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Things to do in Napa

Travel to the unexplored places to embrace the beautiful nature. Napa is located in the state of California. The less crowd in the city makes it the most beautiful place to get lost inside the heavenly beauty. This place is famous for the variety of wines it serves to the travellers. You will taste the best wines in the most beautiful ambiance. So, if you are planning a trip, then Napa is the best place to visit. This article will guide you regarding the things to do in Napa.

Things to do in Napa

Top Things to do in Napa:

If you really want to explore the beauty of Napa, then here is the list of things to do in Napa.

1.) Visit Wine Tours and Tastings:

You will lose yourself in the world-class wine tours of Napa Valley. Approximately 400 wineries are spread over this region. You can simply travel on the wine trolley while having most delicious food with drinks. This tour is going to be one of the memorable tour of your life in the most attractive and captivating environment with your dear ones. So, simply enjoy wine tours of Napa Valley. It is one of the memorable things to do in Napa.

2.) Watch Plays and Cultural Activities at Napa Valley Opera House:

This theatre was opened in 1880 in Napa. It is located in the downtown Napa. So, if you want to experience the culture of Napa, then this place is made for you. You can simply lose yourself while connecting with the wonderful plays and acts happening inside Napa Valley Opera House. It is an amazing place to see diverse performances done by distinctive performers. It is the most incredible things to do in Napa.

3.) O’Brien Estate Winery:

Want to watch the entire wine making process, then simply visit O’Brien Estate Winery. This winery is just 5-mile drive away from downtown Napa. So, if you want to taste the wine in the most relaxing and alluring atmosphere, then simply visit this winery. You just have to pay $40 per person for experiencing this winery. It is a great place to explore and taste the delicious wine. It is one of the most delightful things to do in Napa.

4.) The Hess Collection Winery and Art Museum:

This winery and art museum were founded by Donald Hess. He started collecting art pieces in 1966. He had a huge passion for collecting and therefore, he choose art as his passion. This museum will show you some of the best art pieces collected by Donald Hess. He also purchased vineyards on Mount Veeder in 1978. This vineyard gains international recognization due to its excellent taste of wine. This is followed by the culinary and visitors program which had public access to Donald Hess. This place is the most unique in its own way. You also get wifi facility when you enter the tasting room. You can see the wonderful pieces of art with a glass of delicious wine. It is one of the best things to do in Napa.

5.) Taste Wine at Hall Rutherford:

This luxurious place with immense amenities will make your day. You can taste the diversity at one place. It includes thirteen out of the sixteen appellations of Napa Valley. You will experience the best services in an exquisite atmosphere. So, visit Hall Rutherford as it is one of the amazing things to do in Napa.

6.) Listen to Live Music at Silo’s:

It provides most intimate live music that will take you to some other world of music and songs. You can enjoy amazing music with food. It also serves really good pizzas in their menu. On Friday and Saturday, you will see prominent dance bands and artists that will entertain you. While on Wednesday and Thursday’s it is typically a local’s night that is basically a no-cover live music. This place caters you the best music and foods in your palate. It is one of the joyous things to do in Napa.

7.) Spend Quality Time at Meritage Resort and Spa:

This place is made for all whether you are a business traveller, a wine enthusiast or a tourist. This place has all the luxurious amenities that will make your day in Napa Valley. You may even go to the wine tastings of Meritage Resort and Spa. This place has ample space and spa for the people who want to relax. It is one of the great things to do in Napa.

8.) Taste the Food of Zuzu Restaurant:

If you want to explore the taste of the people of Napa, then Zuzu is the place you must visit. It is basically a Spanish-inspired restaurant situated in Napa’s historic old town. You can have a great diversity of food at one place. You may also enjoy drinks with tasty food. So, visit Zuzu restaurant to taste the delicious food of Napa. It is one of the most interesting things to do in Napa.

9.) Enjoy in Oxbow Public Market:

This market is located in the Oxbow district in downtown Napa. It is a people’s gathering place where you can have interactions with the locals. You may also buy things as a memoir from Napa. There is something new happening inside the Oxbow Public Market. You can find unique product and gifts that you may buy for someone special. It is one of the most entertaining things to do in Napa.

10.) Visit Silverado Trail to Explore Best Wineries:

People visiting Napa Valley usually stay at Highway 29. The reason behind this is that the highway is lined up by big wineries in a row. You will also come across of some small wineries. This place is a must to experience the variety of wineries in a row. It is one of the most incredible things to do in Napa.

So, visit the city of wineries and taste the world class wines. It is one of the best places to hang out with friends and dear ones. You will simply lose yourself in the beautiful atmosphere of Napa Valley.  Hence, a visit to this place is worth during a weekend. Simply plan a trip and hit back from Napa with the best memories in your heart.

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