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Things to do in Nassau Bahamas

This article is all about best things to do in Nassau Bahamas. The largest and capital of coral-based archipelago Bahamas, Nassau is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. The beaches nestled in the city makes it a favorite cruise-ship stop in the Caribbean. The sprawling city has some amazing landmarks, Paradise Islands, and coral reefs are the best examples of it. Nassau enjoys warm temperature around the year. The magnificent city was once the slavery junction, all thanks to queen Victoria who abolished the facade system. The city is a best tourist spot, come and feel the magnificence of the city. Read more, to know top things to do in Nassau Bahamas.

Things to do in Nassau Bahamas

Top Things to do in Nassau Bahamas:

1.) Paradise Islands

The island was initially known as a Hog Island. However, it is beautiful like a paradise, therefore, the island got its current name. The land is a hub of a much-known resort, Atlantis and golf course. The beautiful island surrounded by plants and water which enhances the beauty of the place and makes it a must things to do in Nassau Bahamas.

2.) Coral Reefs

The city is famous around the globe for the bounty of coral reefs around Nassau. Add some adventure to your trip and go for snorkeling and in the beautiful coral. You will explore a new world in the sea, new friends of different species. Well, if you do not want to adventurous then seeing pristine turquoise water in its full swing will definitely impress you. Don’t stop yourself, it is the best and adventurous things to do in Nassau Bahamas.

3.) Cable Beach

The beach got its name from the submarine telegraph cable ashore. The soft white sand and the soothing turquoise water around gives it a Caribbean look. The island is a home to some of the  renowned resorts. Breezes, Wyndham Nassau Resort, and The Sheraton Nasser Resort to name a few popular resorts.The beach is a perfect stress buster. One of the incredible things to do in Nassau Bahamas.

4.) Blue Lagoon Islands

The privately owned island is also known as Salt Cay. The islands offer a wide array of water sports and close encounters with sea lion and dolphins. Doesn’t it sound amazing! Seeing dolphins and other marine animals is one of the must things to do in Nassau Bahamas. The island holds a marine mammal facility where you can learn and interact with these friendly mammals in the provision of professional trainers.

5.) Bay Street

After relaxing and water sports in the beach, explore the Bay Street. The place is best for shopping and collecting souvenirs. The downtown is crowded by the  cruise ship passengers, who come here to buy antique, exquisite jewellery, perfumes and T-shirts. Straw market and the Pirates of Nasser Museum are key attractions around the city.

6.) National Art Gallery of the Bahamas

After chilling at beach and shopping at a street, retreat yourself at the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas, where you can see some masterpiece of a great artists. The display includes paintings, photography, textiles and ceramics. The mansion was built in the 18th century with the neoclassic design. It is one of the old monuments the city has.

7.) Pirates of Nassau Museum

Are you a fan of Pirates of Caribbean? If yes then do visit at Pirates of Nassau Museum. The monument boast looks like of pirates( statues), boats, their findings. Also, you will get an insight about the pirates existence at the museum. Here you will get to know surprising facts about the Pirates. The monument is one of the greatest tourist attraction in Nassau. It is the things to do in Nassau with kids.

8.) Junkanoo

Enthrall yourself in the street parade of the Nassau. The city and many another city in the Bahamas boast the parade every boxing day and new year. The glorious promenade unfolds dance countries folk music and dance. The parade is the retreat for the tourist since it is a best entertaining event and the best things to do in Nassau.

9.) Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Center

The city also boasts one of the best zoos in the world. The home of the flamingo is located in the tropical garden of the city. You will definitely love the place especially when you will get to see the best-coordinated march past that too from the queen of birds, Flamingo. The zoo also preserves the endured parrot and iguanas. This is surely a must thing to do in Nassau Bahamas with kids.

10.) Government House

The historical monument of the city is best known for its Georgian colonial architecture. The house brags a beautiful scenic view of the Paradise Island and Bay. The highlight of the monument is guard ceremony which is much liked by the children. The house dates back to the 18th century. The magnificent fort was a residence of the Governor General of the Bahamas. A statue of the Christopher Columbus seats at the entrance of the monument welcoming the visitors.

11.) Queen Staircase

The massive ladder was built in the 18th century. It holds 66 steps. The solid limestone was named as queen staircase as the homage to Quen to victoria. The staircase ends at the fort Fincastle. The staircase holds a neo-classical look. Though people don’t like to use staircase but this one is phenomenal.

12.) Nassau Straw Market

The market was started by the Bahamian women to earn for leaving. With  the passage of time the market flourished. Today, it is best known for the aircraft, more solid shops, wooden carving, colorful fabrics, mats, hats and baskets. A stroll around the market will give you a glimpse into a lifestyle of local people and the rich history through souvenirs, this is one of the best things to do in Nassau Bahamas.

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