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Things to do in Johannesburg

In this article, we will discuss the top things to do in Johannesburg. Johannesburg is a metropolitan pleasure with anything for just about everybody. A previous gold city is now South Africa’s largest city. Johannesburg gets a grave rap for being emptied of the natural excellence that describes the rest of the nation. Johannesburg is non-mountainous, landlocked, and has the suspicious reputation of being the largest city in the world. But while the possible lack of landscape makes Johannesburg a less attractive visitor target than Cape Town, it has more than sufficient to keep even the most demanding tourist occupied. Read the article to learn about the most fun things to do in Johannesburg.

Fun Things to do in Johannesburg:

1.) Maboneng Precinct

Things to do in Johannesburg maboneng precinct

Maboneng is located on the eastern edge of Johannesburg’s. Once a forgotten region, it has now been changed into a highly visited spot. The changes happened after neighborhoods for fashionistas, architects, free spirits, and food lovers. It is one of the most exciting things to do in Johannesburg. This society development project is a real success story and shows the possibility and magic of Johannesburg. Maboneng has a vast diversity of art studios and interesting shops. It is home to the famous main Market, which is one of the best food markets in Johannesburg.

2.) Sterkfontein Caves

Things to do in Johannesburg Sterkfontein Caves

Get ready to travel back in time because this site will take you back to the foundation of mankind. The origin of mankind and Sterkfontein Caves definitely deserves a visit and will open your mind to explore a new possibility. It is one of the most adventurous things to do in Johannesburg. As you turn and twist through thin passages and into spacious cave rooms, you will learn about the history and archeology of this UNESCO World Heritage locality. Here one of the earliest pieces of evidence of pre-historic humans was identified named as the skull of “Mrs. Ples.”

3.) Cycle the Streets of Soweto

Things to do in Johannesburg street of soweto

Wondering what things to do in Johannesburg? Then, you must visit Soweto. This colorful, energetic, township is full of past, and we assuredly suggest you to see it on a bicycle. Experience a traditional lunch and enjoy the vibe at a local shebeen while mingling with the local crowd. Have a taste of what South Africans acknowledge real food, a braai. Vilikazi Street is the only street in the world where two Nobel Peace prize winners lived. It is the hometown of Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela.

4.) Look at the Sun Paint the Sky

Things to do in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is popular for its magnificent thunderstorms. The sunset over this wonderful city is an evenly mesmerizing. There is no better spot to get an impression of Johannesburg in flickering light than on top of The North cliff Hill, at the top of the North cliff Water Tower. Do not forget to take a picnic basket to make this truly unforgettable experience of your life.

5.) Vibe at 4th Avenue in Parkhurst

Things to do in Johannesburg 4th Avenue Parkhurst

These parkway and neighborhoods give a vast diversity of street side shops and restaurants with the cuisine of every taste. The best pick up include breakfast at Espresso. Here you can experience designer burgers while watching up all the hip and happening neighborhoods of 4th Avenue. We also suggest you travel down here for a fantastic evening out.

6.) Gold Reef City

Things to do in Johannesburg gold reef city

The Gold Reef City is about 8 km from the city center. It has a family friendly attraction  from the era, including the Royal Theatre, houses, shops, a hotel, a tailor’s workshop, a chemist’s shop, a Chinese laundry, a newspaper office, and Johannesburg’s first stock market. Tourists can also tour an unused shaft of the Crown Mines.  This is one of the richest gold mines around the world. It gives a clear opinion of the work of the gold mine workers.

7.) Lion Park

Things to do in Johannesburg lion park

Add Lion Park in your list of things to do in Johannesburg. Kruger Park is too far away, but the Lion Park requires a journey no further than the west of Joburg. A sanctuary for a numerous important species. The Lion Park provides tourist the opportunity to observe and discover the fact about the animals in their care. Lions are primary attraction of this park. But, other than the lion, expect to view cheetah, hyena, and wild dog, as well as giraffe, zebra, and antelope.

8.) The Great Outdoors

Things to do in Johannesburg outdoors

Johannesburg is also home to a plenty of impressive parks. Out of numerous parks, the biggest of them is the Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden. Take a simple trip to the top of the waterfall, and keep your eyes stripped for the native eagles. Want to have a relaxed day then go for a hike in the sunshine at Emmarentia Dam.

9.) Newtown

Things to do in Johannesburg newtown

A program of town restoration has commenced attracting earlier suburb bound locals back into the city core, and with the genuine reason. Get in a show at the Market movie theater. Drop in at Museum Africa, hit the Sci-Bono Centre, or catch some regional and worldwide music acts at Bassline. At night don’t forget to see the Nelson Mandela Bridge lit.

10.) Sandton

Things to do in Johannesburg sandton

To experience the central part of Johannesburg spend some time in a mall. Sandton city is the place if you’re into shopping. Sandton is located in one of the city’s business and commercial hubs. Sandton City treats upmarket artist boutiques and about all the things you might want to find. Have lunch in Sandton Square and let the child inside you run free in the fountains.

11.) Monte casino

Things to do in Johannesburg monte casino

Out of various things to do in Johannesburg, the Monte casino is a relaxing, recreation complex that locals have to, at least, feign to hate. The roof of the casino is painted as sky making it more attractive and beautiful. It’s difficult to dispute with its self-declaration as “Gauteng’s Premier Entertainment Destination”. It has much to offer to visitors including theater, hotels, bird garden and restaurants.

12.) Gautrain

Things to do in Johannesburg Gautrain

Gautrain is a 50-miles mass rapid transit railway infrastructure in Gauteng,  which links Johannesburg, Pretoria, Ekhuruleni and O. R. Tambo Airport. The purpose to built this rapid rail system was to relieve the traffic congestion in the Johannesburg–Pretoria traffic corridor. Today, this rail system offers commuters a viable alternative to road transport, because Johannesburg has limited public transport support. While in Johannesburg you should board and have a great ride of downtown. It is one of the most delightful things to do in Johannesburg.

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