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Things to do in Lisbon

The capital of Portugal, Lisbon is located in western Europe. Lisbon has earned its recognition as a ‘global city’ because of its contribution to finance, commerce, media, entertainment, arts, International trade, tourism and education. Lisbon is the oldest city in the world and follows the Mediterranean climate. Thereby, the city has the warmest winters which indicate you can plan your vacation during this period. The city of Lisbon celebrates its cocktail culture that is visible in its vivid architecture. Near the Atlantic Ocean, Lisbon is an attractive city of crumbling limestone buildings and terracotta roofs. The Portugal’s capital has an interesting past which is clearly defined by the great amount of historic monuments, opulent churches and museums. It has world-class restaurants, which serves excellent seafood and drinks in unique styles. The place is also popular for its cafe and beaches. Weekends are very happening and experiencing one of those evenings will be the best things to do in Lisbon. Lisbon has the some of the best attractions and also offers a lot of fun things to do in Lisbon. You can also visit the nearby city Albufeira that will offer you the best nightlife in it’s both old and new(Strip) town. And while your stay at Lisbon if you want to visit any island then Madeira is the best option to explore. There are well-connected flights from Lisbon to Madeira which hardly takes 2 hours. Read the article to explore the best spots in Lisbon that will leave you with a memorable journey for the lifetime.

Things to do in Lisbon

Best Things to do in Lisbon:

1.) Sintra

things to do in lisbon sintra

It is one of Europe’s most magical and romantic towns which is just a 40-minute ride away from a train from central Lisbon. This place boasts numerous fairy tale palaces that make it one of the must to be visited places. Most tourist visits on a day trip heading straight to the famous Pena Palace, you can also stay overnight. Many Lisbon sightseeing tours also wind up here. Spending your valentines day vacation will be one of the best romantic things to do in Lisbon.

2.) Evora

things to do oin lisbon evora

It is a World Heritage town. You can reach here in 2 hours by express bus or car. The main attraction of this place is a Roman temple. However, there are many prehistoric monuments nearby. Although most tourists visit there by car, but you can also visit on a bus tour in Lisbon.

3.) Cascais

things to do in lisbon cascais

You can reach this picturesque town and surfer’s paradise in 40 minutes by train. Known for its beautiful and refreshing Atlantic beaches, it’s the best place for tourists looking for spending a day on the beaches. You can do lots of activity on the beach. There is also a small outlet of clothes and home decor items and some hand-made jewelry that you can buy at a very reasonable price.

4.) Estoril

things to do in lisbon estorel

The Europe’s largest casino and stunning golf are only 40 minutes away by train. Estoril is a town that is known for its casinos. As  it is very near to Cascais you will reach by walking down the beach front. It is an amazing destination on its own. Whether for gambling or playing at the casino or for the postcard beach Tamariz, you can visit this place round the year.

5.) Obidos

things to do in lisbon obidos

The country’s loveliest village is just one hour away by car. Do visit this place. This is one of the best among all the things to do in Lisbon. Take your girlfriend or boyfriend to this romantic spot which is popular as “the wedding present town” because it was gifted by a king to his bride. It’s also known for important festivals throughout the year, from the chocolate festival to the “Christmas village”.

6.) Queluz

things to do in lisbon queluz

A wonderful extravagant palace is about 20 minutes away on the Sintra train line. It’s a smaller Portuguese version of Versailles that includes gardens which are just as impressive as the palace’s interior is. This can be the best things to do in Lisbon.

7.) Mafra

things to do in lisbon mafra

Mafra, the city is known for Europe’s leading and most beautiful palace which can be reached by bus in less than 1 hour 30 minutes. The palace is made famous by Nobel Prize author Jose Saramago’s novel “Baltazar and Blimunda”. It’s also famous for one of the best and the biggest libraries in Europe.

8.) Costa Da Caparica

things to do in lisbon costa da caparica

You won’t find much privacy on this coast, but if you are looking for restaurants, cafes, and public transportation, just follow the crowds at the vast beaches of Caparica. They are well-liked and lively in the summer. Even at night, most of the bars stay open till late with dancing and music. Probably you’ll need a car, but you’ll want to follow most Lisboetas at the beaches of this 30km long distance coastline in the summer season.

9.) Arrabida

things to do in lisbon arrabida

This is the beautiful, natural park. It is located in the Atlantic south of the city. To visit the place you have to hire a car. A trip to Arrabida is worth. It not only holds the beauty of the natural park but also one of the most beautiful beaches at Lisbon Coast’s the Portinho da Arrabida. Depending on the weather you can even visit this place during summer to experience the beach.

10.) Nazare

things to do in lisbon nazare

Nazare is situated to the north. It is well known for the world’s biggest waves. This oldest and traditional seaside village is near to Lisbon. It is the real surfing mecca. It takes 1 hour 30 minutes by bus to reach this area, it was the first Europe’s designated surfing reserve. Visit this place to surf your head for relaxing at the Atlantic atmosphere of a fishing village with good restaurants.

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