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Things to do in Memphis

Memphis, is situated along the Mississippi River in southwest Tennessee. This city is famous for its music and food. You will find Blues, jazz and rock ‘n’ roll spill right from the clubs to Beale Street, this is something most fun things to do in Memphis. It also has one of the amazing restaurants that serve barbecue and soul food. Presley’s Graceland mansion and Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and B.B. King recorded albums at the awesome Sun Studio is a famous tourist attraction. Are you planning a trip to Memphis then this article will help you a lot to know all the things to do in Memphis. Read below to know more.


 Things to do in Memphis

1.) Stax Museum of American Soul Music 

The oldest and known of Memphis is musical attractions, Stax is one of the amazing experience in the city for music lovers till date. It became a home to the Memphis Sound. Stax is the place where Isaac Hayes, Aretha Franklin, Al Green, Otis Redding, Sam and Dave and the M.G.’s, the Staple Singers and many others recorded more than 100 top hits in the year 1960s and 1970s. it is also called as Soulsville USA, the amazing museum displays the history of soul music of Memphis, and offers a fantastic ancient American pop culture of 1970s.

2.) National Civil Rights Museum 

The National Civil Rights Museum was established long back, it took million dollar to re-open the full museum in 2014 with more innovations, more exhibits, and act as a better story-teller of the American civil rights movement. This is at the top list of things to do in Memphis and also the most emotionally running museums in America. The civil rights are mentioned in a special exhibit devoted to those for which the museum is recognized in annual human rights awards.  This is amongst the best tourist attraction of Memphis.

3.) Memphis Zoo

The Memphis Zoo is consistently ranked as one of the best zoos in the country, both for its area of exhibits and an easy-to-navigate layout. It is true that one can get pretty close to the animals in the zoo. This is the best amongst all the things to do in Memphis with kids.  It includes giant pandas from China, grizzly bears and wolves with a Teton ecosystem replete. The Northwest Passage habitat filled with polar bears and river otters, this is a top-notch zoo that will make crazy both kids and their parents. So plan a trip to Memphis.

4.) Cheffie’s Café

Cheffie’s is the only restaurant where the guest is the chef who is allowed to make salads and sandwiches. Don’t worry  if you can’t make a decision, there is an option from a broad menu to choose from. This place is well-known for its sandwiches, and many more. Almost every dish they offer are outstanding so this is the best among places to visit in Memphis. This place has a good ambience and also serves wine and cocktails. It has a nice bar section which is popular for its energetic nightlife.

5.) Sun Studio

Sun Studio is a small but really a big event in the history of music happen here. The most popular amongst all was Elvis Presley’s ‘That’s Alright, Mama’ recorded in 1954. It took a year and he became a superstar and the Sun label was famous throughout the world. Those whose names would become linked with rock, country and even the blues recorded at Sun. The famous Sun facade is one of the most must see sites in Memphis. This is one of the best amongst all the things to do in Memphis.

6.) Shopping in Memphis

Shopping is the best amonsgt  the list of things to do in Memphis. The Village of Chickasaw Oaks is a small mall which is designed wonderfully to look like as village Chickasaw Oak. This Midtown mall is full of interior design shops, art galleries and restaurants. There are many special shop like Mrs. Post, it is a fine gift store. You will also find the beautiful boutique, and shop like Lisa Mallory interiors. Wandering in this place is most charming things that you can do in Memphis.

7.) Mud Island River Park

Take advantage of an island that moves upward in the Mississippi. This park has a variety of attractions and is one of the best amongst the list of things to do in Memphis. The Mississippi River Museum tracks both the river’s development and the culture that grew up with its route. The River Walk, a scale model of the Mississippi’s path, gives visitors to walk with the Big Muddy from its start in Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico which is its destination.

8.) Nightlife of Memphis

The Silly Goose Spirit Lounge is really a bar with late night dancing Thursday – Saturday nights. It also organizes occasional themed parties, that’s definitely worth the visit. With its dark, wonderful chic interior is an upscale bar. The space transforms after drinks and appetizers are served it becomes a hub of hangout into a late night dance on the weekends. On Thursday nights during the summer, this place also organizes the peabody rooftop party. This is the best amongst all the things to do in Memphis.

9.) The Enchanted Forest festival

This is one of the best amongst all the things to do in Memphis with kids. It is a winter wonderland that enchants children and adults both, which was initiated more than 60 years ago. When the display director for the Goldsmith’s department store twisted charming tableaux as an element of the Christmas display in stores. Every year, different snowy scene is included as an animated woodland creature, and eventually the entire forest was put together in one single spot, in the Goldsmith’s basement. 10 years later, the Enchanted Forest found a new residence at the Pink Palace Museum, with lots of decorated trees, a gingerbread village and in and addition with a full-scale model train.

10.) Memphis Pyramid

It was established in late April, 2015, it broke the record by welcoming 35,000 customers on its inauguration day. The massive retail space includes a big-sized edition of a Bass Pro shop with a great cypress swamp full with alligators and fish. It also has a 13-lane bowling alley, a 105-room hotel that has a wonderful ambience and food to serve, a sightseeing venue at the tip of the Pyramid, boats, ATVs, and more to explore. This beautiful place is the best amongst the list of things to do in Memphis.

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