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Things to do in Liverpool

This article is all about best things to do in Liverpool. Liverpool is home to business city, university town and economic center in north-west England, a part of England. North-west England has major counties of Lancashire, Cheshire and Cumbria. It is known as a significant city for Catholic and Anglican churches. The city has many attractive historic buildings, museums and spare time facilities. Some of the major tourist attractions are the Walker Art Gallery and the Philharmonic Hall. This hall is considered as one of the best performance halls in Europe. It was named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These locations include Pier Head, Albert Dock and William Brown Street. Also Liverpool is UK’s only Official “Gay Quarter”. Read this article to learn about best things to do in Liverpool.

Things to do in Liverpool

Top Things to do in Liverpool:

1.) Walker Art Gallery

Things to do in Liverpool Walker Art Gallery

Walker Art Gallery is a nice place to come with family on a day out. They offer a variety of family friendly activities like the Big Art for Little Artists corridor situated on the ground floor. There are always activities and workshops taking place. It features a rich collection of art works by Italian, Flemish and French legends from the 14th century to the current. It has a collection of works by Rubens, Rodin and Rembrandt. Exploring this gallery is one of the top things to do in Liverpool.

2.) Radio City Tour

Things to do in Liverpool Radio City Tour

A place to experience the city of Liverpool from an entirely different point of view. Take the family 400 ft up to the peak of this tower. On a clear day you can see eye-catching panoramic sights of Merseyside, Wirral, North Wales and the Lake District. You can also have a visit to the studios and see the well-known ‘Zoo Room’. You can hire a guided tour. Traveling to this tower is one of the best things to do in Liverpool.

3.) Pier Head

Things to do in Liverpool Pier Head

The Pier Head region of Liverpool comprises of three popular harbour buildings. The Port of Liverpool Building, the Cunard Building and the Royal Liver Building are the famous ones. It’s also where you’ll be able to see the Titanic Memorial. It was constructed in honour of “Heroes in the Engine Room”. They were on the magnificent liner which sank in 1912. The Georgian Town Hall was constructed in 1754. Its attractive copper cupola is crowned by a sculpture of Minerva. You can also view the Queen Victoria Monument. Visiting this place is one of the most finest things to do in Liverpool.

4.) Liverpool Central Library

Things to do in Liverpool Liverpool Central Library

This impressive historic building has been carefully modernized. An incredible place to visit with your family. There is a children’s area where you will experience brightly colored interiors. There are a number of books and hide holes. The place has superb facilities for visitors.  That includes iPods, Xbox 360 and computers. There’s also spectacular views accessible from the terrace. Coming to this library with your family is one of the best things to do in Liverpool.

5.) Albert Dock

Things to do in Liverpool Albert Dock

The beautifully reinstated Albert Dock is the first one in Britain to be constructed using only bricks and steel. It is an imposing five-story high building block. It is neighbor to the dock basin where cotton, tobacco and sugar were once discharged. They are decoratively reinstate storehouses. It’s popular for providing comfort apartments, fashionable boutiques. But museums are a major example of “gentrification”. It is a method where crumbling inner cities are reinstated to provide spare time facilities. It can also be seen in London, Glasgow and Manchester. Visiting this dock is one of the most joyful things to do in Liverpool.

6.) Jungle Rumble Adventure Golf

Things to do in Liverpool Jungle Rumble Adventure Golf

Jungle Rumble Adventure Golf is a nice place to visit in Liverpool. It is set in the middle of palm trees, tribal huts and rocks. Here you’ll play all the way through the temple ruins, volcanic cave and a secret marsh. There are two different paths for you to make your way around. This activity is one of the perfect to have fun in Liverpool.

7.) The World Museum

Things to do in Liverpool The World Museum

The World museum has world-class demonstration and exhibits. It has the Planetarium and the attractive Clore Natural History Center as an attraction. You will find lots of thrilling objects. It varies from Egyptian mummies to casts of relic bones and many more reserves. All through the year they have many family activities and diverse momentary exhibitions. Going to this museum with your family is one of the finest things to do in Liverpool.

8.) Chavasse Park

Things to do in Liverpool Chavasse Park

In the heart of Liverpool City Center you will explore this park of five acres. Take some time out of shopping. And travel around the museums in these scenery gardens. The beach with floor chairs for you to relax and enjoy the serene. Throughout the year there are activities taking place in the park. Enjoying in this park is one of the coolest things to do in Liverpool.

9.) Museum of Liverpool

Things to do in Liverpool Museum of Liverpool

The Museum of Liverpool shows the city’s exclusive geography, history and traditions. The collections includes historic costumes and attractive art works. It has objects showing the city’s social and metropolitan history. The oral evidences, archaeological material and photos are also an attraction. The museum is also house to the renowned Lion steam engine. It was constructed in 1838. For History enthusiasts it is one of the perfect things to revisit the past in Liverpool.

10.) The Bluecoat

Things to do in Liverpool The Bluecoat

The Bluecoat is recognized as Liverpool’s creative centre. It is home to a collection of theatre, art, music, literature and dance. It is a popular historic structure in Liverpool. The centre house many momentary exhibitions giving artists the chance to showcase their skills. Kids can have fun in the garden or follow a gallery path. Enjoy a quiet lunch at the restaurant and watch the kids playing in the area while you relax. It is one of the most fun things to do in Liverpool.

11.) The Beatles Story

Things to do in Liverpool The Beatles Story

The Beatles Story museum is one place you can’t miss to go in Liverpool. The place has a Discovery Zone with workshops. To entertain tourists, it has interactive events. There is also a particular family friendly description of the audio guide. Hear the tale of how one of the world’s most renowned bands came to existence. The tourists can see some magnificent displays. That comprises of a photographic display and the John Lennon memorial. For music enthusiasts it is one of the coolest things to do in Liverpool.

12.) Williamson Tunnels Heritage Center

Things to do in Liverpool Williamson Tunnels Heritage Center

Beneath the city, there’s a set of tunnels and chambers. Those were specially made by the wealthy Victorian businessman Joseph Williamson. They are being reinstated by a charitable authority and also provide guided tours. There’s a Heritage Center with exhibits that explain the life of the unusual Williamson. Roaming in these tunnels is one of the most amazing things to do in Liverpool.

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