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Things to do in Manila

In this article we will discuss the place Manila and various fun things to do in Manila. Manila is the capital of the Philippines, which is a blend of Spanish colonial structural design and contemporary skyscrapers. Manila is known to have some of the major historical and cultural landmarks in the Philippines, which are worth watching. The heart of Manila lies in the popular sight known as Intramuros, a walled region, which served as the capital during the Spanish rule. This city has survived each disaster both natural and man-made. And, yet this frenzied metropolis prosper as an Asian core city. The city has plenty of museum, parks, shops, churches and a lively nightlife to last until dawn. When you get here you will be amazed to see Manila’s artistic soul from trendy galleries, to lively indie songs. Merge this with an affinity for illicit bars, artisan bazaar and single-farm coffees. Some might call Manila as Asia’s most underestimated cities, but will also agree that it is one of the coolest of all. So, witness this blend of everything in one at Manila by yourself. Book your ticket while we propose you several fun things to do in Manila.

Things to do in Manila

Top 10 Things to do in Manila:

1.) Smokey Tour

Visiting the tower is one of the best things to do in Manila. On this Smokey tour, you will visit one of the largest slums in Manila, bike in the region of Intramuros, bargain and buy in Chinatown and Binondo. Discover the Filipino cockfights and know all about it. Also you get to experience how people thrive among the dead and understand the state of women in jail. These are all prospects of what you can explore with Smokey Tours. The mission of this tour is to show visitors “the hidden side of Manila” with security, actual and impulsive tours while at the same time helping a local NGO.

Smokey Tours has 6 tours to offer around Metro Manila:

A.) The Bike Tour around Intramuros, Luneta and the neighboring areas. It includes a ride down Roxas Boulevard to let you experience Manila Bay.

B.) A Market Tour around Binondo and Chinatown.

C.) A Cockfighting Tour in the La Loma Cockpit Showground.

D.) A Slum Tour – the most famous tour, which goes through the slums of Manila, wherein donation is made to the local organization CREST.

E.) The Cemetery Tour featuring you the lives of the people among the Manila’s cemeteries and make you familiar with their beliefs and superstitions.

F.) Also you can visit Correctional Institute of Women in Manila to know about women’s lives and observe their hope.

2.) Intramuros Manila

One of the best things to do in Manila is touring Intramuros. A spacious region of broad streets, luxuriant plazas and beautiful colonial houses. The aged walled city of Intramuros was the pride and joy of Spanish Manila. The Spanish substituted the original wooden fortification with stone in 1590. Today also these walls stand much the same as they were 400 years ago. They’re still studded with defender and punched with gates. A must visit historical place in Manila.

3.) National Museum of the Filipino People

Within a dazzling neoclassical structure, this excellent museum is home to enormous and diverse collection. It includes the skullcap of the Philippines who are considered to be the earliest known inhabitant, Tabon Man, who lived here around 24,000 BC. A large part of the museum is dedicated to the ruin of the San Diego, a Spanish galleon which descended off the coast of Luzon, with the remaining items like coins, porcelain plates, shell-encrusted swords, jewelry, etc. on display. A must add place, to your- things to do in Manila.

4.) Metropolitan Museum of Manila

This is Manila’s leading modern art museum. It is a world-class gallery, which showcase Filipino modern and experimental art. The ground level has revolving exhibitions. Its upper floors exhibits an enduring compilation of modernist and conceptual paintings. There’s also a collected work of precolonial gold accessory and pottery in the underground level. You can book for guided tours available on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

5.) Pagsanjan Falls Adventure from Manila

Explore the magnificent Pagsanjan Falls on this day trip far from the hurly burly of Manila. Along with your local guide, take a pleasure in thrilling boat rides along white water encircled by the lush green landscape. After that, swim in a mysterious cave. Also enjoy a delicious spread of conventional Filipino cuisine while enjoying and grooving to a live local band. This is really going to be one of the most outstanding things to so in Manila.

6.) Bambike Tour

This is will prove to be one of the most delightful things to do in Manila. Organized by this young, easy going owner Bryan, Bambikes offers guided cycling trip around Intramuros on the amazing handmade bicycles build using bamboo frames. Pedaling the friendly and peaceful backstreets of this walled city, which makes for a great technique to explore expansive Intramuros. Move in all the main stops along with some rarely-visited gems. This tour’s charge will include entrance fees, helmets and water.

7.) Manila Super Saver: Manila Sightseeing plus Tagaytay Tour with Taal Volcano

Enjoy 2 wonderful Manila excursion for the price of single with this Manila Super Saver tour. Along with your knowledgeable local guide, you will be offered to tour Tagaytay. There at Tagaytay you can enjoy dazzling panoramic sights of Taal Lake and Taal Volcano and then dine on scrumptious Filipino cuisine. After which, you will be exploring Manila and will be taken to UNESCO World Heritage listed Fort Santiago and San Agustin Church. These two places are among the country’s most important historical sites.

8.) Cuba Expo

Among the coolest things to do in Manila. A division of cool bars, cheap food and boutiques, Cubao X is a definitely yes for anyone keen to explore Manila’s underground picture. Here, Events comes and goes, but one which is a must to check out includes Vinyl dive bar which blends booze, live bands and vinyl records. You can also go for Fred’s Revolución, a boozy Communist theme based bar. Or, for this much refined Humidor famous for its Cuban cigars and single malts.

9.) Bar@1951

This legendary combo of bar and gallery is an attraction for bohemian types and fans of live music. It has some of the best musical talent in the Philippines having polished its stage. Officially it is now known as 1951 but everybody still love to call it Penguin Cafe. A hit with a local and a perfect place for visitors too. Going to the bare is one of the most awesome things to do in Manila.

10.) The Curator

This place for those who takes drinks seriously. The Curator provides an always changing menu of real cocktails made by experts who are best at it. Drinks are expensive, but because of quality ingredients. It is a friendly sit down affair in the backdrop resembling an army bunker. As with Manila’s other illicit bars, this place has no signage and is unseen behind another trick bar you’ll need to pass through. Include this place in your list of things to do in Manila to feel like a local among the locals.

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