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Things to do in Michigan

Are you looking for a perfect guide as you are planning a trip to Michigan? Don’t worry this article help you to know  about the best things to do in Michigan. Before summing up with the best places and things to do in Michigan, let us know some of the important things about Michigan. It is a mid-western state nearby 4 Great Lakes. It comprises more than 11,000 inland lakes, range across its upper and the lower peninsulas. Its largest city Detroit, is famous for the seat of the U.S. auto industry at the Detroit Institute of Arts. The name “Michigan” is the French word the Ojibwa word Mishigamaa, which means “Large Water” or “Large Lake” Michigan is the 10th  most famous with the 11th most widespread total area. The largest state by total area east of the Mississippi River in the 50 United States. Lansing, is the capital of Michigan and the biggest city is Detroit. Read below to know all the best tourist attractions in the United State of Michigan.

things to do in michigan

Best Things to do in Michigan

1.) Village of Rochester Hills

It is made around wonderful, park-like areas that includes street full with boasting trees and colorful planting. This extremely appealing downtown district is well-known for its natural beauty. This can be the best among all the things to do in Michigan. It includes approximately 50 shops, cafes and restaurants. It isn’t the biggest shopping complex in the village, but its wonderful and appealing ambiance is delightful.

2.) Great Lakes Crossing

This massive, complex which is one level, is fantastic for shoppers who love bargaining, because it has lots of outlet which offers great sales and discounts. This long shopping center has an oval shape racetrack-like layout, number of anchors, restaurants, movie theater, a play area for kids and food court. The mall includes six themed district which are a good way to enjoy, and approximately 200 stores which will make you feel you’re didn’t missed anything to see.

3.) Royal Oak                                        

A bohemian village located on the outer side of Detroit, Royal Oak offers a trendy selection of specialty shops, art galleries, antique stores, Parisian-style street side cafe, and restaurants. Explore main street and its charming side and cross-streets 11 and 12 “Mile Road Woodward Avenue”, “Washington Avenue”. Royal Oak also includes the Detroit Zoological Park.

4.) The Exchange

The exchange is designed to encourage visions of splendor and dollar signs. This magical Michigan Avenue attracts properly the upscale crowd professionals that serves cocktail. One of the top bar in the city, the live band usually plays musics like classic rock, blues, or some rocking jazz to complete the wonderful scene. Keep going on the spiral staircase at the back of the building, and you’ll find the smokers’ loft, where patrons chilling on cozy couches and lounge chairs.

5.) Green Door Lounge

If you are finding a great place in Michigan to enjoy wonderful live jazz or blues, this is the best place to visit in Michigan. Most locals will suggest you to visit the Green Door, as same we are doing.  This place includes terrific live acts in six nights a week. This place is located between the capital and the famous MSU campus, the Green Door is very appealing and that attracts a numbers of students and young professionals, who enjoy the lounge atmosphere.

6.) Fenner Nature Center

Its been more than 40 years, this learning center has educated many visitors about the magic of nature. The Fenner Nature Center attracts to both children and adults, so it is the best things to do in Michigan with kids. Since it organizes a special events like spring’s annual Maple Syrup Festival. The center’s natural beauty is well-known and maintained by lead hikers for undisturbed natural gardens. A small shop on the grounds carries local crafts serves different natural products.

7.) Horticulture Demonstration Gardens

This place is a residence to a vast collection of hued roses, the MSU (Michigan State University) Demonstration Gardens is a place which needs your visit must so wait for none and plan a trip to Michigan. It is the beautiful place for those who love gardening. The different color and beautiful plants will keep your eyes peeled. This is sure you will just see many things that you’ve never seen before.

8.) Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is ranked as second-largest city among the state of Michigan, and also in West Michigan. It is situated on the Grand River which is about 30 miles east of Michigan Lake. This can be the best place to visit for the nature lovers, so plan a trip to Michigan. Visiting this place will make you experience the artistic energy of Grand Rapids. Incredible art and culture, delightful dining and nightlife, natural beauty and exciting community spirit.

9.) Great lake

The Great Lakes includes major lakes (Huron, Michigan, Ontario and Erie) of United States, which together make up the earth’s largest body of fresh water. It contains the one-fifth of the freshwater surface on this planet. The Great Lakes are very famous among all the tourist spots as it is the best attraction for fishing, boating and many more recreational activities. It is the best things to do in Michigan.

10.) Traverse City

Traverse City is a city in the state of Michigan. The city is known for the cherry production and it also celebrates for this strength. The National Cherry Festival, is organized in the first week of July, tends to entertain hundreds of thousands of tourists and locals in the area it is the best tourist attraction. This is the best things to do in Michigan with kids. Kids love cherries so they may know little more about these cherries being into Michigan. Every year this state in November celebrates “Beer Week”, with breweries which also includes numbers of craft brews, work shops and dinner.

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