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Things to do in Istanbul

There are numerous things to do in Istanbul. The major attractions start with Grand Bazaar, Aya Sofya, Topkapi Palace, and The Blue Mosque. It is  the gateway to both Europe and Asia. It is the city, where old meets new and history meets the future. The city is divided by two gates Straddling two continents. Istanbul is a city in Turkey which divided by the narrow waterway known as the Bosphorus. The city contains the blend of European and Asian culture. The tourists will sense the contrasts with each turn. To truly explore, learn the culture and spirit of the city one would need few months. Istanbul offers numerous tourist attraction which is hard to condense into one article. Indeed, we have selected some of the best things to do in Istanbul to make your trip memorable.

Best Things to do in Istanbul:

1.) Aya Sofya

Things to do in Istanbul Hagia Sophia

This palace is also known as Aya Sofya. It has stayed one of Istanbul’s most valued milestones. The Ayasofya was the ruler’s swaggering explanation to the world of the riches and the technical skillful of his empire. Members were kept in the region encompassing the sovereign’s throne. That was the official focus of the world. Aya Sofya transformed into a mosque after the Ottoman armed forces beaten Constantinople. From the 20th century, it has remained the most cherished place in Istanbul. You should include the Aya Sofya in your list of things to do in Istanbul.

2.) Grand Bazaar

Things to do in Istanbul grand bazaar

Shopping at Grand Bazaar is one of the amazing things to do in Istanbul. For some visitors touring in Istanbul is as much about shopping as historical centers and at great attractions. The Grand Bazaar is fundamentally the world’s first shopping center. It takes up an entire city quarter, encompassed by thick dividers. It is between the Nure Osmanıye Mosque and Beyazıt Mosque. The passage is through one of 11 entryways from where a labyrinth of vaulted-roof path routes, lined by stalls and shops, which spread the zone. The different exchanges are still for the most part isolated from specific areas, which makes scanning less demanding.

3.) Basilica Cistern

Things to do in Istanbul Basilica Cistern

The hushed dimness of the Basilica Cistern makes it one of the city’s most environmental destinations. To visit this place in one of the best things to do in Istanbul. Just the incidental swell disturb the still pools while shaded lights enlighten its 336 underground segments. These two  segments are finished with cut Medusa heads at the base. It was developed by the Romans to convey drinking water to the city in the 6th century. Now, it attracts numerous tourist to Istanbul.

4.) Shop at Spice Market

Things to do in Istanbul spice market

This Egyptian Market is known as the Spice Bazaar or Spice Market. This is located in the Old City close to the scaffold to Galata. A long corridor with flavor and food stalls on either side. It feels more like a traveler trap nowadays then the critical exchanging post it was for many years. To shop nearby, you probably need more than a day. In case you’re not keen on shopping, it just takes a couple of minutes to walk the length of the bazaar.

5.) Experience Awesome views From Galata Tower

Things to do in Istanbul galata tower

Enjoying scenes from Galata Tower is one of the best things to do in Istanbul. When it was finished in 1348 A.D., this 67-meter tall Galata Tower was Istanbul’s tallest building. Rested on a slope in the Galata area, despite everything it offers fantastic 360-degree views of the city. For $9, a lift will speed you skyward. On a bright sunny day, you will see the Prince’s islands. There is lots of cafe and restaurant at the 9th floor to have some refreshments.

6.) Hippodrome

Things to do in Istanbul hippodrome

Hippodrome was started by the rulers Septimus Severus and finished by Constantine. Hippodrome was the main center of Byzantine social life. Despite being quite an old structure, it still got plenty of splendid things to see on its southern side. You just can’t miss visiting the At Meydanı park which is now is home to a variety of monuments and sightseeings.

7.) Topkapi Palace

Things to do in Istanbul topkapi palace

Topkapi Palace is in the heart of the Ottoman Empire. It was home to Sultans and their groups of concubines. And in addition, the gilded jail was home to wives and harems. The sprawling peak complex houses imperial gems in the treasury and kitchens that once made food for 5,000 individuals per day. There are also impressive views from the gold Breakfast Pavilion. You should add this place to your list of things to do in Istanbul to relive the  history.

8.) Dolmabahce Palace

Things to do in Istanbul dolmabahce palace

The lavish and fancy Dolmabahce Palace demonstrates the clear impact of European adornment. It also shows the construction modeling on the Ottoman Empire in the nineteenth century. Built by Sultan Abdul Mecid I in 1854, it supplanted Topkapı Palace as the primary home of the sultans. The formal greenhouses are punctuated with wellsprings, fancy bowls, and sprouting bloom beds. While inside the sheer quality and grandeur of the Turkish Renaissance style is astonishing. The interior blend ornate, rococo, neoclassical and footstool components, with mammoth precious stone light fixtures, liberal utilization of gold, French-style furniture, and astonishing roof frescoes.

9.) The Blue Mosque

Things to do in Istanbul

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque is also called the Blue Mosque after the lovely blue mosaics inside. It is also a symbol of Istanbul. It is one of the best things to do in Istanbul. Constructed over just eight years, somewhere around 1609 and 1616, the mosque has a limit of 10,000 admirers. The roof is truly dazzling, so venture inside. It’s free. This is a working mosque, which means it’s shut to tourist five times each day amid the Muslim call to request to God. Check the prayer timing daily and plan your visit accordingly. Ladies must wear a head covering, which is available at the main entrance gate. Once inside, be polite to the individuals there for prayer as you lift your neck up toward the multifaceted, 400-year old tile work and recolored glass above.

10.) Enjoy the Best Cuisines

Things to do in Istanbul cuisine

Turkish cuisine is largely the extension of Ottoman cuisine, which in turn borrowed from several parts of the world. This goes for the smooth combination of eateries to traditional street food stalls. Having fantastic food here is one of the best things to do in Istanbul. Indeed, even the modest kebab gets a gourmet fix with pomegranate renditions at Leb-i dry in Tünel. You will enjoy test one of the best traditional alternatives at City in Kadikoy.

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