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Things to do in Langkawi

Langkawi is the perfect romantic destination for lovers. It can be named as the perfect honeymoon destination. Popularly known as the jewel of Kedah and is located on the mainland coast of northwest Malaysia. There are several tourist attractions like beautiful, natural landscapes, big parks and many other good things to do in Langkawi. It is also one of the best  beach destinations in Malaysia. You can come across some of the amazing educational, historic structure. Langkawi is full with adventure and fun activities to do like diving, best nightlife in Malaysia, and shopping. Plan a trip to Langkawi and don’t worry about  hiring a guide. This article includes the best list of things to do in Langkawi.

Things to do in Langkawi

Things to do in Langkawi

1.) Langkawi Sky Bridge

When talking about the Langkawi, the very first on the list of things to do in Langkawi is the Sky Bridge. This is the most popular tourist attraction of Langkawi. It is 120 m amazing curved pedestrian bridge that offers a wonderful view of the Telaga Tujuh waterfall, Gunung Mat Cincang and the beautiful Langkawi views. Being 700 meter above the sea level, this place accommodates only 250 people at a time.

2.) Eagle Square

It is also known as Dataran  Lang. The structure is a striking tall statue of an Eagle. This place is situated in the southeast part of Pulau Langkawi. It seems like it is about to take flight as it is poised in that way. This prominent structure is located in Kuah, it only takes 5 minutes to reach this place by walking from the Jetty Point Mall. The Eagle Square is also famous for its offering like it gives a spectacular view of Kuah Bay, Dataran Lang. This place includes many beautiful attractions like fountain and bridge that make is a perfect place to click perfect pictures.

3.) Cable Car

Langkawi Cable Car is the best amongst all the things to do in Langkawi with kids. The most popular attraction of Langkawi will take you the top of the Mount Mat Cincang. It is the second highest peak of Langkawi. It is located at the Oriental Village in the northwest of Langkawi Island, closer to Pantai Kok. Once you get started with the cable car, the temperature will continue to move down and the windy breeze will start following towards you in your cabin. At 600 meters, the cable car reaches the first station, take another cable car up to reach the peak. Try to sit or be on the observatory deck and enjoy the magnificent view of the surroundings.

4.) Underwater World

Roam around the vibrant and beautiful Pantai Cenang beach town and you will find the Underwater World Langkawi. This place is home to more that 500 species and aquatic animals. Some of the main attractions include harbor seals, seahorses, rockhopper penguin and many more. This is the best amongst the list of things to do in Langkawi with kids. It allows you to catch a wonderful view when you take a walk in the underwater tunnel. This also gives you a crystal clear view of the sharks, big stingrays and green turtles.

5.) Gunung Ray

It is the highest peak in Langkawi which is 881 meters high from the sea level. Gunung Ray also has a dense forest with a wildlife reserve. This is a perfect place to take your kids where they will enjoy looking at flying foxes, leaf monkey and mountain hawk eagles. It is believed by the locals the cursed was by the Mat Ray, who use to live on the island. It only takes 30 minutes to reach its viewpoint that gives a wonderful view of the surroundings and Langkawi.

6.) Island Jet Tour

This is amongst the best attractions of Langkawi. This adventure ride on jet will let you take the real view and breathe in the pure air of Langkawi. So plan a trip to the Island Jet tour. Don’t forget to know about the safety instructions and measures. Also, you can practice the jet riding on the shallow water. This tour will start at the Pantai Cenang beach for 4 hours and this leads you around Langkawi freely. The amazing view includes clear sea, islets and rock formations.

7.) Parasailing

This is one of the most cooling activities to do in Langkawi. This experience is not just nice, but it is also proven to be the amazing adventure in the city. Flying in the sky with the parachute over the wonderful water bodies will let you feel like a bird. This will take you to the height where you can praise the beauty of  whole Langkawi and enjoy the safe and fun activity.  This is one of the top things to do in Langkawi.

8.)  Langkawi  Foods

This place is famous for the traditional  Malaysian noodle soup, which is known as Laska. There are many amazing food joints that serve delicious Malaysian cuisines. The famous spot in the town is the Kilim Karst Geopark which is a floating restaurant on the river. You can start your journey at 9 am  and grab some tasty dishes like sea foods. This is the best amongst the places to visit in Langkawi.

9.) Nightlife

There are many charming pubs and club that makes the nightlife of Langkawi energetic and wonderful. These are famous for serving a variety of cocktails, lively environment for party mood and lots of fun. The best in the city is Ruh Bar which has the most beautiful ambiance and  the environment in the Langkawi. It also serves some of the amazing cocktails, wines, and beer with a loud Dj and people dancing around  you. This is the best tourist attraction in Langkawi. This is the best in the list of things to do in Langkawi.

10.) Shopping at Langkawi

This place is well known for lots of shopping malls as it is the duty-free city. It is one of the best amongst all the things to do in Langkawi. This market includes unique handmade products, authentic antiques and much more in abundance and is very reasonable. Langkawi also organizes a night market at different local destinations every week. You will find rows of stalls displaying a variety of amazing apparel and almost everything. It also has a local delicacies and snacks corner that can make you feel real Malaysia.

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