do in Ottawa. The pavilion is lined up with various restaurants. The docks around the pavilion offer many recreational trails such as boating, kayaking, and biking. Must add this in the bucket of things to do in Ottawa.

9.)  Canada Day

Canada day is popularly known as Fete du Canada. The festival is celebrated on 1st of July every year. During the celebrations, people came together, wearing red and white dresses.  The event is embarked by a parade followed by the firework. At the end whole crowd deeps in the flair of entertainment. The day is regarded as a Canadian National holiday. It is one of the most fun things to do in Ottawa.

10.) Centrepointe Theater

The theater holds musical concerts, dance, and comedy shows. Many tourist performers have graced the stage. David Clayton, Blue Rodeo, Bruce Rodeo and Jeff Healey are among them. Make sure you book your tickets in advance. It is one of the most rocking things to do in Ottawa.

11.) Notre Dame Cathedral-Basilica

Notre Dame Cathedral- Basilica was built-in 1841. It is one of the oldest and largest church in the Ottawa. It is the seat of the Mother church and Roman Archbishop of Ottawa. The cathedral is declared as a national historic site of the Canada. The cathedral displays the religious art of the country. It is the pious place in the city is one of the best things to do in Ottawa.

12.) Confederation Square

It is an urban square and a prominent center in Ottawa. The square is in  triangle shape holding national war memorial. Valiant war memorial, Wellington street, and Elgin street are the major attractions. It is one of the most amazing things to do in Ottawa. Most of the famous monuments lie in the confederation square. The square is also referred as city beautiful-inspired square.

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