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Things to do in Madrid

This beautiful city is the capital of central Spain. Madrid is one of the cities that has amazing boulevards and expansive, well maintained and beautiful parks like Buen Retiro. Plan a trip to Madrid and we are here to tell you all the wonderful things to do in Madrid. There are many amazing attractions in Madrid like an old museum to traditional restaurants and great nightlife in a bar. This article will help you to make your trip exciting and provides you ideas for all the best things to do in Madrid. A bulk of Madrid attractions include historic places, but there are many other good things to experience in Madrid.

things to do in madrid

Things to do in Madrid

1.) Parque de Templo de Debod

The Debod Temple is a gift from the Egyptian government. It is one of the models of great Egyptian architecture. One of Madrid’s most wonderful attractions is the Temple of Debod. It is situated in the Parque del Oeste and surrounded by a pool of water. The ancient Egyptian temple was established in the second century BC and was devoted to Amun and later to Isis. This gift from Egypt to Spain keeps on reminding the Spain’s support in saving the Abu Simbel’s temples.

2.) City Best View

The skyline is the best amongst all the things to do in Madrid. It is one of the best tourist attractions in Madrid. Make sure you pay your visit to gaze at the city’s best view. The perfect place is the terrace of Circulo de Bellas Artes as this is one of the highest buildings in the city. It allows you to experience a wonderful view of Madrid. From this tallest model you can gaze at the whole city, like all the monuments, green spaces, the capital’s big skyscrapers. It is also a famous spot for having a drink and watching the sunset.

3.) Plaza de Cibeles

This place is the best place to visit in the Plaza de Cibeles. It is the busiest street of this place. There is a Cibeles Fountain in the center of the roundabout, which was established in 1782. It is a fountain of the Goddess Cibeles who is placed in a chariot pulled by lions. Major victories of Madrid are celebrated here and it is also considered to represent the real Madrid. This is decorated with a big white wedding cake same as the Communication Palace.

4.) Eateries

The Spanish capital has a great quality and variety of seafood restaurants. Almost all are well known for Spain’s rich culinary specialties like seafood. Some of the best cuisines are Valencian style paella, fresh Galician mussels, scallops, cod, octopus, and squid. Of course, all are served with great white and red Spanish wines. La Trucha, this restaurant is best known amongst the locals and is very famous for its services and food. You must visit this place for once, it is worth it. Some of the best food served here are the smoked food, Galician ham, fried fish from Malaga, and many more.

5.) Shopping

Madrid is a place which is known to be the best for shopping in Europe. You can enjoy a wide range of malls, boutiques, shops, and markets. This place has something for everyone from modern to traditional of Madrid. EI Rastro is the best amongst all the things to do in Madrid shopping. This place is very famous and is the best one amongst all the shopping centers in Madrid. You can find almost everything from books to antiques and clothes to furniture. This is the best place where you can find gifts for your loved ones.

6.) Get Some Beer

The best recommended amongst the list of things to do in Madrid by locals is going for a glass of beer, wine or an amazing soft drink. When the weather is nice you will find all the locals of the city are enjoying the weather with a glass of beer or wine.  Madrid and the Spain are well known for its amazing wines. There are many bars and café that serves fine wine and beer on their terrace when the weather is nice. This is the best place to visit in Madrid.

7.) City’s Park

Madrid is famous for its greenery. There are many big parks that make it look wonderful. The most important tourist attraction of Madrid is its biggest park named as Casa de Campo, spread in an area of 1700 hectares. If compared with the New York’s Central Park, it is five times bigger. This place includes lots of fun things to do in Madrid with kids like small boats, kayaking for adults and also the Madrid Zoo for the kids.

8.) Museo del Traje

It has been established very recently in the Madrid history in 2004.  It is the perfect for people who believe in perfect lifestyle clothing, also for those who have an interest in dressmaking, tailoring. There are more than one lakh garments arranged in a chronological order. You can even buy some of the clothes of your wish. The rotating displays flaunt all the last six centuries of Spanish fashion, including a few amazing monographic rooms devoted to the luminaries.

9.) Music in Madrid

Music is the power of Madrid and makes the best nightlife in the world. There are some of the bands and singers that perform in several night clubs to entertain the party people. The best place in Madrid to enjoy jazz music is Sirocco. It is also famous for the break, hip-hop, and acid jazz and electric nightclub. So you can spend your best Saturday night in this night club. This club also serves some of the best cocktails in the town. Don’t forget to put your dancing shoes as when DJs Gudlak and JJ Bernardo come to that playlist, it makes the young crowd crazy with packs.

10.) Museum of the Americas

This museum of the America showcases the wealth of artistic, archaeological and ethnographic from the different part of the Americas. It is located near to University City which was established in the year 1962. It is divided into five different areas which have details of history and imparts the knowledge about America and its relative. It also has details about America’s landscape and the upgrades to its culture. This is one of the best among all the things to do in Madrid.

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