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Things to do in OKC

The article is about things to do in OKC. It is the largest city in Oklahoma, United States. The city lies in the Great Plain region. It holds the largest livestock market in the world. The beautiful city is known for its  modern culture which enfold contemporary dramas, dance, theaters, art galleries, and  other leisure activities. People who have a love for modern art, music and architecture must plan a trip to OKC. There you can get the taste of luxury, entertainment also infotainment about the ongoing culture and market. Read more, things to do in OKC (Oklahoma)

Things to do in OKC

Top Things to do in  OKC (Oklahoma City):

1.) Museum of Arts

The museum is  situated in the Donald W.Reynolds visual Arts center in Oklahoma, USA. The museum exhibits traveling collections. It also has a theater which has a huge collection of classic films. The museum also holds sculptures of the renowned American Glass sculpture, Dale Chihuly.The huge Eleanor Blake Kirkpatrick Memorial Tower is placed in the Museum’s atrium. The collection origins from the 19th and 20th century of American and European Art. If you have an interest in the medieval art then this place should be on the top list of things to do in OKC.

2.) Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden

People who love animals or love to explore different species must plan a trip to Oklahoma. The city zoo has more than 2000 animals. The zoo unfolds elephant habitat which is a home to Asian elephants. It exhibits spacious outdoor yards, a waterfall, and a pool. The city zoo also has a small children’s zoo where children can explore different types of animals such as flamingos, goats, monkey, and lorikeets. Another attraction within the city zoo is the great escape. It has 2 troupes of gorillas. The zoo also features cats, butterfly garden where you can view various species of butterfly strolling here and there. It also has aquatic animals other animals which are found in islands. Indeed. it is one of the best things to do in OKC.

3.) Chesapeake Energy Arena

The fort was initially known as Ford Center and Oklahoma City Arena. It is situated in the downtown Oklahoma. The fort serves have a home palace to National Basketball team that Oklahoma City Thunder. The arena also hosts entertaining activities such as concerts, musical events, live comedy shows, social events, conventions, civic events and  ice shows. A fort is a great place for all the theater lovers as they get to watch renowned stars acting live in front of them. If  you are looking for entertainment venue then you should add the Chesapeake energy arena in your list of things to do in OKC.

4.) The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum

The museum is dedicated  to the western, American and Indian artist. It holds more than 28,00 pieces of arts and artifacts. The place is an amalgamation of medieval and contemporary art. A wide collection of American radio photographs, saddler, a barbed wire which you won’t get to see anywhere else in the world. You can collect one of the finest pieces of arts during  annual Prix de West Invitational Art exhibition and sale in summers. The museum also holds a wall of fame. The wall honors the great people of the country.

5.) Gold Dome

Another place which you should plan for things to do in OKC a tour to gold dome. The name itself justifies the place. Yes, it is plated with the gold. What catches the eyes of the tourist is a spherical shape of the monument. The dome is the main attraction on Route 66 in the downtown. The dome is a hub of the shops and art galleries which exhibit the fine work of the contemporary artist. It is decent shopping venue in the downtown Oklahoma and one of the fun things to do in OKC.

6.) Life Church TV

Life Church.TV gives you a phenomenal experience. It is unlike other churches. The holy place is decked up with the multiple convenient services, sold music  and preach modern Christianity. The church does not believe in holy preachings and thus it is set according to the contemporary  time. What makes the place different from another holy place is that it has its own internet campus which unveils  interactive worship services over the internet. Also, the church holds many exciting events which are entertaining. Do add this to your list of pious things to do in OKC.

7.) H&H Shooting Sports

It is a largest indoor shooting range located in the US. It has more than 60 shooting lanes. The place showcases the excellent range of guns used for shooting. If you like shooting then this is the best place to visit. It offers to shoot learning programs and you get to learn the sport from the basics. The avenue also has a café where you can relax and  fill your stomach after heavy shooting practices.

8.) Oklahoma History Center

Want to dive in the history of the city then do visit the city center. It preserves the  past of the Oklahoma from prehistoric Native American to the modern America. The place is quite informative since you get to know  about the culture, languages lifestyle of old America which is quite interesting. The interior of the center is very appealing .So do add the place in your list of things to do in OKC.

9.) Wedgewood Village Amusement Park

The amusement park offers exciting activities for the kids, golf club for the elders. The park has a few amazing rides, among which the tornado is quite popular. The park has its own village which caters many fun activities. This is the best place to spend a weekend with your family. Do plan a trip to OKC and visit the amusement park.

10.) Boathouse District

The boathouse district is a major attraction for the visitors of Oklahoma. One can go for a ride of boathouse available along the river Oklahoma in the city. It offers recreational and leisure activities such as kayaking, fitness facilities, river sports, outdoor adventure park and many others. The place looks more appealing in the evening when the sun bids good-bye and the street lights are enlighten. The place is apt for the adventure loving and if you aren’t adventurous then the scenic beauty of the place will defiantly leave you speechless. So it could be one of the things to do in OKC.

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