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Things To Do In Morocco

Located on the northwest of Africa. Also known as Al Mamlakah. Morocco is one of the most visited place in the Maghrib region. The only country after Spain and France to face both the Atlantic and Mediterranean Coastlines. This article will provide you the top things to do in Morocco. History lovers will definitely admire the rich cultural heritage that showcases ancient history. The best to explore comprises the Ancient City-Asilah, the Grottoes of Hercules, El Bahira Palace, Museum of Antiquities, Ethnography and Moroccan Art, Sahara Desert, High Atlas. The Moroccan culture has its own uniqueness. It welcome’s the guest to a colorful serene. Counted among the Romantic destinations in the African Continent. Popular cities to explore comprises of Marrakech, Tangier, Fez, Casablanca. Read the list of things to do in Morocco provided below.

Top Things to do in Morocco:

things to do in morocco

1.) Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou

A visit to an incredible place like Kasr will leave you astonished. It’s a small village located on the foothills of Southern Slopes of High Altas. It depicts the Southern Moroccan and Pre-Saharan Earthen architecture. The infrastructure reveals the marveling idea of building houses sticking to one another that acts as defensive walls by cornered towers. A river is flown across the village parting it from the present dwelling. The other part of the village is now consumed by cafes, hotels, markets.

2.) Citadel of Chella Gardens

The next on your things to do in Morocco list. Definitely include this place. Morocco’s capital city Rabat is home to the Chella. The site includes a fortified Necropolis (tombstones) along with landscaped garden. Spring flowers bloom like the glistering jewel in middle of the ruins. The entrance door is well crafted in Arabesque Calligraphy. Jazz au Chella is an international “Jazz Festival” held every year since 2005. Music lovers can blend into the aroma of music while enjoying the scenic beauty.

3.) El Bahia Palace

Marrakech is well known for the El Bahira Palace. Also known as The Incomparable Palace or El Badi Palace. The monument portrays the classic 19th century architecture. According to the belief, it was built for Ahmed Ibn Moussa’s concubines as a summer house. The fascinating part of the palace is that it comprises 160 rooms. The rooms were part of elaborately designed private quarters, receptions, being surrounded by courtyards, fountains and sprawling gardens. It displays the best craftsmanship of Saadian period.

4.) Asilah

A fortified town situated on the Moroccan northeastern Coastline. The ancient history reveals the establishment of the fortified port town by the Phoenicians around 1500 BC. One can still witness the  intact ramparts and gate-works. Also, it’s known to be the nest of pirates. And if you are looking for your personal space, it’s the best place to visit. Well famous sea facing Resorts will enhance your stay.  The old structures and the sea compliments each other.

5.) Hassan II Mosque

One of the tallest Mosque in Morocco, popularly known as “Casablanca Hajj”. Also ranked seventh largest in the world. The spectacular location of the mosque is enhanced by the Atlantic Ocean. The walls of the mosque are elaborated by handcrafted marble. The other side is extended towards the “Palace Quad el Makhazine”. Nearest train station, Casa-Port is just a twenty minute walk from the Mineret. One of the fact you might not be aware of is that, in Morocco only Muslims are allowed inside the mosque. But it’s the only mosque you can wander off to capture the perfect  picturesque of architecture that compliments the Atlantic Ocean. There’s more for you as a tourist to explore the shopping avenues.

6.) Chefchaouen Old City

The next on your list of things to do in Morocco is a must visit to this city. Popularly known as “The Blue Pearl”. Because of its stunning appearance of “Blue” color all over the city. Some of the tourist has named it the next paradise worth visiting for. Being located in the Rif mountains gives a perfect landscape view to enjoy watching the blue city from the downtown. A keen photographer would love to capture the dazzling blue city. You can take a stroll around the city while enjoying the local market.

7.) Medina of Fez

The old capital of Morocco has still left its mark on the list of tourist destinations. It’s among one of the World Heritage Site.  Being founded in the 9th century is home to the world’s oldest University.  Also the time when Islam has just arrived as a new religion in this region. The raw and rough nature of this place depicts a perfect blend of madrasas, palaces, fondouks, mosques. A history lover will find its masterpiece of Arab-Muslim world in well conserved manner. Places to explore in Fez includes the Fes-el –Bali, Brj Nord, Bou Inernia Medrsa.

8.) Jemaa el-Fnna

UNESCO has marked it as one of its projects to preserve as an “Intangible Heritage”. One place in Morocco that displays  both day and night life in one place. Popularly known as “The Square”. A perfect market place that shows its variations with the sunset. You must be wondering what does it mean? Well, when you enter the market during the day there will be shops to buy goods. But as the sun sets gradually the scene will change. Just like a next scene  taken over at a theatrical stage. The Square is now to be seen crowded by entertainers like dancers, storytellers, magicians.

9.) Friouato Caves

Want to be on an adventure  tour? Here’s a place for you to not only explore, but to discover. Located thirty kilometer from Taza. The largest known cave in North Aricfa. Experts have come to believe that the cave is stretched to six kilometers. But its original extent is still mysterious.  Also situated underground, visitors need to descend down through the steps. Go and unveil large chambers of different rock formations.

10.) The Rock of Gibralter

A visit to coastal place is incomplete without a beach view. Basically its formation of rock out of monolithic limestone. It covers the International border with Spain and Morocco. A stunning view along the coastlines of the Atlantic sea. You can hike to reach there. Also the place includes St. Michael’s Cave. The last best thing to do in Morocco.

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