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Things to do in Malaysia

Malaysia has been ranked as the 10th in terms of world tourism. In this article, we will tell you the best things to do in Malaysia. Malaysia is a country located in the Southeast Asia, surrounded by Thailand, Brunei, and Indonesia. It also shares water boundaries with Vietnam, Singapore, and the Philippines. The peninsula flaunts the urban city life and the colonial architecture. The misty tea states are yet another major attraction for the visitors. The country is the host to wild Jungles of orangutans, granite peaks and remote tribes. Malaysia is full of adventures and delicious food. It offers you a breathtaking and exhilarating experience of life. Once you should visit this gorgeous country. Discover more fun things to do in Malaysia through this article.

Best Things to do in Malaysia

things to do in Malaysia

1.) Petronas Twin Towers

Petronas is declared as Tallest Buildings in the world. It was built in 1998 and known as world’s tallest twin structures. It is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Which consists of offices, shopping complex, conference halls. These twin buildings are astonishing to watch. This is one of the wonderful things to do in Malaysia. You should visit this place and discover other fun things about these twin towers.

2.) Penang Hill

It is one of the most popular attractions in Malaysia. It is officially known as Bukit Bendera. It gives you a respite from the heat down below. It is located 821 meters above the sea level. This is something should not be missed, whenever you come to Penang in Malaysia. The breathtaking views, top islands, and restaurants await you at the top. This place has a lot to surprise you. Explore other fun things to do in Malaysia.

3.) Kinabalu National Park

things to do in Malaysia kinabalu national park

Kinabalu is located in northwest Sabah. It has one of the largest collections of flora and fauna. All the tourists and travelers head up here for the view of Borneo’s towering granite roof. Not only this, plenty of attractive coastal towns and stilt villages are worth visiting before you aim to summit. It is a two journey for Borneo Peak. If you are fearless swashbuckler and envy for adventure, then this is the best things to do in Malaysia for you.

4.) Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

It is Malaysia’s premier theme park in Bandar Sunway. It has thrills and spills to offer all the ages. This is the one of the wonderful things to do in Malaysia. This theme park is divided into three sections: the world of adventure, the wild west, and waters of Africa. Go and enjoy the fun-filled encounter of this park with your family and friends.

5.) Sipadan Island

things to do in Malaysia sipadan island

Sipadan Island is a marine delight. It is popular among divers for its rich undersea biodiversity, pristine reefs, and sudden plunges into the deep blue. It is ranked as one of the top ten diving places in the world. You get to see big turtles, triggerfish, bigger sharks, morays, and gobies. So if you are aiming for diving, this is the best place to do so. It has a lot of exciting things to offer you. So get here quickly and discover other adventurous things to do in Malaysia.

6.) Redang Island

Redang Island is well-known for its crystal clear waters, the tropical fish, and white sandy beaches. It is a tropical island ecstasy that offers some of the greatest beaches for snorkeling and diving in peninsular Malaysia. This is one of the must things to do in Malaysia. If you are visiting Malaysia and missed this place. Then your visit isn’t a worth. So try to visit this amazing island. Enjoy the utmost weather and the environment of this place.

7.) Menara KL Tower

Just like the Petronas Twin Towers, Menara KL Tower has been Malaysia’s most recognizable and famous landmark. It was constructed in 1994. It offers you an opportunity to see the most spectacular views of the city. Even during the day it looks marvelous and amazing. Don’t miss out the amazing 360 revolving restaurants to enjoy the most stunning views of the city. This has become one of the favorite things to do in Malaysia for its travelers and tourists.

8.) Malacca Historic City

Malacca was one of the best trading ports in Southeast Asia. In recent years, Malacca has been invigorated as the top-pick vocational places due to its many famous historical attractions. No matter what you do, when you’re in Malacca, just don’t miss out on Friday and Saturday Jonker Walk Night Market. Be sure to visit Malacca’s plethora of historic sites from the Porta de’ Santiago. It is the most popular place amongst tourists. This is how it has become one of the best things to do in Malaysia. Explore more with your family and friends to know more about this place.

9.) Sky Bridge

Sky bridge is constructed on the top of the Machinchang mountain. It swings out over the countryside to give tourists and visitors a unique contiguous experience. It brings you into impossible locations, above the virgin jungle with extravagant views. So enjoy the thrill of this place. This is one of the wonderful things to do in Malaysia among its tourists.

10.) Batu Caves and Temple

Discover Malaysia’s multicultural influences through this Batu Caves tour. This is known as Little India. Explore this temple, a massive limestone. Its cavernous interior lined with a variety of deities. Witness the pewter arts and batik designs in which this region is famous for. So, all in all, this complete package of history and art. So must visit this place to know the history and the stories behind the art. Not only this, admire the rich community of local shops and old-fashioned restaurants. Be welcomed by comical monkeys at the Batu Caves Hindu temple. Climb the 272 steps that guide you into the stunning caverns. Observe the art of Batik silk designing and discover about pewter arts. This is one of the best things to do in Malaysia.

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