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Things to do in North Devon

North Devon is a coastal area located in southwest England. The place is known for its wonderful cliffs, dramatic seas with sandy beaches at Woolacombe, Croyde Bay and Saunton Sands. Natural scenery includes almost everything that you can think of right from biodiverse sand dunes to rocky coves of Coast Path. There are a number of tourist attractions in North Devon.  Some of the famous things to do in North Devon are The Tarka Trail footpath and cycleway along the riverfront and the famous medieval city of Barnstaple. The North Devon areas are famous for its outstanding Natural Beauty and the stunning coastal area which is nationally conserved for the beauty of its city. There are many more interesting attractions in North Devon and this article will help you to know all the best things to do in North Devon. Read below to collect all the information regarding the same.

Things to do in North Devon

Things to do in North Devon

1.) The Tarka Trail

This falls under the list of best places to visit in North Devon. You can take a bike to cover all 30 miles of this calm route, but if you are not interested in biking you can simply just plump for 6 miles from Braunton to Barnstaple. Along this narrow section, you can take a walk along the river bank of “Croyde Taw”. This is one of the best things to do in North Devon. Don’t forget to enjoy a picnic and the Boston Tea Party cafe in Barnstaple. It serves ethical cuisine, a large variety of tea with cake. This is the perfect place for kids.

2.) Lydford Gorge

Lydford gorge is located in the south-west. This place allows you to experience the beauty of nature from the height of 30m’s foot at the White Lady waterfall. You will enjoy standing above and watching the water of the Devil’s Cauldron that follows the River Lyd when it tumbles down the wild woodland. Other attractions include play pooh sticks at the bridges and discover large caterpillars and fungi formed out of falling trees. You can surely pack a picnic, but there is no need to carry lots of food items as there are two National Trust tea rooms serving tea, lunches and takeaway picnic food items and many more.

3.) Exmoor Zoo

This is not like a big city zoo, but the expansion of this park includes a wide variety of animals and wildlife like spiders, otters, wallabies in a natural habitat which is man made. The zoo is well known for its black leopard. This is the best amongst all the things to do in North Devon with kids as they will get a closer interaction with animals and also learn about it.

4.) Lynton and Lynmouth

The towns of Lynton and Lynmouth serves together the wild beauty of the moors and the North Devon’s towering sea cliffs. You can gaze the scenery on a buggy-friendly stroll from Lynton or, by taking a more adventurous trip, take a ride on the cliff railway. The train to the cliffs between the two cities and the thins allow you to enjoy the beautiful view across the Bristol Channel to Wales. There are some amazing cliff top restaurants and plenty of gift shops from where you can buy gifts for your loved ones. This could be the best amongst all the things to do in North Devon.

5.) Lundy Island

You can enjoy a lot in snorkel safaris and rock pool rambles, Just because there are no cars on Lundy Island and it is a wildlife home, there’s not even a little for families to do there. Follow the clues that are indicated around the wild terrain. Binoculars are very important so don’t forget to take it in your backpack. You’ll find a number of beautiful sea birds, feral deer and Soay sheep, and dolphins.

6.) Tunnels Beaches

Paying to get on to a beach is a waste of money, but the entry fee to this Victorian tidal pool and private cove is amongst the best things to do in North Devon. The tunnel beaches are made to enable beach access from town when seawater was in vogue and are lined with mounted archives, in 1823. One of the best fun things is children can enjoy the smugglers’ caves and leap into the tidal pool on the dark-sand beach. It’s a unique beach trip with some affordable shop, family restaurant and play hut.

7.) Woolacombe Beach

The beach with three miles of sand is amongst the Britain’s best beaches. And is worth to visit in North Devon. This is one of the fun things to do in North Devon. If you love surfer this is the perfect place to plan a trip to North Devon. There is also amazing restaurants and drinks shop that makes the beach life more interesting and amazing. Children can learn surfing from the age of eight, but even younger ones enjoy boogie board.

8.) Arlington Court

The horses in their stables will take you around the beautiful Arlington estate. There’s a museum, packed with carriages that were owned by lords and ladies. This museum includes model ships, pewter and shells that are displayed in the stunning Regency house. Children will enjoy spying through the bat-cam, hunting for geocaches and following quiz trails. This is the best amongst all the things to do in North Devon.

9.) The Big Sheep

This sheep-themed park makes a fun day out. This is the major tourist attraction of North Devon. Here you can spend ‘ewe-ros’ the park’s currency on the activities like sheep racing and gaze at border collies surrounded by Indian running ducks. You will also find sheep shearing, horse whispering and lamb feeding. Some of the major activity include pony rides, self-drive tractors, farm safaris and a soft play barn. This is one of the best things to do in North Devon.

10.) Roadford Lake

It is Devon’s largest watersports center, so you can rent a boat to explore this large 730-acre lake. There are also some good activities to try out like surfing or kayaking under expert guidance. In case, if you prefer not to dip your feet in the water, there are cycling trails, ropeways and archery. Apart from that, there’s a lot of other amazing things to do in North Devon. That can include like a cafe, forest trails, a tourist center with interactive displays, and large shoreline to enjoy.

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