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Things to do in Moscow

This article is about things to do in Moscow. The Russian city, Moscow is one of the magnificently preserved pristine. The sprawling city is the home to museums, art galleries and rich history. Moscow boasts some of the fine structures which date back the 15th century. The buildings such as Kremlin, red Square and Tretyakov are the famous tourist attractions of the magnificent city. Also not to forget the Moscow’s nightlife and shopping venues that are “must to visit”. Read more to know free things to do in Moscow.

Top Things to do in Moscow:

1.) Moscow Tchaikovsky

Moscow conservatory is one of the excellent music institutions in Russia. It also holds concerts where world class composers and musicians perform. The concert boasts classical music. Tap your foot on the classical numbers. The place must be in your bucket of things to do in Moscow. The place also holds free concerts so check the show before entering Tchaikovsky.

2.)  Red Square

Things to do in Moscow

The red square is located in the centre of the city Moscow. It is one of the most famous public squares around the globe.  It is recognized as a Symbolic icon of the Russia. It is one of the must things to do in Moscow. The square also boasts Lenin’s Tomb. It is a gleaming granite mausoleum, dedicated to the founder of Socialism i.e. Lenin. The historic fortress was built in the 15th century. The place houses many landmarks such as Ornate 16th century St. Basil’s Cathedral, GUM department store and  State Historical Museum. Now you know why a visit to Red Square is one of the incredible things to do in Moscow.

3.) Tretyakov Gallery

This museum displays one of the best collections of Russian artwork around the globe. The gallery holds masterpieces ranging from 11th and 20th century. The iconic Russian artists such as Kandinsky and Vrubel have graced the galleries with their world famous artwork. The gallery has 2 buildings which are known as “Old Tretyakov” and “New Tretyakov”. Do add this museum to your list of best things to do in Moscow.

4.) St. Basil’s Cathedral

The cathedral was built in the 16th century. The church is famous for its dome which is vibrantly colored. The cathedral is a center of nine distinct churches and Chapels. The holy place is far from the hustle and bustle. The Cathedral is established in the  Red square. Thanks to its exterior which earned its accolades from the tourists. The church is recognized as an earthly symbol of a city like heaven. To experience the trance and spectacular architecture do add the Cathedral in your bucket of things to do in Moscow.

5.) Moscow Kremlin

Planning a trip to Moscow? Do visit  the Kremlin. It is one of the must-see and things to do in Moscow. The trend walled fortress lies in the heart of the city, overlooking river Moskva. The Kremlin is best known for Russian citadels. It holds 4 cathedrals, 5 palaces, government buildings and Kremlin towers with Kremlin wall. Moscow Kremlin also boasts a huge bell known as Tsar Bell.

6.) Izmaylovo Market

It is also known as a main  souvenir market of Russia. Right from folk crafts, antiques, jewelry, to  Lacquer boxes the market has everything. Dive into the history of the country and plan a trip to Moscow. The place has exciting souvenirs at the display. And the best  part is you can buy them. The sprawling market will leave you amazed with its world class ambiance and what all it has in store for you. Do add this to your list of incredible things to do in Moscow.

7.) Old Arbat Street

Another junction in your list of things to do in Moscow should be Old  Arbat Street. It is also known as Ulitsa Arbat. It is one of the famous  thoroughfares in the city. It is a favourite tourist spot. You can collect unusual souvenirs from here. The main  highlight of the street is that  all the artists and musicians  and other performers perform live on the street. It is one of the oldest markets in Russia. The street is at a walking distance from Moscow Kremlin.

8.) Victory Park

Russia played a crucial role during the 2nd World War. The park memorializes the war. In another word victory park is  home to  Second World War Memorial, sculptures, fountains, obelisks and fountains. Its a great place, well intricated with history. Do visit this place to experience the pain of the country which it has suffered during the great patriotic war.

9.) Sparrow Hills

Sparrow hill is a perfect place  for family trip. It offers a panoramic view of the city. It is a wonderful place especially for those who are close to nature. Imagine  yourself, standing on the top of the hills and the whole world is beneath you. Isn’t it amazing? Feel the charisma of the hills and do add it in your bucket of best things to do in Moscow.

10.) GUM (State Department Store)

A shopping venue is a must to add  to the list of things to do in Moscow. The state department store is most famous  shopping venue in the city. The structure boasts the 19th-century architecture. From shops and boutique to ice cream parlour the market has everything. The highlight of this huge store is its spectacular  interior.

11.) Pushkin Fine Arts Museum

The Pushkin Fine arts museum showcases a vast collection of masterpieces by the foreign artist. The museum pays an homage to the  father of Russian literature i.e. Alexander Pushkin. Another site in your list of top things to do in Moscow should be this museum.

12.) Boat Tour of Moscow

A boat tour is an ideal way of sightseeing. It is quite relaxing and a pleasing trip. You get to see the entire city from a distance. What else do you look for? But do not forget to carry your camera to capture all the beautiful vistas and your journey. It’s a hot spot for any photographer to admire the picturesque.

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