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Things to do in Kansas city

This article is all about best things to do in Kansas city. It is the largest city in the Missouri state of the United States. The sprawling city nestles around the Kansas River stretching along banks of River Kansa and Missouri. Kansas city is world famous for its agriculture, Jazz and it’s rich history which has been associated with the first world war. The city is also well known as a Barbeque Capital and jazz metropolis. It is studded with the wide array of the monuments as a cultural icon. Read more, to know about top things to do in Kansas city.

Things to do in Kansas City

Things to do in Kansas City

1.) Nelson-Atkins Museum of Arts

The museum is famous for its neoclassical architecture. It displays a wide range of Asian art. The monument was established on the home ground of the city star publisher, William Rockhill Nelson. The museum holds a cafe and large size of the  shuttle. It is the best things to do in Kansas City.

2.)Kansas City Zoo

The zoo was founded in the 19th century. It is situated in the Swope Park at Zoo drive Kansas city, US. the zoo has more than 1300 animals, each one of them belongs to different species. Elephants, rhinos, chimpanzee and Hippos are best examples of different species found here.The zoo also has an aquarium which showcases exotic species of marine. It is must things to do in  Kansas city with kids.

3.) Worlds of Fun

Another best things to do in Kansas city is Worlds of fun. The amusement holds amazing rides designed for kids and adults respectively. Some of the exquisite rides are Patriot, Oktoberfest, and wooden coaster. The amusement park holds water park as well which is the star attraction especially for kids and youngsters. Indeed, it is one of the best things to do in Kansas City.

4.) Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum is dedicated to the great history of the  baseball league in America. The building of which the baseball museum is a part of also features another museum which displays the jazz scene of the previous century. Both the museums holds the  cultural status of the city which makes it  one of the best things to do in Kansas City.

5.)  Crown Center

Thre lavish commercial complex is located around the Downtown Kansa city, Missouri. It is a shopping center which features many renowned brand, shops, restaurants, and boutiques. The center is owned by the world famous hallmark cards. It is a perfect place and things to do in Kansa city especially for girls.

6.) Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

The center, situated in the downtown Kansas city. The place is home to  the Lyric Opera of Kansas city, City’s Symphony and the city’s ballet. The  hub also houses  exclusive art venues that are Helzberg Hall and Muriel Kauffman. Add some bling in your trip and things to do in Kansas City.

7.) Sprint  Center

The large multi-use oval shaped area showcases musical performances, theater, sports events and other recreational events. Entertainment is the prime aim of the people here. The vast architecture and the entertainment venues attract most of the tourist at spirit center. It is surely one of the  fun things to do in Kansas City.

8.) Starlight Theater

Another thing to do in Kansas city especially for youths is Starlight theater. It presents musical and broadway shows. It is the  most happening place in the downtown. If you are planning to visit the place, do book your tickets in advance otherwise you might miss the concert.

9.) Hotel Phillip

The lavish hotel is one of the best things to do in Kansas city. The niche palace is a grandeur of the Kansas. The hotel has casinos, bar and holds weekly events such as musical nights, couple dance and etc. The  hotel has 127 floors which are a unique feature in itself.

10.) Loose Park

One of the largest park in the city. The park houses a mesmerizing lake rose garden and picnic spot. You can stroll around or go for skating, running and lots more. A long walk around the park in the evening and morning  will refresh your mind. The greenery around is saving and very pleasant.

11.) 18th and Vine-Downtown East, Kansas City

The place holds roots of  the new style Jazz in America. Many music legends  found their  love for music at the same place. Negro Leagues baseball museum, American Jazz  museum, The blue room and mutual musicians foundation are some of the tourist attractions around the 18th and Venue-Downtown East, Kansas City. The place offers great nightlife, amazing food and mind blowing environment which makes it most incredible things to do in Kansas City.

12.) The Kansas City Museum

Also known as R.A. long House, the museum is a small monument, one of the first historical structure in the city. The museum is housed in the Corinthian hall. It displays the history and artifacts of natural science.The museum also holds a 50- seater planetarium, and soda fountain, a unique splurge of ice cream and phosphates.

13.) Toy and Miniature Museum of Kansas City

The museum is located in the University of Missouri-Kansas city. The monument holds miniature of antique dolls, dolls houses, trains and other toys. We all have grown up playing with this toys, watching them in the museum will be a retreat for you. Moreover,  you will  get to the about the existence and history of your favorite toy. This is one of  the must things to do in Kanas City with kids.

14.)  Liberty Memorial

The memorial is housed  at the National World War I Museum which represents the state of the battle. The memorial was established in  1926, it honors the people who served in the war. The memorial has been declared National historic monument. If you want to make your trip informative then this is one of the must things to do in Kansas City.

15.) Arabia Steamboat Museum

The museum is dedicated to the massive steamboat which sank in the  Missouri river. The boat was rediscovered after more than 100 years. The massive museum is known to be the carrier of the  largest single collection of the artifacts which dates back before the civil war. Do not forget this to add in your list of  best things to do in Kansas City.

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