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Things to do in Noosa

Searching for a holiday destination? Well, how about Noosa? This article will help you with the things to do in Noosa. Noosa is also known as Queensland holiday heaven.  It’s a perfect holiday destination. It lies on the edge of the coast known as Sunshine coast in Australia. The seaside paradise boasts many tourist attractions. Noosaville, Noosa Junction, Noosa heaven and small satellite towns are to name a few the attractions. The holiday resort city is also a home to numerous beaches. It’s the perfect place for recreational activities. Noosa welcomes you for a memorable trip. Read more, about various things to do in Noosa.

Best Things to do in Noosa

1.) Noosa National Park

Noosa  National park is one of the  best features of the city.  It is located on the strip of  the boardwalk. The sprawling park boasts picturesque scenes, headland and strings of beaches for surfing. The park is home to exotic animals such as Koalas and Dolphins. And if you are lucky then you may spot these animals. A visit to Noosa National Park is a ” must to do things” to the list of things to do in Noosa.

2.) Noosa Main Beach

Things to do in Noosa

It is a premier beach in Noosa. It’s the perfect place for a family or a couple trip. This beach is ideal for surfing since the waves are gentle and  surf lifesavers patrol the area. The soothing waves,  crystal clear water, white beaches and mesmerising ambience will definitely make you fall for the place. You can also learn surfing here. Moreover, the beach is safe for swimming, sunbake and fishing. Noosa Groyne, Noosa spit, national park  beaches, sunshine beach, sunrise beach  and many more are names of few other beaches in Noosa where you can check-in. Surfing at Noosa Beaches is one of the  safest and best things to do in Noosa.

3.) Hasting Street

Hasting street, also known as the heart of Noosa. It is a main street in the city. The street is packed with the restaurants, shops, cafes and bars. Hasting street is at a few steps from the main beach and national park. The street also offers great accommodation.Imagine yourself in the centre and surrounded by the  Noosa main beach and  exotic animals found in the National park, Isn’t it the most endearing thing! Indeed, it is, so do add this street, main hub of Noosa in your list of things to do in Noosa.

4.) Noosa Marina

If you are searching for a place to dine and relax around the river, its the perfect spot. Noosa Marina will give you a mindblowing shopping experience too. It is located near the picturesque Noosa River. The basin has a unique view and ambience that will definitely blow your mind. The highlight of the Marina is Sunday market. It is a perfect tourist spot. The live band plays and visitors can  browse around the stalls, listen to the music and enjoy the whole scenario. Grab a glass of beer or wine with some things to eat and relax under the splendid Noosa sky to relish the aura of the place. By now you know why you have to add Noosa Marina in your checklist of things to do in Noosa.

5.) Noosa Zoo

Who doesn’t love to see exotic animals from around the world! Australia zoo is home to different animals. It is one of the wildest show on the earth. From cute baby animals to tallest Giraffes and Kangaroos you will discover diverse range of wild life. The highlight of the zoo is  an ” Incredible Roo Heaven”, home of kangaroos. There you can feed the kangaroos. Another significant feature of the zoo is the oldest  Harriet the Giant Galapagos Land Tortoise. The zoo also offers various activities such as encounter with animals, a sneak peeks into the wildlife and a photograph with your favourite animal. So much to do at one place! This must be an another site in your list of things to do in Noosa.

6.) Noosa Festivals

The major festivals of Noosa are Noosa Triathlon, the Noosa Long Weekend and Noosa festival of surfing. Noosa Triathlon is a  multi-sport festival. It is the largest triathlon in Australia. The event is held every year in the end of the October. For all the sports lovers it is an ideal festival to participate. The event includes 1500 m swimming, 40km cycling and 10 km running (Trythalon). On the other hand, Noosa Long Weekend festival takes place in July. The celebrations continue for 10 days. The highlight of the  festivals are ballet performances, music concerts, cabaret and other fun activities. The third festival i.e.  Noosa festival of surfing takes place at Noosa main beach in summers. Noosa celebrates different festivals the entire year so you will definitely get the opportunity to experience one or two.

7.) Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world. It offers beautiful panoramic viewpoints such as cathedrals,  Indian Head, a rocky outcrop on the island, a cliff, which is famous for  sculpted ribbons of colourful sand. The island holds many beaches. It is one of the  most pious destination in Noosa. Do visit the island to experience the grandeur of the site.

8.) Big Pineapple

The site looks like a huge pineapple, therefore, it is named as “Big Pineapple”. It is one of the favourite tourist attractions on the Sunshine coast in Queensland. It holds two rides. One is nut mobile and another is on the small train. The small train takes the passenger on the trip to plantation ground and a small zoo. During the entire journey, the travellers get an insight about the place, different plantations and wildlife. The plantation consists of small animals farm. The farm is a home to animals like deer, dingoes, alpacas, donkey and etc. You can feed them. A visit to Big Pineapple is one of the best things to do in Noosa with kids. Your kids will get to know more about the animals  and they will definitely love the rides.

9.) Lake Cootharaba

The lake is located on the River-Noosa. The lake is a gateway to the popular tourist attraction i.e. Everglades. The lake is famous for sailing, fishing, watersports and canoeing. A series of boat race are held here every year. Far from the city, the lake offers a peaceful atmosphere. You can relax and spend a quality time with your family and friends. Do not forget to add this site to your list of things to do in Noosa.

10.) A Trip in Noosa Houseboats

A waterfront accommodation in Noosa Houseboat is one of the unique things to do in Noosa. Whether its glitter of the restaurants or  glance to  tranquil scene enjoy all the attractions of the Noosa at the comfort of home like environment  in the boat.

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