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Things to do in Memphis TN

This article is about the best things to do in Memphis. There are a number of affordable and free fun things to do in Memphis. This article has a list of all venues and fun things to do in Memphis which will long last in your mind for your lifetime. Pay a visit to a free museum stroll Beale Street, hear concerts, take a walking tour, take your kids to watch the sun set over the Mississippi. There are a lot of things to do in Memphis. Read below to know more about the best tourist attractions in Memphis.

things to do in Memphis tn

Best Things to do in Memphis:

1.) Hard Rock Cafe

Think about rock ‘n’ roll karma. The Memphis new edition of the Hard Rock Cafe, the very first origin all themed restaurant and nightspot devoted to musical culture is located right on Beale Street. This location has a valet parking that means you can leave your car while you explore Beale street. The musician memorabilia is also here. There are loads of new things with a Memphis flair including some of Elvis’s performance clothes. This is the best things to do in Memphis soon after you reach there.

2.) Piano Pub

An Irish dueling piano pub is a perfect place to hang out with a beer in hand. Nothing can be compared with what awaits you at Silky O’Sullivan’s. Located in the middle of Memphis, which is famous for its nightlife on Beale Street, Silky’s caters up Southern pub and ice-cold beer in a college atmosphere. After that, you’ll be ready to buy a beer at the patio. Silky’s is also a very refreshing place to catch some local bands. Later in the evening, watch the dueling piano show. If you are an art lover this can be the perfect among all the things to do in Memphis.

3.) Mud Island River Park

Enjoy the beauty of an island that located up in the Mississippi. Since the beginning of the 20th century, this park serves a variety of attractions. One of the best tourist attractions is the Mississippi River Museum, which targets both the river’s growth, culture and towns that comes up along its route. Along with the River Walk Island, a way of the Mississippi’s path, allows visitors to walk along till where it originates in Minnesota to its final destination, the Gulf of Mexico. The Mud Island amphitheater invites top names in music, a monorail offers fun views of this area, bike and pedal boat rentals provide energetic folks the chance to feel it adventurous. Beautiful restaurants and shopping options are also available on the 52-acre island.

4.) Metal Museum

Decorative metalwork is a trademark of the architecture and design of South America. The Metal Museum is devoted to the art of excellent metalwork, as well as its ancient time. This is among the top things to do in Memphis. Huge range of piercing to antique weapons exhibited in the four galleries full with artwork and art facts are always an attractive way to spend an afternoon. Working artists are on hand to demonstrate their crafts, and there are some working blacksmith shop on site. A wonderful sculpture garden on the open grounds overlooking the Mississippi is one of the most interesting spots in town.

5.) The Zoo

The Memphis Zoo is continuously rated as the top zoo in the country. Both for its expansion of exhibits in a simple-to-navigate layout and for the known fact that you can get pretty close to the animals in almost every habitat. With huge pandas from China, a Teton ecosystem full with grizzly bears and wolves. It does not end here. It has polar bears and river otters. This is a top-notch zoo. This is one of the best things to do in Memphis with kids. During the winter season, a skating area and festive lights drive the holiday spirit to the zoo. And, it is open for selective evening visits. This is of the most fun things to do in Memphis with kids.

6.) Sun Studio

Sun Studio is a very small spot, but has organized big events in the history of music. The most popular of all, was Elvis Presley records ‘That’s Alright Mama’ in 1954 in a year he became a superstar. The Sun label is well known throughout the world. The famous Sun studio is one of the most famous photographed sites in Memphis.

7.) Children’s Museum

It is very obvious that you have to change some of plan related to the venue when you are with your kids. You have to take the decision to get to places where they also enjoy to their fullest. The place to visit with the kids is this museum. You’re supposed to touch and feel everything same as every kid wishes to. It also includes interactive exhibits and activities for children. They showcase the topics ranging from health to waterworks, house construction to recycling, money to transportation. There are some special theater zone made for puppet plays, as well as painting and sculpting. Toys have their very own place in the world of kids that includes a toddler-size tree house, and a host of other stuff for your kids to explore.

8.) Memphis Botanic Garden

Almost 100 acres of gardens are set in the heart of East Memphis. There’s something for every nature lover at MBG, which includes the beauty of a Japanese garden, a huge herb garden and a sensory garden. The best part about the place is that, there’s ‘My Big Backyard’ a children’s playground that is much enjoyable for little ones. This is the perfect place to plan a picnic. There is a natural playground, a cabin, and plenty of beautiful flowers and plants for children to play around. During holiday season, some nights are special, which includes fun like a snow machine forming a winter wonderland, and hot chocolate for all.

9.) Dixon Gallery and Garden

Established in 1976, this museum has linked a stunning impressionist collection, that includes Degas, Monet and Pisarro. The late Margaret Dixon and Hugo willed the house and grounds to the public of Memphis to establish this museum. The original Dixon collection includes art by French and American Impressionists. Traveling exhibits are generally a beautiful collection based on a particular theme for a limited time period. And, the small in scope are rich with the servings. Special concerts and picnic opportunities are organized during spring in the gardens.

10.) American Queen Steamboat

Luxury paddle-steam boating on the Mississippi river returned to Memphis in 2012, when the American Queen Steamboat company added new cruises from the city to New Orleans, St. Louis. This can be the best among all the things to do in Memphis. In original Memphis style, there’s an Elvis connection with Priscilla Presley. It is known as the ship’s ‘godmother’ and Elvis-themed cruises will be offered through the season. Voyage classically run nine days and stops in Vicksburg, MS, Helena, AR, Paducah, KY and other river towns.

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