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Things to do in Manhattan

Planning to visit Manhattan, but confused about best things to do in Manhattan. No problem as we are here to make you familiar with this place. Manhattan is the most densely populated boroughs of New York City, often known as the mecca of American luxury and business. Manhattan is abode to some of the most excellent hotels in the world. You will find most of the best New York City attractions in Manhattan. Famous NY borough also includes some of the finest restaurants in NYC. Manhattan is the leading destination for NYC tourists. Experience in this popular borough in New York City, you’ll want to keep plenty of time to explore the Manhattan island. Loaded with attractions, drinking and dining for any budget. An extensive offering of live music and theater shows, Manhattan is the heart of the action in New York City. Whether you’re searching for Manhattan’s top restaurants, clubs and nightlife, the top shows on Broadway, or the best things to do at any time, we’ve got it everything in this all-inclusive guide to Manhattan. So, just get ready with your back as we suggest you some of the best things to do in Manhattan.

Top things to do in Manhattan

Things to do in Manhattan

1.) Empire State Building

Touring Empire State Building is one of the best things to do in Manhattan. New York City’s skyline, without the towering spire is impossible to imagine. Constructed in unbelievable 11 months, this 1,454 foot tall symbol has become the city’s tallest building upon completion in the year 1931. When World Trade Center will be finished, it will exceed over the Empire State Building by a healthy 300 foot margin. When you visit, give special attention to the lobby area, as it is restored in 2009 to its original Art Deco design. A perfect place to start your tour from.

2.) American Museum of Natural History

Doesn’t matter which wing you walk through or where your interests lie (dinosaurs, gems or anything else entirely). It’s hard to discover this “Upper West Side” fixture without getting enthralled. As you enter here, you’ll straight away spot the rotunda’s massive “Barosaurus” skeleton replica. By exploring further into the museum’s collection, you’ll uncover actual specimens, such as “Deinonychus”, in the 4th floor fossil halls. When you get tired of dinosaurs, move to the human culture and origin halls to explore more about human evolutionary history. Gaze at the famous 94 foot long blue whale replica in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life. Perfect place to include in your list of things to do in Manhattan.

3.) Grand Central Terminal

This 100-year-old transit hub is walked by thousands of commuters every day, but it’s a destination in its own terms. The magnificent “Beaux” arts framework is a display of both function and form. Familiar features comprises the vaulted, constellation decorated ceiling and the 4 faced opal clock topping the main information stand, both positioned in the “Grand Concourse”. In the meantime, embellishment above the 42nd Street doorway includes a resemblance of Mercury, the spirit of travel (naturally). Include this place in your list of things to do in Manhattan.

4.) Apollo Theater

Apollo theater is another attraction to add in yours things to do in Manhattan list. This 78-year-old Harlem foundation has been the attraction of more than a few historic moments. The first performance of Ella Fitzgerald’s happened here in 1934. Live at the Apollo theater, recorded in the year of 1962.  Virtually launched James Brown into the mainstream, and a juvenile Jimi Hendrix win the “Amateur Night” contest here in 1964. In spite of its rich, storied history and grand decor, this breathing link to the Harlem renaissance will make you feel rather cozy inside.

5.) Battery Park

Battery Park, is another nice place to include in things to do in Manhattan list. This 25 acre lush green space is like Manhattan’s fragile fingernail. Tidily plotted with monuments, gardens, memorials, sculptures and a farm-to-table cafe, in addition killer riverside views from the walkway. Though the area was named after the battery cannons it once stored, the equipped walls of Castle Clinton now defend little more than summer music performances. If you want a quieter nook, look out for stone labyrinth located in the park’s lawns. It’s not really a maze intended to confuse, but an arranged stroll for meditation. Another great place to have in your things to do in Manhattan list.

6.) Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

There’s a lot to this decommissioned aircraft carrier than an unmatched collection of a Concorde, fighter jets. The nuclear submarine, a Blackbird spy plane, USS Growler, a concept space shuttle and a capsule in which returned one of the first astronauts to earth. Permanent displays address the human factor, from a upsetting 30 minute video with audiovisual effects regarding the kamikaze attacks, which Intrepid witnessed how the crew lived and praised their graffiti.

7.) Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

The biggest campus of its class in all over the world. Lincoln Center is home to a surprising array of dance, music, theater and film. Started building in 1959 with the assistance of John D. Rockefeller III. It was an effort to offer new stomping foundation for the Metropolitan Opera, the New York Philharmonic and the Juilliard School. At present the complex comprises of 30 venues and 11 world-level resident organizations which mount thousands of events every year. Nice addition to make in your – things to do in Manhattan bucket list.

8.) Cielo

You’d never be able to judge this place from the “Heidi Montag” wannabes lynching out in the locality. The attitude in this club is nearly zero, as you get past the bouncers watching the door. On the pinched dance floor, hip to hip crowds turns to deep beats from best DJs, including New York’s old schoolers, Tedd Patterson, François K and Louie Vega. Cielo, which presents a crystal-clear sound system, has achieved a bevy of best club awards in its half decade of subsistence and it truly deserves them all. Nice club to have in your list of things to do in Manhattan.

9.) Marquee

The holder ripped the top off a past garage and custom-made the whole thing here. The vaulted top, the glass decorated chandelier, also the champagne buckets. The attraction is a stunning double-sided staircase which takes you to a mezzanine level ignoring the action below. The club can house around 600 people, but regardless of having been around for several years, it is still so messy that you’ll have difficulty getting past the velvet rope.

10.) Balthazar

Balthazar, last but not the least things to do in Manhattan. The Balthzar is not only the iconic but stylish too. And the kitchen hardly ever makes a false step. At dinner, the place is always packed with rail thin lookers clothed to the nines. However, the bread is nice, the food is very good, and the service is amazingly friendly. The $99 three-tiered seafood platter throws the most inspiring shadow of any dish in town. And, don’t hate the patrons as they’re beautiful, just get along with them.

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