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Things to do in NYC (New York City)

Looking for best things to do in NYC (New York City)? Well, the article will surely help you to select the best destinations to look for in New York. New York city also known as big apple is a center of fashion, rich culture, and a lavish lifestyle. The fast paced city is world famous for the iconic sites and streets. The broadway shows, The Statue of Liberty, Central Park,  Empire State Building and museums are to name few attractions which attract maximum tourists. Apart from this, the city has an array of things to see around the year. Read more, to know about top things to do in NYC briefly.

Top Things to do in NYC:

1.) Statue of Liberty

things to do in NYC

Statue of liberty, the epitome of freedom was gifted by the France to America in the 18th century. It is one of the largest statue sculpted with  neoclassical sculpture. The majestic statue offers a fine view of the  New York Harbor and Manhattan, one of the boroughs of NYC. The copper statue is nestled on the Island Liberty from where the structure got its name. To visit the statue, you have to take the boat ride. To move around the nearby attractions  such as Battery park, Ellis Island you can catch a ferry. Since it is a most loved tourist spot so make sure you book your tickets before handed. A visit to Statue of Liberty is one of  the worthy things to do in NYC.

2.) Central Park

The central park enhances the beauty of the New York city. Strolling around the Central is one of the best things to do in NYC. The park itself holds many tourist attractions.Famous strawberries fields, central park zoo and lake to name few. The place is always jammed with the walkers walking around, gasping fresh air and cherishing the scenic view of the city. Apart from walking you can go for bike riding, scatting and paddling in the lake. The best part about the park is that you will never feel tired. Even after walking for hours, the beautiful center imparts you energy and happiness.

3.) Manhattan

The heart of New York is one of the five boroughs. It is surrounded by the Manhattan island and by the two beautiful rivers i.e. Harlem and Hudson. It is a hub of the leading financial, commercial and cultural centers. The major attractions of the Manhattan are Empire state building, Square times, and theater of broadway Manhattan. Do not forget to add this in your list of things to do in NYC.

4.) Proud Moment at the Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn bridge is first  bridge in the world that was constructed of steel. Its is one of the American landmarks which has inspired many artist, engineers, painters, and musicians. The bridge connects the two boroughs of the city which are Manhattan and  Brooklyn. The structure is the most visited landmark of NYC. A walkway around the  bridge is dedicated to the pedestrian to save them from the car traffic. The place exists beautiful panoramic view so do not forget to  bring your camera for treasuring the pride moment around the Brooklyn Bridge. This one is must thing to do in NYC.

5.) Retreat yourself at Empire State Building

The Empire State building  along with the statue of liberty is an iconic structure. It is 1,250 foot tall and has more than 100 storey. The building was made in 1930 and soon became the tourist attraction because of its  huge aura. A fascinating thing about the building is that it has mooring  mast for airships. There are two observatories in the building from where you can see the natural phenomena. One is at 86th floor and another is at 102 floors. The structure has automatic elevators and glass-enclosed area. Retreat yourself at the Empire State of a building and do add it your list of things to do in NYC.

6.) Theater of Broadway

One of the high points of New York city is live shows at a theater of Broadway. The theater has been worldwide famous for its miraculous performances. The place is a hub of  live shows and concerts. The music concerts, plays  are performed by the prominent artist.  Make sure that you book the tickets of the  broadway show in advance if you do not miss the show. The main star attraction around the district theater is  Shubert Alley and playhouses, music box theater and Sardi’s restaurant. Now you know why it is one of the best things to do in NYC.

7.) Metropolitan Museum of Art

Simply known as “The Met”, the museum was established in 1870. It exhibits  American decorative arts,  costumes, arts, Egyptian art, photographs, instruments and much more. The other branch of  Museum is located in the Manhattan. The branch depicts the architecture and art of medieval Europe. The Metropolitan museum of art is regarded as the world largest  art gallery. Carcass the  niche work of art at a museum. Its vast architecture  and artifacts make it one of the things to do in NYC.

8.) Leisure at Coney Island

Coney island is around the peninsula. It is a beach and leisure destination on the Atlantic Ocean in the another borough of the city i.e. Brooklyn. The island is surrounded by the  blue-green water which is definitely retreating for eyes. The cool breeze and enchanting scenic view at the island make it one of the cool things to do in NYC. The island operates multi-art center which includes a museum, theater, and many landmarks spot. Do not miss the place to add in your list of things to do in NYC.

9.) Shop at Fifth Avenue

All the shopaholic this one is definitely for you. The avenue is a center of niche designers boutiques. The brands include carter, Tiffany, Bergdorf, Goodman, renowned apple store Fifth Avenue and many other lavished nooks. Even if you do not have the interest in shopping you will cherish a stroll around the avenue.

10.) Enjoy at Times Square

Time Square is the commercial intersection point in the heart of the city. The center is around the theater of broadway. Times square is also known as The Crossroads of The World, the center of the universe, the heart of the gray-white way. It caters the world entertainment industry. Today square has become a hub of a shopping center, restaurants, theaters and the mammoth billboards. It is the most happening place in the city and strolling around and enjoying the place is a must thing to do in NYC.

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