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Things to do in North Carolina (NC)

The following article is about things to do in North Carolina (NC). Before starting with the list of amazing things that you can do in NC, let’s know the state more closely. North Carolina is a one of the most populous state in the  southern united states. The state is also known as old North State and Tar Heel state. The state capital is city Raleigh and Charlotte is the largest city in the state. The state is surrounded by ocean, mountains and rivers. The beautiful landscape makes it most beautiful state in the US. NC is one of the largest pigs and tobacco producers. Read more to know things to do in NC

Things to do in North Carolina (NC)

1.)  Give a Photographer in you a Check at Blue Ridge Parkway

Things to do in North Carolina

Give your photography skills a check on the self-drive photo tour along the mesmerising Blue Ridge Parkway. The place is surrounded by nature, the scenic view is breathtaking. Just put your camera on the action and capture beautiful Asheville, the Great  Balsam mountains  and graveyard falls around. It is one of the best things to do in North Carolina.

2.) Apple Hill Farm

Apple hill farm in Charlotte is a home to different species of animals which includes angora goats, donkeys, alpacas and etc. The magnificent  mountain view with  landscape gardens and footpath are the pleasurable retreat for your fives senses. Here you will discover different species of animals. You will also get an opportunity to get along with the animals and show your love to them. Old apple orchard and landscape gardens around the farm  makes the place more  glorious. Do not forget to add this to your list of things to do in North Carolina.

3.) US National Whitewater Centre

If you love adventure then you should definitely visit Us National Whitewater Centre. The place is a hub of all the adventurous activities. Go for rafting at the largest artificial white-water river in the world. You can also give the shot to various ropes courses, paddle boarding, an outdoor rock climbing the wall, hiking and mountain biking. Indeed, it is one of the best things to do in North Carolina.

4.) Grandfather Mountain

Good news for all the hikers shows your hiking talent at Grandfather mountain. The main attraction of the place is a mile above sea level which is 80 ft. deep as well. The place also has numerous hiking trails, steep hands-and knees scrambles are the most difficult one. It is a one of the top things to do in North Carolina. Other attractions near the mountain include a museum, wildlife reserve spotlights flora and fauna.

5.) Kitty Hawk Kites

Want to learn kite boarding? If so then do visit kitty Hawk and Rodanthe. The place also offers to hang gliding lessons at popular Jockeys Ridge State Park and other activity courses. The place offers an opportunity to ride rented Kayaks, sailboats. one can also go for other options like biking and skating.

6.) Explore Snowshoe Hike in Yosemite

Dig the winter trails of Yosemite on a snowshoe hike for an amazing and adventurous experience in the pristine wilderness! If you are a beginner, no worries, the place provides you easy-to-follow techniques and snowshoe gears. During, the activity you will also get a depth information about  the natural history of the famous park around and you can treasure all the  winter landscape. The best of all snowshoe also offers  outdoor winter fun activities, low-impact exercises and many other exciting things to do in NC.

7.) City Night House

If you are a bachelor or looking for a place where you can enjoy at the core than this the place where you are always welcome. Give yourself a break, wear your high heels and land yourself in the beautiful designs bars, lounges, and rooftops. It is the same place where the much glamorous fantasy of Sex and the city took birth. One of the must things to do in North Carolina.

8.) Take Your Self on Water Ride at Ride the Wind

For all the water lover, this one is a great way to relish your favourite hobby. The Beach offers gentle winds, mellow vibes, low traffic. The warm water and sandy zones are perfect places for learners. You can go for a kayaking tour or sunset tours. But the most exciting full moon paddle activity at ride the wind. The scenic beauty allures you to explore the life on the other side.

9.) Concord Aquarium

Explore the sea life and surround yourself with the exotic species of water animals. The animals include   giant Octopus, sea star, crabs, sharks. Discover the underwater world. It is definitely one of the best things to do in North Carolina. Blue Bridge mountains rivers and ending  at the shores of Atlantic Ocean at the Sealife Charlotte-Concord, situated in the Concord Mills Mall gives the best view.

10.) Haunted Asheville Ghost Walking Tour Mystery Museum

Take your excitement a notch higher and befriend with the ghost at the most spooky place in the state.The tour starts at the night and one by one you will hear the historic tales. One of the famous stories is of the pink lady who haunts the grove park in. Another one is of a young lady brutally murdered in the battery park hotel and many other which will raise your goosebumps and tickle your mind with scary thoughts. Do not forget this to add in your bucket of weird things to do in North Carolina.

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