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Things to do in Missouri

Missouri is a U.S. state enclosed by grassy plains and the woody Ozark Mountains. It is in the Midwestern side of the USA. Kansas city has famous Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art with massive shuttlecock statue on its lawn, on the Kansas border. The other major tourist attraction includes Silver Dollar City, Ozark Lake and Forest Park. The most popular among the tourists includes the World Aquarium, Missouri History Museum, Laumeier Sculpture Park and many more. So, pack your bags and discover the beautiful Missouri. This article will tell you all about top things to do in Missouri. Being in Missouri, you can also explore the other Midwestern states Illinois, Ohio and Indiana of USA.

Things to do in Missouri

Best Things to do in Missouri

1.) Springfield

Things to do in Missouri Springfield

Springfield is a beautiful place with a small city like feel. It has all kinds of parks and other tourist attractions. Among the outdoor tourist attractions are the Close Memorial Park with walking track and playgrounds. The beautifully organized Mizumoto Japanese amble garden is also located in this place. Another exciting site close to Springfield is the Fantastic Caverns. It is the only America’s drive all the way through the caverns. There is no walking needed for this tram visit of the cave. Visiting this place is one of the free things to do in Missouri.

2.) Silver Dollar City

Things to do in Missouri Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City in Branson unites a theme park with the skills and the conservation of Ozark culture of the 1880s. Craftsmen on the ground can be seen representing basket weaving and candle making. The park also has rides, restaurants and live acts. Marvel Cave is a popular attraction of Silver Dollar City. It carries on the practice of the mining town, which once was at the opening of the Cave. The cave was first exposed in the 1500s by the Osage Indians. From that time onwards it has attracted tourist looking for miners of marble and archaeologists. Going to this place is one of the best things to do in Missouri.

3.) Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield

Things to do in Missouri Wilson's Creek National Battlefield

Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield is a historic battlefield on which 12,000 colleagues and 5,400 Union troops fought on August 10, 1861. The colleagues were successful, but this battle caused more hostility in Missouri. The battlefield has been converted into Wilson’s Creek Civil War Museum. It displays works of art which include the famous sash of General Patrick Cleburne and sword belt.

4.) Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

Things to do in Missouri Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art is one of the Missouri state’s most significant cultural tourist attractions. It holds a unique collection with pieces from all over the world, but with a particular importance of East Asian art. At the museum’s lower level is a statue garden that everyone can admire without even having to go into the building.

5.) Branson

Things to do in Missouri Branson

Branson is located in south-west Missouri. It is popularly known as the Live country music capital of the world. It attracts millions of music fans each year. The place is full of memento booths advertising all possible kinds of restaurants and stuff. The music venues here swarm some of the music’s supreme performers. Branson is also a good option for outing into the wild. The lake area in south western Missouri is also a highlight. Exploring this place is one of the fun things to do in Missouri.

6.) Ozark Lake

Things to do in Missouri Ozark Lake

Ozark lake is Missouri’s largest lake. It has 1,250 miles of shoreline. Lake of the Ozark was created in 1931 after the construction of Bagnell Dam. The fishing in this lake is the major tourist attraction. Consult a guide to display you the best site on the lake. There are various companies offering boat ride in the lake. Going for a boat ride is one of the cool things to do in Missouri.

7.) Gateway Arch

Things to do in Missouri Gateway Arch

In the middle of Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Park, St. Louis is the Gateway Arch, a sign of the city’s role as the “Gateway to the West”. This parabolic curve of stainless steel is 625 ft high, was rigid in 1959-65 to the plan of Eero Saarinen. It was based on an unfinished mission by Adalberto Libera for the access to the exposition university DI Roma of 1942. The Tourist will go up to the observation platform using elevators on the peak point of the arch. Beneath the Gateway arch is the Tourist Center and the Museum of Westward Expansion. Exploring this place is one of the best things to do in Missouri.

8.) Vaile Mansion

Things to do in Missouri Vaile Mansion

The Vaile Mansion was built in 1881. It is an exceptional model of Victorian Second Empire structural design. It is situated in autonomy and the core of the house has some beautiful attractions. It includes 10 marble fireside and decorated ceilings. It also comprises of the art facilities at the time it was constructed, such as flushing toilets. The mansion is mainly a representation of how the upper level of a community would have lived in the beginning of 1880s. It has more than 30 rooms exhibiting different  artwork. Experiencing this mansion is one of the fun things to do in Missouri.

9.) Jefferson City

Things to do in Missouri Jefferson City

Going for a trip to Missouri is incomplete without visiting  the Jefferson City. The galleries and museums are home to one of the premium collections in the state. The significant government structure gives the city a glowing sense of magnificence. Some of the tourist sights are the Governor’s Mansion, the state capitol building and the Missouri State Museum. The Lewis & Clark Monument is a gorgeous statue and an honour to these explorers. It is situated close to the state capitol building.

10.) Forest Park

Things to do in Missouri Forest Park

Forest park is established on the past grounds of the 1904 World Fair. This superb city park contains some of the unique buildings. Ponds and various tourist attractions are found in this park. The major attraction includes the St Louis Art Museum and the St Louis Zoo. This is a nice place to go for a leisurely walk or to spend a full day. Tracking in this park is one of the finest things to do in Missouri.

11.) Mark Twain Boyhood Home

Things to do in Missouri Mark Twain Boyhood Home

The Mark Twain Boyhood Home was made by the father of writer Samuel Clemens in 1843. The writer lived here from the ages of 8 to 18. The renovated home has been adorned in current time for the tour. The neighbouring museum consists of exhibits. These exhibits display first editions of his photographs, books and his small table where he sat to write the famous “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”.

12.) Dogwood Canyon Nature Park

Things to do in Missouri Dogwood Canyon Nature Park

The Dogwood Canyon Nature Park is a 2,000-acre area hosting numerous waterfalls, large herds of buffalo and trout streams. An enclosed bridge prepared by Amish artisans is also one of the major tourist attractions at the park. Explore the park by bike, foot or private Jeep tours.

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