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Things to do in Munich

Munich is the capital of the German state of Bavaria. It is settled on the banks of River Isar north of the Bavarian. Munich is among the largest city in Germany like Berlin, Hamburg, and Frankfurt. The city is a main center of art, culture, advanced technologies, innovation, education, business and tourism in Germany. The attractions in Munich are unmatchable to any other places on the planet. To cover all the attraction in Munich is difficult such that we have selected some top awesome things to do in Munich in this article.

Fun Things to do in Munich:

1.) Olympiapark

Things to do in Munich

In the arrangement for the 1972 Olympic Games, a previous runway and parade grounds were changed into an Olympic park. This recreation center comprised of well-arranged slopes, a fake lake (looks real), and tower, and games facilities. The Park serve as a venue for  social, cultural and religious events such as events of worship also. It is administered by Olympiapark München GmbH. Its Tent-shaped covers the portion of the stadium, the corridor, and the pool. To visit Olympia Park is one of the most delightful things to do in Munich.

2.) Oktoberfest

Things to do in Munich OKTOBERFEST

Oktoberfest is the biggest folks fest of the worlds. This 16-day long festival starts from mid-September and lasts until early October. So, if you are planning a vacation during this period of the year then must visit the place for sure. Here you got to enjoy a wide variety of things. There are the number of merchants offering their interactive and innovative items. Visiting the carnival is one of the most outstanding things to do in Munich. You also get to enjoy different rides as well. Do not miss to taste the food that served on the plate in Oktoberfest. You must visit the carnival when in Munich and make the best of the memories.

3.) Cuvilliés Theater

Things to do in Munich cuvillies theater

The theater was established in 1755 for hosting opera performances. It has been among the most prominent Munich attractions. It was rebuilt after the World War II. The architecture of the place is really beautiful and worth praising. When you are in Munich, you should surely enjoy a delightful performance by the opera. Visiting this gorgeous place is one of the most terrific things to do in Munich

4.) Schloss Nymphenburg

Things to do in Munich schloss nymphenburg

To celebrate the birth of their child in 1664, the Elector Ferdinand Maria and his wife Henrietta Adelaide established this summer palace. The castle was built toward the west of Munich. The wings and annex building were included from the 17th century onwards. The greenery enclosures are to the back of the royal residence for a pleasant walk. The place contains a Baroque garden, a system of canals, and little pavilions scattered all through this park.

5.)  The New Town Hall

Things to do in Munich new town hall

The New Town Hall established in 1892. The great New Town Hall rules Marienplatz,  facing the twin towers of the Frauenkirche. It attracted million of visitors every year. The Cathedral of our Lady is Munich’s best-known point of interest. The principle façade facing the Marienplatz is enriched with an abundance of statue and decorations. The sculpture includes Bavarian dukes, balloters, and lords. The world-renowned bells, the Rathaus-Glockenspiel, are the fourth biggest in Europe.

6.) Dachau Concentration Camp

Things to do in Munich dachau concentration camp

Around 17 kilometers northwest of Munich, the town of Dachau is acclaimed for its eighteenth century Schloss, and scandalous. The camp has now turned into a museum and is one of the most popular things to do in Munich. This museum has a wonderful collection of photographs and documents. You also get to see the reconstructed cell block. A visit to the place will definitely make your trip a successful one.

7.) Marienplatz

Things to do in Munich marienplatz

Henry the Lion changed Marienplatz into the focal point of Munich. Today, it resides in the heart of the city. This is the place where Neues Rathaus (New Town Hall) stands, real open travel lines meet, and local people and tourists alike walk around street performers. A pedestrian zone starts at the western end of the square. On the eastern side, there are the Isartor and MaximilianstraBe and toward the south is the Viktualienmark. Visiting this focal point of Munich is one of the best things to do in Munich.

8.) Starnberger See

Things to do in Munich starnberger see

Starnberger See is the biggest waterway in the district – 21 km long, 5 km wide, and up to 125 m profound. It offers wonderful spots for cruising and surfing. It is the most popular recreation area since 1976. Empress Elisabeth (Sisi) spent her summers at Possenhofen while her cousin Ludwig II dwelled at Berg. An ideal way to get the scenic beauty of this lake is through a steamboat trip.

9.) Munich Residenz

Things to do in Munich munich residenz

Munich Residenz is one of the most beautiful places to be visited in Munich. It is the former residence of Bavarian rulers. It was home of the Wittelsbach administration until 1918. The place allows you to explore and enjoy numerous awesome things. The palace is beautiful and the architecture of the palace is really amazing. There are some state-owned museums as well. They have the originals artwork and interiors that you are going to celebrate for sure. The garden area of the place is also fantastic and features amazing greenery.

10.) Beer Gardens

Things to do in Munich beer garden

During summer, Bavaria’s is served in beer gardens. Regardless of what drink  you like WeiBbier or beer. In the event that you haven’t sat on a wooden seat underneath the chestnut trees on a mellow summer’s night, then your trip will remain incomplete.  This spot should be on your list of things to do in Munich.

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