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Things to do in Nassau

There are numerous wonderful things to do in Nassau. It is the most famous cruise ship ports in the Caribbean. Nassau is the capital of Bahamas, offers fantastic water surfing opportunities. Here you can experience the thrill of diving or snorkeling. Fishing in the lovely beaches of this tropical paradise is one of the most exciting things to do in Nassau. In this article, we will show you most unique and exciting things to do in Nassau. While in Nassau, you can relax in the warm, tropical climate of the creamy sands of Cable Beach.

Top Things to do in Nassau:

1.) Blue Lagoon Island

Things to do in Nassau

The island is located on a short boat ride from Nassau. It is a private island that offers visitors an opportunity to interact face to face with sea life. You can trip to this retreat from the marina across from the Atlantis Resort. To explore the beauty of the complete Island, you should go for ship cruise. It is one of the most exciting things to do in Nassau. The island also offers the variety of water sports along with awesome interaction with dolphins and sea lions.

2.) Downtown and Bay Streets

The downtown Nassau has a wonderful blend of numerous restaurants, street hawkers and shops. The Bay Street offers some of the best window shopping experience in Nassau. Bay Street is lined with historic buildings, shops, restaurants, and boutiques. You just can’t miss the straw market as it is just awesome. You can buy some wonderful articles made from straw. The market is one of the oldest in the Bahamas. Must visit this interesting market as it is one of the most amazing things to do in Nassau.

3.) Atlantis

Atlantis is one of the extraordinary resorts in the world. It was established after the famous lost city of Atlantis. Today, the place is a vacationer’s paradise. Atlantis is packed with beach, restaurants, entertainment, casino, shopping, and more. While in Atlantis you don’t have to look for any other attraction as the resort is worth a visit in itself. Tourists at the hotel can get free entry into the popular waterscape packed with high-speed slides and adventure. It is one of the most exciting things to do in Nassau. The place has no limits on finding restaurants, entertainment and shops venues.

 4.) Cable Beach

The beach is not only the prettiest waterfront on the Bahamas, but it is well-packed. The extent of the beach is near golf courses, restaurants and casinos. Tourist will get pleased with the scene of the white sand and crystal clear waters. Cable Beach quickly gets crowded so be prepared for some hustle and bustle. Nevertheless, the crowd is going to amplify your enjoyment. Staying in any other place in Nassau, then travelling that far to cable beach isn’t worth for you. As the city itself is packed with lovely beaches so you can easily find your residing location. It is one of the most delightful things to do in Nassau.

5.) The Pirate Museum

The museum is truly the other side of Nassau, located a short walk away from the pier downtown Nassau. The entry of this museum is paid, details can be found at the museum. The museum has nicely designed the replica of the pirate ship. It contains several stories on the pirates and few artifacts. This is a cool place for taking children with you. The staffs are really nice and well-behaved. You can learn facts about pirates by walking through pirate resembling ship. It is one of the most interesting things to do in Nassau.

6.) Fort & Water Tower

The water tower is the highest point of New Providence Island, located on Bennett’s Hill. The city has numerous forts. The Fort Fincastle is the best place to view the beauty of the island. Although, the water tower is the native stop to gaze the nature beauty. But it is under renovation, so you might not get the chance to lift up this tower. The alternative way will also make no difference in the view. It is one of the most joyful things to do in Nassau.

7.) Paradise Island

The island was formerly called Hog Island. The island is home to the extensive Atlantis Resort along with numerous other resort complexes, a golf course and private homes. This long cay is connected to the mainland by two huge bridges which form the harbour at Nassau. You will find Hog Island Lighthouse at the entrance of the harbour, located at the western tip of the island. The lighthouse was constructed in 1817 and to visit this island is one of the most fun things to do in Nassau.

8.) National Art Gallery

The gallery is housed in a wonderful restored Villa Doyle. It is a large historic neoclassical palace. The gallery is the most important art institution in the country. The oldest section of this art gallery was built in 1860 by the chief Justice of the Bahamas. The southern wing has impressive collection includes sculpture, ceramics, photography, paintings, and textiles.

9.) Island Tour

The island tour is the best way to explore the city’s most memorable highlights. It depends upon you whether you book a cruise line or a private tour directly with an operator. Most of the tours end at Fort Fincastle and the Queen’s Staircase. The tour also takes you to other popular forts like the largest fort, the oldest fort, Fort Montagu, and Fort Charlotte. Some tours also stop at the Atlantis for a short time, you will need to buy the entrance ticket to most attractions.

10.) Green Parrot Bar

The fancy cocktails in the sunshine are more than just sipping it. The bar by the Hurricane Hole marina is the perfect destination to end your trip to Nassau. It is one of the most delightful things to do in Nassau. It is a fabulous, friendly and low priced small bar and is very famous with yachties and locals alike.

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