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Things to do in Leicester

Are you planning to visit Leicester? Read this article to know the best things to do in Leicester. Leicester is a town in the East Midlands of England, and the county city of Leicestershire. The city lies on the River Soar and at the border of the National Forest. It is also known as the burial place of King Richard III. You will be amazed to explore the list of things to do in Leicester. It’s a great place if you are planning a day out with your family and kids. Leicester is a city which inspires you. It offers you best from great family attractions to top class dine-in. There’s a bounty to discover in Leicester. Let’s explore further fun things to do in Leicester.

things to do in leicester

Best Things to do in Leicester

1.) King Richard III

things to do in leicester King Richard III

It is one of the best attractions of the Leicester. It is the place where King Richard III was buried. This place is divided into three sections. One should visit this place. You get to know the variety of stories about king Richard. Go and explore about his dynasty and battle of Bosworth, when he became the last English King to be killed. Discover the untold truth and his journey to the battle.

2.) National Space Centre

The National Space Centre is one of the United Kingdom’s leading visitor attractions that is devoted to space science and astronomy. It is situated in the city of Leicester. It has become one of the best attractions of the Leicester. It is a perfect place for visitors of all ages. This center offers interactive activities to be enjoyed by kids and adults too. There is an entertaining planetarium show, 3D and 360 dome experience of space. So visit this place with your kids and family, and explore the other things to do in Leicester.

3.) Curve Theatre

things to do in leicester Curve Theatre

It is situated in the center of the cultural quarter. It’s a new addition to the energetic neighborhood. It features world-class theatre from an electric variety of mediums and genres. It also features one of the largest gallery space in Leicester. Entry is free and admission to the theater may vary. This has made it one of the best things to do in Leicester.

4.) New Walk Museum & Art Gallery

It is known as a Leicester original museum. Here you can find a wide variety of art and natural history. It has inspired many generations since the 19th century. It includes fine pieces of Picasso Ceramics collection along with touring exhibitions. Exhibitions like Magic Worlds, famous fantasies from Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. It is a great museum to visit with your family and friends. With large collections of ancient civilizations, science and dinosaurs. It is one of the amazing things to do in Leicester.

5.) Welford Road Stadium

It is known to be the Pride of Leicester. The Tigers are the time champions of England. They have been entertaining their fans since the 1880s. It’s wonderful watching them playing Rugby at Welford Road Stadium. It is also famous for East Midlands event venue because of its vast area. It’s also a destination for elegant functions in a sitting of 1500 guests. So it’s one of the best attractions to look around in the city. Go and visit this place and discover more things to do in Leicester.

6.) Jewry Wall Museum

The Jewry Wall Museum is devoted to the archaeology of Leicester’s past. It is one of  the exciting things to do in Leicester. Here you can discover the stories of different towns of earlier times and the Medieval period. Visit this museum with your family and friends to explore more about the Roman Masonry.

7.) Leicester Market

It is a large outdoor covered market in Leicester. It includes more than 270 stalls, which is the only reason it has become one of the amazing things to do in Leicester. It is mainly for fruits and vegetables, but you can also find a good collection of clothes, jewelry and books. This market is 800 years old. It is open six days a week and offers whatever you want right in the center of the city. Even if you do not want to shop anything. You can have a walk around. That itself is a great experience.

8.) Leicester Guildhall

Leicester Guildhall is a meeting place and a courtroom. Which has served the Leicester as a city hall. It was originally the home of Britain’s third largest and oldest library. This building today is serving both a presentation venue and a museum. So go and visit this place. Explore more to find out  other things to do in Leicester.

9.) Phoenix Cinema

This cinema concentrates on independent cinema and art in Leicester. This cinema shows a variety of films from Hollywood blockbusters to small budget projects. It is an immersive and wholesome experience in itself watching those movies. It also consists of a café, which allows you to sit and have food as long as you like this cultural hub.  This is how it becomes one of the best things to do in Leicester.

10.) See Live Music

Leicester is a city of large historical significance. It has abundantly listed buildings and well-preserved historic attractions. Leicester is also a city of grand contemporary cultural significance today. Visit one of the best music venues in the city and experience all kinds of acts. There is also a “Student Association” with great bands and international artists. The music scene in the city is vibrant, active, and it is something that suits your tastes. This has become one of the best things to do in Leicester.

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