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Things to do in Ireland

Ireland is the best place where life is free. So if you are looking for such a destination where you want to forget about your daily life. Then it’s the perfect spot to just relax on nature’s bed. Don’t worry about the new place, this article will act as the best guide for things to do in Ireland. There are many amazing things to do in Ireland. Recently, the country has launched a year-long festival to encourage everything related to Ireland. The tourist network has improved its work to help encourage tourism and to help the tourists to visit Ireland. As flights are well connected to Ireland from all over the world so do not wait for anything? And Ireland includes few of the best places to explore. the best start will be the capital city of Dublin. The next you can move on to Galway, Killarney and Cork. If you are planning a long vacation then you can also visit Belfast city in Northern Ireland that is only 2 hours drive from Dublin. It’s an amazing tourist spot, read below to know all the exciting things to do in Ireland.

things to do in ireland

Top Things to do in Ireland:

1.) The Wild Atlantic Way

things to do in ireland atlantic way

It is 2,400 km road trip to the west coast of Ireland. The route follows from Malin top in County Donegal to Kinsale  in the South of the country. Along the way, you will be passing through beautiful villages, along the coastline and epic panoramas. The route was made under the guidance of local people to ensure the very best view of Ireland’s west coast.

2.) Golf

things to do in ireland golf

Ireland can be best described as a golfer’s paradise. Because as soon you reach Ireland you will find yourself near to a quality golf course. The wonderful landscape, excellent selection of courses and affordable prices encourage the excitement of golfing amongst its lovers which will make them visit Ireland again and again for the coming years. Ireland has some of the best parkland golf courses which mix with some of the world’s largest link courses. Golf is a major tourist attraction in Ireland as it has four links courses listed in the world’s top 100 golf clubs. Utilize your Sunday by playing golf at the perfect picturesque landscape view.

3.) Hang Out in the Pub

things to do in ireland hang at bar

The pub is an important part of local people, and everywhere you go in Ireland you will see public residence. The connection between the Irish Pub and the literary arts, in particular, is very dominant. There is a large concentration of pubs with connections to famous literary and musical figures in Dublin City Centre.

4.) Dublin Markets

things to do in ireland dublin market

It is well known for its Christmas markets. Ireland is a place that believes in celebrating the life. It celebrates a number of important festivals like the Docklands Christmas festival from nine years. It happens on the 30th November, but it’s worth mentioning in your diaries for next year. Another Christmas market, this is one of the best tourist attractions in Ireland named St Stephen’s Green. This market has encouraged the local businesses in the market. You will find numbers of good gifts to buy for your loved ones at reasonable rates.

5.) Blueways

things to do in ireland blueways

Ireland Blueways is the best tourist attraction of the Europe. It is the best place where you can view whales and dolphins very closely. It is situated on the west coast of Ireland and stretches from north-west Mayo to south Galway. This beautiful place offers the best activities like snorkeling and kayaking. This is a perfect place for adventure lovers as it consists of 5 sites.  It offers  amazing activities like surfing on water through the boards. Do not forget to hire an instructor who will help you with the safety details. Take your boyfriend or girlfriend for a fun adventure that will definately satisfy your expectations at this Ireland Blueways.

6.) National History Museum

things to do in ireland national history museum

This museum allowed the access to its ambience right from 1857. It displays the huge diversity of life on earth. It is the museum popular about the Victorian cabinet style. This place includes fine and full gathering that is worth to see even today. It is the best things to do in Ireland. It comprises about two millions of decorated and sculptured species that are kept in the museum. This zoological museum offers an outstanding experience of all types of wildlife. It collection varies from Ireland and the far across of the globe. Some of it are rare to be seen because of being the extinct species.

7.) National Park

things to do in ireland national park

It was established in the year 1969 by the International Union for with the aim of conservation of nature. This includes several ecosystems which are not at all altered by the human exploitation. This gives the wonderful view of natural life. This is amongst the best things to do in Ireland with the kids. Here you will find numbers of wildlife and vegetation. It is the best tourist attraction of Ireland. Here visitors are allowed to experience an educational, inspirational, cultural and recreational purpose.

8.) Belfast City

things to do in ireland national park

It is small in area dimensions but its super cool nature and big joints are the most important attraction of Ireland. This is Europe’s one of the cities which holds the art and culture of its past. The most popular way to visit the places in Ireland, Belfast is to hire the famous black taxi. This will take you to the compact tour of this metropolis city. One of the best attractions of this city is the colorful murals painted on the wall. Its theme ranges from political to local heroes. These lively murals are an element of the Belfast contemporary city. If you are an art lover do pay your visit because this is the best amongst all the things to do in Ireland.

9.) Wicklow Mountains

things to do in ireland wicklow mountains

This is the best amongst all the things to do in Ireland if you are an adventure lover. It has adventure hiking trip so get your hiking shoes ready. The amazing sound of hitting jaws on the ground of Glendalough is more than enough. This place is the best tourist attractions of Ireland. It is an enchanted valley which is a thousand years old. Try visiting the most adventures and romantic place in Ireland.

10.) The Mourne Mountains

things to do in ireland mourne mountains

This place will make you amaze about how the mountains sweep down to the sea.  There is a lot of things to see more than this. This spot is very popular for its natural beauty. It is amongst the best things to do in Ireland. It has challenging peaks, wonderfully lakes and gentle slopes. It also includes many fun things to do in Ireland like hiking, biking and rafting.

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