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Things to do in Nottingham

This article is all about best things to do in Nottingham. Nottingham, the town of Nottinghamshire, is built on a number of rocky mountains on the north shore of the River Trent, England. The city has a long practice as a trading hub. Industrialized center popular for its lace, curtains, and stockings. For the past few years, it has become a popular cultural destination. The city offers several historical attractions, two big theaters, numerous art galleries, great festivals and events such as the yearly Nottingham Goose Fair. Nottingham is also known as the “Queen of the Midlands”, because of its wide streets and parks such as the Arboretum, Embankment and Colwick Park. The city is a great place for exploring Sherwood Forest, home of the famous Robin Hood. The image of this hero is found all over the city, and it keeps its exclusive atmosphere. Read the article to learn about the best things to do in Nottingham. Being in Nottingham, you can also explore the bordering city of Yorkshire and Chester.

Best Things to do in Nottingham:

1.) Nottingham Castle

Things to do in Nottingham Nottingham Castle

Nottingham castle is one of the most celebrated tourist attractions in Nottingham. The castle is a museum which is gaining popularity day by day. Nottingham Castle provides outstanding views of the town. It  is distinguished for its bronze statues of Robin Hood and his cheerful men. The statue was built by Nottingham born sculptor James Wood ford. The museum has a remarkable collection of medals. It is one of the best things to do in Nottingham. The museum displays the treasures of 6th century Anglo-Saxon brooches. The picture compilation in the long corridor includes works by Charles le Brun, Richard Wilson, William Dyce, Marcus Stone and Ben Nicholson. When you are in Nottingham, you should visit the place for sure. It is great for the family outing.

2.) Mortimer’s Hole

Things to do in Nottingham Mortimer’s Hole

Many caves are present in the sandstone below Nottingham. It also includes the stunning 322 ft long Mortimer’s Hole situated right below the castle. The arrangement takes its name from Roger Mortimer, lover of Queen Isabella, the wife of Edward II. In total, over 450 caves lie below Nottingham and have been used for centuries for cargo space and defence. Attractive public tours of the caves are available. It is a nice place to visit in Nottingham with kids.

3.) Highfields Park

Things to do in Nottingham Highfields Park

Highfields Park, spread in 121 acre area, is a part of the University of Nottingham. The park is full of glorious trees and foreign plants. The water bodies at the place are amazing and they allow you to go for boating. The park is much admired by kids as it has the children’s play area as well. Nearby is the Church of St Mary, recognized for its 19th century glass-work. Visiting this place is one of the finest things to do in Nottingham. The park is much popular among the locals as well. So, there are chances of it being crowded.

4.) City Center

Things to do in Nottingham City Center

Nottingham’s old city centre is the best part of the city. It is home to several vital attractions. Nottingham’s Old Market Square is the biggest in England. Here you’ll see the Nottingham Tourism Centre, an essential first stop before exploring the city. On the east side of the city centre is the neo-Classical Council House, capped by an impressive dome. And the extraordinary Guildhall is also close by. Going to the city centre is one of the most excellent things to do in Nottingham.

5.) Green’s Mill and Science Center

Things to do in Nottingham Green’s Mill and Science Center

Green’s Mill was once the residence of the mathematical physicist George Green. Green’s mill was built in 1807. The building got damaged by the fire in 1947. Later it was reconstructed by the university in 1985. Today, the wonderful inner workings of the mill can be seen. It is spread over four floors providing a close look into the flour making process. The science centre itself is meant for youngsters and includes a discovery zone with fun interactive exhibits. It is one of the best places to visit in Nottingham with kids.

6.) Sherwood Forest

Things to do in Nottingham Sherwood Forest

Sherwood Forest is recognized for its historical connection with the legendary Robin Hood. This renowned woodland today covers over 1,000 acres close to the village of Edwinstowe. The area attracts local and international visitors every year. It also hosts different activities such as the week long Robin Hood Festival. It also displays the leisure of medieval times and characters, including knights and court jesters. Other attractions include the Sherwood Forest Art and Craft Centre, the 1,000 year old Major Oak, and Thynghowe. It’s a  gathering place where people came to resolve arguments during medieval times. There are many things to do in Nottingham but coming to this forest gives a nice feeling.

7.) Papplewick Pumping Station

Things to do in Nottingham Papplewick Pumping Station

It is one of the finest examples of Victorian industrial plan in Britain. It dates back to 1880 and was built to work as preserver for water works. Visiting the place is one of the most wonderful things to do in Nottingham. It features a variety of original attractions as well as an ornamental cooling pond. It also showcases a Boiler House with six Lancashire Boilers. All these things are situated on landscaped grounds. The ornate Engine House holds two original twin beam engines, built by James Watt in 1884. The place is celebrated by both tourists and visitors. This is actually one of the most joyful things to do in Nottingham. There are attractive stained glass windows, highly decorated columns and polished mahogany and brass.

8.) The Great Central Railway

Things to do in Nottingham The Great Central Railway

The Great Central Railway is a traditional steam railway. It runs on 10 miles of track between Ruddington Fields station to East Leake and Loughborough. The location includes well-preserved engines and rolling stock, workshops, vintage buses, a cafe and shops, as well as a magnificent miniature railway. It is a nice journey in Nottingham with your family.

9.) City of Caves

Things to do in Nottingham City of Caves

How can you afford to miss the city of cave when in Nottingham? It is a web of caves, carved out of sandstone. It has been used as tannery and also as an air raid shelter. This is one of the most awesome places to be visited in Nottingham. Visiting the place is one of the most terrific things to do in Nottingham. When you are in Nottingham, visit the place for sure.

10.) The Birthplace Museum

Things to do in Nottingham The Birthplace Museum

The Birthplace Museum offers displays on family life in the mining society. That has shaped Lawrence’s formative years. You can also get a chance to view the rooms where the family lived. Personal items and some of Lawrence’s unique water colours are on exhibit.

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