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Things to do in Key West

This article is about best things to do in Key West. Key West lies in Florida, Unites States. It features a distinctive mixture of traditional influences. The colourful past of this island is filled with stories of poverty and richness, loss and rebirth. The early financial scheme in Key West was lodging, where locals pick up the goods on ships sailing around in the low waters, and fishing. The structural design is mainly the Caribbean with many homes, constructed of coral-rock or left over ship-boards while others came straight from the Bahamas. They were taken to pieces and shipped, then rebuilt here. Key West is recognized for the sunsets that attract tourists from all over the country and the world. Several renowned writers have called the island their home, including Robert Frost, Ernest Hemingway, and Tennessee Williams. Key West always attracts artists due to its Bohemian and broad-minded atmosphere. Read the article to know various best things to do in Key West.

Things to do in Key West

Best Things to do in Key West:

1.) Mallory Square

Things to do in Key West Mallory Square

Mallory Square was a warehouse area, is now the site of an every night sunset viewing ritual with live amusement. Tourists assemble on the dock to wonder at the admired sunset, as vendors, jugglers, musicians and other street acts make a fun atmosphere. The area has become one of the major tourist attractions in Key West. The place is more lively on Sundays. Going to this place for watching the sunset is one of the best things to do in Key West. Viewing this place is one of the best things to do in Key West.

2.) Key West Aquarium

Things to do in Key West Key West Aquarium

The Key West Aquarium was first opened for public in 1934. It is one of the first outdoor aquariums in the country. The reason for this is to control algae, a roof was later constructed and the facility was improved. The major shows are the Atlantic Shores and the big open-air holding pens. Here you will find a number of tanks habitat local sea life, including snappers, puffer fish, and angel fish. There are also reservoirs with sharks and barracuda, and a touch tank which permits visitors to get personal with starfish, conch, and other invertebrates. During the tours, tourist can see the sharks being given food to eat and touch a childish nurse shark. It is a nice place to visit, when you are getting bored. Exploring this aquarium is one of the coolest things to do in Key West.

3.) Conch Tour Train

Things to do in Key West Conch Tour Train

The Conch Tour Train is a sightseeing attraction in Key West stop at various major locations in the town and adjacent area. The tour comprises of the Duval Street, Old Town, Hemingway’s House, and the harbour. It offers a viewpoint on the depression, the railroad days, and WWII, as they narrate about the Key West history. This is a good way to study the history and see the tourist attractions. You can celebrate your kids birthday with their friends.

4.) Key West Lighthouse

Things to do in Key West Key West Lighthouse

The lighthouse is a massive 86 ft high building, constructed in 1847. Tourist can scale up for beautiful views from the watching point near the top. The real lighthouse keeper’s residence was tattered down in the 1880s and changed with the current construction. It has been well renovated and today houses a museum, equipped to recreate the early 20th century. A short movie provides an attractive look at the past of the Key West Lighthouse. Photos and other work of art are also on display. Exploring the lighthouse is one of the joyful things to do in the Key west.

5.) Duval Street

Things to do in Key West Duval Street

Duval Street is Key West’s major tourist attraction. It is lined with restaurants and bars designed to amuse tourists and ship travellers. This is the place from where either one should start or end his trip. Significant homes and some of the city’s most famous tourist attractions can be found along Duval street. Roaming in this Duval street is one of the perfect things to do in Key West with your Girlfriend or Boyfriend.

6.) Key West Cemetery

Things to do in Key West Key West Cemetery

The Key West cemetery is in the news since 1847 as it has the graves of more than 36,000 people. There is a memorial to the sailors who passed away when the USS Maine drowned in 1898 and another honour the Cuban martyrs who were slaughtered during the 1870’s freedom movement. Going to this place will give you goosebumps and boost your patriotism.

7.) Southernmost Point Buoy

Things to do in Key West Southernmost Point Buoy

The Southernmost point in the continental U.S.A. is made solid in this red, black and yellow indicator at the curve of Whitehead and South streets. Street vendors and performers assemble around the place to sell mementos and showcase their skills. The point itself is inspiring, but however, tourist often has their picture taken at the point. It was made in the early 1980s.

8.) Dry Tortugas National Park

Things to do in Key West Dry Tortugas National Park

The Dry Tortugas National Park is a collection of seven islands situated 60 miles south-west of Key West. The place was named by traveller Ponce de Leon due to a large number of turtles present on the islands. The “dry” word refers to the lack of natural water on the islands. The fort in this park was converted into a prison for union traitors during the national war.

9.) Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park

Things to do in Key West Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park

Fort Zachary Taylor protected Florida’s coast during the national war. It was built during 1845 and 1866. Today it is renowned as a State Historic Park, for its historical attractions as well as the coast at the southern end. The park has a swimming beach, picnic grounds, and fishing pond. There are short walking tracks which guide through natural areas, with tropical farms and other local vegetation. There is also an interpretive sign along the paths. Visiting the fort is one of the best things to do in Key West.

10.) Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Museum

Things to do in Key West Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Museum

The Mel Fisher Maritime Museum narrates the story of Mel Fisher. He discovered the ruins of Senora Nuestra de Atocha, a Spanish Galleon that drowned 40 miles off Key West in a 1622 hurricane. The museum exhibits various artefacts from these leftovers and others, as well as a 77.76 carat emerald and various other gold and silver spiritual and useful items. There are also exhibits, films and practical demonstrations on undersea archaeology.

11.) West Martello Towers

Things to do in Key West West Martello Towers

The west Martello Towers are two brick walls. The towers were built in 1858 to guard Fort Zachary Taylor against the eastern side. The fort was never finished and never saw aggressive acts though the eight-foot-thick granite walls would have survived weapon attacks. The central tower provides a stunning panoramic sight of the Atlantic coast of Key West. Going to the towers is one of the top things to do in Key West.

12.) Oldest House and Garden Museum

Things to do in Key West Oldest House

The Oldest House was built in 1829 and is situated in South Florida. Earlier it was the home of Francis B Watlington. It was initially built by Richard Cussons in a diverse location and afterwards shifted to Duval Street. The house offers an opportunity to see and learn a little about the past of Key West. It is not as lovely as some of the city’s other historical attractions, but it has its own unique attraction.

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