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Things to do in Ontario

Looking for a perfect holiday destination? How about Ontario? A sneak peek into things to do in Ontario will let you know why you should visit this place. Ontario is situated in East-central Canada. Ontario has the world-famous Niagara Falls, Lake Ontario, High Park, Bird Kingdom and one of the largest city, Toronto. Ontario boasts numerous crucial monuments and natural Parks. Check out the below-listed things to do in Ontario.

Things to do in Ontario

1.) Niagara Falls

Things to do in Ontario

The most internationally recognized landmark of Canada is Niagara Falls. The falls are the amalgamation of three different falls. It is truly one of the magnificent sites. The Niagara falls have garnered fame mainly for the large volume of water. The Niagara Falls is easy to visit. You can view the magnanimous falls from the edge of the George. You can plan a trip to Niagara falls from Toronto. Undoubtedly, it is one of the breathtaking things to do in Ontario. For more information, read things to do in Niagara Falls.

2.) Toronto CN Tower

The CN Tower is one of the iconic landmarks that Toronto has. The huge tower stands along the skyline of the city. The tower looks more mesmerizing in the night when it is lit up. It is so massive that it can be seen from any part of the city. The best part is that the tower is open to the public. You can access the structure through an elevator. Tower comprises of numerous restaurants and observation deck. It offers an eve-inspiring view of the lake Ontario. Another highlight of the tower is that you can also view the Niagara falls from here. Other attractions of the building are Rogers Centre and Ripley’s Aquarium.

3.)  Ontario’s Provincial

The place holds arrays of attractions and something for everyone. For instance, hikers and canoeists can visit forest and lakes of Algonquin, Provincial Park, French river and Bruce Peninsula national park. Similarly, divers and boaters can explore Fathom Five National  Marine Park and Georgian Bay Islands National Park. Rest can visit the forest in Quetico Provincial Park. Other highlights of the place are century old Aboriginal rock carvings and pictographs on the walls of Lake Superior Provincial Park. To experience the bounty of  nature parks do add this site to your list of things to in Ontario.

4.)  Canada’s Wonderland

The wonderland is located in the north-west of the city, Toronto. The huge theme park remains open in the summers only. It is one of the city’s premier amusement park boasting the roller coaster rides for all the ages. Other highlights of the park are dinosaur park, water park and live shows. A day trip to Canada’s Wonderland is one of the fun things to do in Ontario with kids.

5.) Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum lies in Toronto’s Downtown. It is one of the majestic museums in the province. On display is the wide range of collections including science, natural history and cultural exhibits from around the globe. In 2007, the museum was expanded and it got its another highlight  which is Michael Lee-Chin Crystal. Today the building is a beautiful mix of new and old architectures. Do add this site to your list of things to do in Ontario.

6.) Maritime

It is one of the  huge summertime attractions in Ontario.The landmark is sited near Niagara Falls. The striking features of the maritime are the show of marine creatures such as dolphins, sea lions, whales and walruses. The whales and land mammals are also kept in the “Arctic Cove”. The complex also comprises an amusement park with many types of rides. “Sky Screamer” is the signature ride of the park. It is also world’s highest triple tower ride.

7.) Thousand Island

This sprawling island is located in the St. Lawrence. It is a scenic natural area and a retreat for your eyes. The islands cover Canadian Shield and Adirondack Mountains of the US. It is one of the oldest tourist spots in the Ontario. These islands are majorly popular for recreational activities such as boating and Kayaking. You can also go for cruising. Far from city life, it is one of the peaceful places. Do add this natural retreat in your list of things to do in Ontario.

8.) National Gallery of Canada

This Gallery is located in the capital of Ontario i.e., Ottawa. The gallery bears some of the crucial  collections that include the work of  Canadian and international artists. The gallery is housed in the awe-inspiring building, built by Moshe Safdie. Do not forget to add this gallery to your list of various things to do in Ontario.

9.) Lake of the Wood

Lake of the wood is located on the provincial borders of the Ontario and Manitoba. This massive lake offers a pristine wilderness experience and scenic setting. It is one of the most loved attractions amongst the tourists who love to fishing. The lake holds resorts and cottages for accommodation. You can go for  fishing, boating or just observe the wilderness around.

10.) Trent-Severn Waterway

The Trent-Seven Waterway is a National Historic Site of Canada. It is a system of waterways that connects  Georgian Bay with Lake Ontario. It is a part of Canada’s Park. The waterway is mainly used for  recreational boaters and tourism. It is a perfect place for family picnic and camping. Do add this site to your list of top things to do in Ontario.

11.) Blue Mountain Resort

Blue Mountain Resort lies outside the Collingwood town. It is one of the world famous ski resorts in southern Ontario. The Blue Mountain Village is situated on the base of the hills. The village boasts numerous world famous resorts with fine shops, dining restaurants, and accommodation. The resort is open in every season. From rock climbing and zip lining to mountain hiking and biking the resort offers numerous activities. Do not forget to add this site to your list of fun things to do in Ontario.

12.) Stratford Festival

Stratford is 60 km away from London, Ontario. It is internationally known for its Festival. The Stratford festival is Ontario’s popular celebration. The festival hosts an array of theater events and stage shows. Initially plays written by Shakespeare were only presented but now other plays are also presented here.

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