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Things to do in Nice France

If you are planning a trip to Nice, France, then you are at right place. This article will guide you about things to do in Nice France. This vibrant city which is the capital of the French Riviera. Explore its restaurants and fashionable boutiques. Culture and nature lovers are welcomed in the glamorous Nice city. The main attractions of this city are interesting museums, art galleries, beautiful beaches, lovely seaside promenade, popular city landmarks and many more attractions. Many visitors visit this place due to its warm, dry weather, long beautiful beaches and landscapes. The eating options are fantastic, the nightlife and local arts scene are also amazing.

TThings to do in Nice France

Best Things to do in Nice France:

Here are the best lists of tourist attractions in Nice France.

1) Fresh Riviera

The French Riviera is one of the most popular attractions in Nice France. Fresh Riviera includes The Monte Carlo Beach, Nice carnival, St. Tropez. It is host to one most international festivals like the Cannes Film festival which make the spot most popular. This place has been the inspiration for famous artist Picasso. Many of their works are on display in art galleries and local museums. Fresh Riviera offers charming towns, endless sunny beaches and glamorous yachts which attract thousand of visitors.

2) Opera De Nice

Opera De Nice is one of the most entertaining places in Nice France. This opera venue offers three types of performances such as ballets, opera and classical concerts. These performances are stupendous. The opera house is very beautiful due to its grand interior design. There are restaurants where you can enjoy your dinner. The building of the opera house is very beautiful. Enjoy the concert at the opera house with your family or friends.

3) Promenade Des Anglais

Promenade Des Anglais is one of the most favourite parts of the Nice City. This is the most enjoyable promenade among the things to do in Nice France. It has become an amazing place for in-line skaters and skateboards. The Promenade offers many landmarks hotels, miles of beach and dozens of cafes. There is an iconic blue chair at the promenade, sit on that chair, watch the beautiful view of the sea  and listen to the sound of waves. Go for jogging or rollerblading. Walk along the seaside and capture the beautiful view of the city.

4) Castle Hill

Castle hill is one of the great places to wander around. The castle hill is also known as the castle park.It has become popular for its surprising waterfalls. You can appreciate the beautiful view of the Nice coastline from the castle hill. The castle hills allow the visitors to walk among the amazing hills. This castle park also includes playgrounds and amazing viewpoints of coastline. If you can not climb up the hill then you can take the elevator to go to the top of the hill. Enjoy the spectacular view of lights in the night.

5) Musee Matisse

Visiting Musee Matisse is one of the most amazing things to do in Nice France. It is a national museum which is devoted to French Painter Henri Matisse. The world’s largest collections of his work are presented at this museum. These collections include beautiful Matisse drawings, photos, prints,  paintings and sculptures.

6) Aquasplash- Marineland

Visiting aqua splash is one of the most fun things to do in Nice France. This aquatic park offers many big slides, wave pool, obstacle track, magic river, lazy river and kids island. There are also thrilling rides which are not for kids. You can also enjoy dance in the water. There is a place for relaxation and spend some time there. There is an aquarium which consists whales, sea lions and sharks. Explore the Marineland to know about the sea world.

7) The Old Town

The old town is one of the main attractions in Nice France. The shape of the old town is the triangle which is surrounded by the river valley. This beautiful old town is very charming. There are so many cafes, restaurants, small shops, galleries, flower carts, displays of fruits and vegetables. Wandering around the old town is one of the most favourite things to do in Nice France. There is also an amazing collection antiquities which attracts the visitors.

8) The Ferris Wheel

Visiting The Ferris Wheel is one of most recognizable sights in Nice France. It is located next to Old Town. This is a wonderful place to sit and watch the amazing setup of the plaza. The Ferris Wheel is a rotating wheel which consists of multiple passengers carrying cabins. The Ferris Wheel is the type of amusement ride. It looks beautiful in the night. It is one of the most beautiful gathering places for tourists and locals.

9) The Saleya Market

Visiting the Saleya Market is one of the most interesting things to do in Nice France. The most famous are the fish market, flower market, spice market and vegetable market. This market looks like the french markets with brightly colored, outdoor cafes and restaurants. This market looks amazing in the night.

10) Cimetiere Du  Chateau

Cimetiere Du  Chateau is also known as the city of dead. It is one of the largest cemeteries in the world. It stands on the old citadel of Nice. The amazing panoramic view offers its visitors a scenic view of the city. Despite being a cemetery, it makes its visitors feel exhilarated rather than depressed. Until this date, the massive walls of the ancient fortress built in the 16th century still remain. The cemetery  holds historical importance. Its scenic beauty makes it as the major attraction here.  You can witness names of some famous personalities buried in the cemetery.

11.) Terra Amata

Terra Amata is an archeological site in the open air on the slope of the mount Boron. It is a perfect spot for an outing. The traditional landscape is the best feature of the place. It is home to a variety of small animals. Spring is considered as the best time to pay a visit here. The pasture and flower meadows, trees and water bodies bring you closer to nature. It is the best place to go for a picnic. There are picnic spots available in the beautiful garden facilitated with picnic tables. Proving it to be one of the best Things to do in Nice France.

12.) Nightlife

Enjoying nightlife is one the most fun things to do in Nice France. There are so many things to do in the night. Nice has a big collection of pubs and bars, discos, casinos and musical events. Walking along the seaside, hanging out with friends and having drinks is the amazing thing to do in the night. Rivera bar crawl and hen party bar crawl are the best bars for enjoying the nightlife.

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