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Things to do in Kansas

This article features things to do in Kansas.  The state Kansas is located in the United States. The state got its name from a tribe which settled here first. Kansas is a slice of the classic style of America. The main feature of this place is the rugged cowboy culture and sweeping prairies. Today Kansas holds some of the world’s best attractions. From shopping venues and dining to museums and entertaining hubs the state has all.  The state offers a range of museums and historical highlights of the history of America. Do visit Kansas once in your life to experience the aura of the state. The smoked barbeque is the proud feature of the state food. Read more, to know top things to do in Kansas.

Best Things to do in Kansas:

1.) Museum of World Treasures

Things to do in Kansas

As the name suggest, the museum holds precious historic objects, hand picked from different countries. The museum displays specimens of Daspletosaurus, Tylosaurus and Tyrannosaurus (species of dinosaurs). It has also treasured Egyptian mummies, a signature of US presidents, Scarecrow’s pitchfork from The Wizard of Oz and a section Berlin wall. The museum does not depict only a single aspect of the history rather it covers diverse collections. If you want to have a sneak peek in the rich history of the world then do visit the museum.  It is one of the  best things to do in Kansas.

2.) Kansas State Fair

The most celebrated event in the state is Kansas State Fair. The fair continues for 10 days.  The festival is organized every year to promote the  industry, culture, agriculture and commercial activities that have been the pride of the state. The entire state indulges in the festivity.  This is the best time to know more about the state. The fair has everything, right from  dance shows,  musical activities to various stalls. Your visit to a state will be incomplete if you have not been to the festival. This is one is a “must to do” in your list of things to do in Kansas.

3.) Nelson- Atkins Museum of Arts

 The Nelson-Atkins  museum of arts is one of the  most  treasured gems in Kansas. The museum displays one of the most explicit collection of art. The artwork includes Japanese collection, Egyptian sculpture and thousands of  other artwork. Other artwork dates back from the 10th century B.C.E. The entry of the museum is free so you can visit the place anytime and see the special exhibits. Now you know why it is one of the best things to do in Kansas.

4.) Kansas City Zoo

Another site to add in your wish list of things to do in Kansas is city zoo. The zoo is home to exotic animals and birds. Some of them are on the edge of extinction. Rest of them are the  different species of animals found in other countries. The zoo also holds shuttles, trams and a training facility. Adjacent the zoo is  IMAZ theater. It is a perfect hotspot for youngsters.

5.) Country Club Plaza

Country club plaza boasts some of the  amazing restaurants and shops. The plaza was one of the first dining, outdoor, shopping and entertainment districts in the state. The center looks mesmerizing year  around. Visitors can sit in the courtyard and enjoy the  performances, dinner and drinks. Or you can also go for a romantic carriage ride with  your partner. Another amazing element of the plaza is the lighting of the plaza. The place has lots more to offer. Do add in your list of best things to do in Kansas.

 6.) Union Station

Union station is  fully restored. It is one of the favorite attraction in Kansas. The place holds  interactive Science city, planetarium  and world known exhibits. The exhibits include Dead Scrolls and Titanic, a magnificent  ship which sunk. The place also has restaurants and cafes. Now you know why to add this site to your bucket of things to do in Kansas.

7.) Harry S. Truman Presidential Library

If you are an avid reader or wants to dive into the history of the state then do visit the library. The Harry S. Truman Presidential Library is an homage to the 33rd president of the US i.e. Harry S.Truman. The library boasts mesmerizing collections of  president’s artifacts. The artifacts include  gifts, political memorabilia and other  articles which belonged to his era. The library also holds a huge collection of photographs, political cartoon exhibits and motion picture.

8.) Riverboat Casinos

Do add the place in your wish list of things to do in Kansas even if you are not fond of casinos. It has an excellent shopping, entertainment and dining venues. The casino has everything from resorts, movie theaters to spas, concert venues, and restaurants. You will get a huge variety of food including seafood and  main cuisine of the state.

9.) Powell  Gardens

The sprawling garden is a home to exotic flowers. These plants are specially handpicked from different countries. The plants keep on changing according to the season. The garden also holds a chapel, a wedding venue, and a cafe. After caressing, the beautiful flowers spend some time at Cafe Thyme.

10.) 18th and Vine Jazz District

The district was modified in 1990. It boasts  Negro baseball Museum, American, Jazz museum and the Gem theater. The place also holds some of the finest bars, restaurants and bars. It is a perfect family destination. Do  add this in your bucket of fun things to do in Kansas.

11.) Liberty Memorial and the National WW1 Museum

Liberty Memorial and national WWI Museum  honours the great people who served in the great patriotic war. The museum holds interactive exhibits which showcase the impact of the  war on the US. Both the  monuments are educational institutes as well. You can collect all the information regarding the  war from  the museum and memorial. Apart from this, the top of the Liberty memorial offers the scenic view of the entire city.

12.) Kansas City

The sprawling city holds many tourist attractions. However, the  city is more famous for its barbeque, therefore, it’s known as ” The Home of Barbeque”. It is the  third largest city in the Kansas state.

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