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Things to do in NYC (New York)

In this article, you will get to know about things to do in NYC. New York City is one of the most enormous and populous city in the US. New York City is the center of culture, finance, media, food, research, fashion and trade. Exploring sightseeing and non-touristy side of New York is an incredible experience. It has one of the famous and largest skylines on earth which are iconic empire state building, the statue of liberty, times square and many more. The city of New York has five boroughs where the Hudson river meets the Atlantic ocean. You will find various things to do in this massive New York City. Enjoying shows, events and parties during the night is so amazing. Have a look in this article, so that you enjoy your vacations very well.

things to do in NYC

Top Things to do in NYC:

1) Empire State Building

Welcome to the most world famous Empire state building. This skyscraper is situated in Midtown Manhattan. It is the iconic building which has 102 stories. From the uppermost floor, you can see the amazing view of the whole city. This largest building offers exhibits and observatories on the top most floor. This iconic landmark is designed in art deco style. This building has been presented in more than 80 films. It comes one of the seven wonders of the modern world. Visit this empire state building with your family and learn about the history of this building.

2) Statue of Liberty

Visiting our Lady of Liberty is one of the greatest things to do in NYC. The statue of liberty is world’s greatest sculpture. It is 152 feet tall. The statue was France’s present to America. It is one of the famous American icons and remains a popular world symbol of freedom. This largest statue is situated on Liberty Island. You need to take a boat ride to get to the statue. This statue offers a spectacular view of the manhattan and New York harbor.  It is one of the greatest places to visit.

3) Central Park

The Central Park is the most visiting park in the United States. Visiting this park is one of the most fun things to do in Nyc. It is situated in the middle upper Manhattan, NYC. It the playground for local people. This park makes the New York a beautiful city. The central park has many attractions which include amazing movies, TV shows, many lakes, fountains, ice rinks and many more facilities. The lake in the central park is used for paddling in summer and for skating in winter. The central park also offers zoo, green space with strawberry fields and Metropolitan museum of art.

4) Times Square

Visiting times square is one of the most amazing things to do in NYC. Times square is the most bustling landmark of new York city. It is known for its many cinemas, electronic billboards and broadway theatres. This bustling square looks great with bright lights and offers shopping and shows. Visitors love this place as there are many street performers, stores and advertisements. The atmosphere of this place is  so amazing.

5) Luna Park, Coney Island

Experiencing a luna park is one of the exciting things to do in NYC. It is a unique amusement park which is located in the neighbourhood of Coney island. This amusement parks several thrill rides for all ages and carnival games. This amusement parks also offers live entertainment, interactive games, food and beverage concessions. You can also visit the Coney Island which is nearby this amusement park. Visit this park with your family and enjoy the thrilling rides.

6) Brooklyn Bridge

Visiting Brooklyn bridge is one of the most magnificent things to do in NYC. This bridge connects Manhattan and New York’s borough. The bridge is oldest in the US. It is first steel-wire suspension bridge built ever. The bridge offers commutation for all type of vehicle including cars, bike, bicycle and heavy trucks. It allows visitors to walk from Brooklyn side. This iconic structure carries enormous traffic every day and serves NYC at it best.

7) Bronx Zoo

Bronx zoo is one of the most happening places in NYC. It is the largest metropolitan zoo in the world. This zoo comprises around 4000 animals. The Bronx zoo is an integrated part of four zoos and one aquarium. This zoo houses birds of prey, mouse house, big bears, tiger mountain, Himalayan highlands, African plains, zoo center, northern ponds and many more. The reptile house has some amazing snakes and turtles. But the congo gorilla forest, dinosaur safari and the wild Asia monorail is the best. Children and adults will enjoy a lot.

8) New York Botanical Garden

Exploring New York Botanical Garden is one of the amazing things to do in NYC. It is a national historic landmark which is situated in the Bronx. This garden contains several plant collection and 50 different gardens. There is also a serene cascade waterfall, 30, 000 trees and glasshouse with forest and cactus displays. The rainforest and the conifers are so wonderful. Colourful flowers and trees make the scenery worth visit.

9) Museum of the Moving Image

Museum of the moving image is one of the most amazing things to do in NYC. The museum of the moving image exists to explore public understanding and appreciation of the history, art and technology of film. The cool museum comprises good events and an interesting exhibition. It is also the home of great collections of gaming hardware and video games. The displays and screenings are very interactive.

10) China Town

During the visit in New York City, china town is a great place to spend some time. Visiting china town can be a delight to visitors who enjoys culture, food, shopping and entertainment. You can also enjoy culture Chinese food. There are numerous restaurants and gift shops. China Town has a great collection of cafes, bars, and pubs to enjoy the nightlife. You will get everything in china town. China town looks amazing in the night. Walking around the streets of china town is a wonderful thing to do in NYC.

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