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Things to do in Inverness (Scotland)

Inverness is one of the Scotland’s seven cities that sit in the south of the Highlands, on the banks of the River Ness. It is the northernmost city in the UK and lies within the Great Glen (a long and straight glen in Scotland). From quad biking on the Black Isle to dolphin spotting across the Moray Firth (a triangular inlet of the north sea stretching from Highland to Aberdeen council area), Inverness is the ideal holiday destination for everyone. No, doubts there are numerous things to do in Inverness on the beautiful Scottish Highlands.

Top Things to do in Inverness:

1.) Ness Islands

The Ness Islands are setteled on the River Ness in the city of Inverness, Scotland. A walk around the river to the Ness Island would be one of the most fun things to do in Inverness. The Island is filled with the mature Scots pine, beach, and sycamore. It is joined to the river bank by the beautiful Victorian footbridges. The Island has become the most popular picnic spot. It is one of the most delightful things to do in Inverness. On the way to this island, you will also see the red sandstone towers of St Andrew’s Church and the contemporary Eden Court Theater, which hosts art exhibits, both on the west bank.

2.) Culloden Battlefield

Things to do in Inverness

It is the place where last big battle was fought on the Scottish soil and the destiny of the Scotland and Stuarts was determined. The new “Visitor Centre” is a must visit place as it has 360-degree film realistically describing the day’s events, and spectacular rooftop scenes of the battlefield. Tourist can also visit the gravestones of the Scottish clans. Along with the 20 feet high Memorial Cairn built in 1881 and the University of Glasgow has awarded “Cumberland” an honorary doctorate to commemorate the battle. Cumberland is a historic county in the North West region of England boadered by the Nothumberland to the east. It is one of the most incredible things to do in Inverness.

3.) Cawdor Castle

Welcome into a fairy-tale in the Scottish Highlands at the Cawdor Castle. It is famous as the place where Shakespeare’s version of Macbeth murdered Duncan. It is an excellent place to visit as it has a large collection of Shakespearean literature. After exploring the castle, head towards the charming gardens and engage yourself in a true piece of history in UK. It is one of the most delightful things to do in Inverness. A picturesque cottage is available for lease for those looking to really soak up the atmosphere of this historic castle and estate. Nearby Fort George is a huge cannon fortification built after the Battle of Culloden to give shelter to the defeated Highlanders. Along with this, the Edinburgh Castle was also involved in providing shelther for those who were fighting for the Scottish Independence. Besides huge military installations, the fort also houses the regimental museum of the Queen’s Own Highlanders.

4.) Beauly Gallery

This gallery is located in a converted quaint church. It is just a short drive away from Holiday Inn Express Inverness. Displaying and capturing are the very best of Scottish art. You will see the exhibitions from both local and internationally acclaimed artists like the “Scottish National Gallery” in Edinburgh. It is one of the most artistic things to do in Inverness. After visiting the gallery, enjoy the Victorian style coffee and tea shop with a delicious cake.

5.) The City of Inverness

The grounds of lovely Inverness Castle are a great place to start your trip. After being explored the place, head to the Art Gallery and Inverness Museum which have the displays of the city’s rich cultural heritage along with the history of the Highlands. The St. Andrew’s church stands opposite to Castle Hill on the shore of the River Ness which is well worth a visit. It is one of the most joyful things to do in Inverness. The other fantastic attraction is the Inverness’s oldest building, Abertarff House. The Titanic Inverness Maritime Museum is a lovely attraction with nautical themed exhibit including the world’s largest model of the ill-doomed Titanic.

6.) Landmark Park

The Landmark Park is a fun and adventure for enthusiastic people. The park is just a short drive away from the Holiday Inn Express Inverness. There are numerous of rides and attractions suitable for people of all age groups. You can visit with your family for fun and enjoyment you never had before. The Wild Water Coaster is most exciting and daring ride. It is one of the most adventurous things to do in Inverness.

7.) Inverewe Garden and Estate

Subtropical Estate and Inverewe Garden faces a covered bay by Loch Ewe near Poolewe. Osgood Mackenzie was pretty young when he proved that the plants from different lands could survive on the poor Torrid on sandstone and acid peaty soil if it is enhanced by loam from the shore and the wet peat was drained. Here, highlights include azaleas, rhododendrons, and magnolias, eucalyptus from Japanese ferns, New Zealand, Himalayan lilies, and South American water lilies. It is one of the most joyful things to do in Inverness.

8.) Wildwoods Paintball

Wildwood is located just a short distance from Holiday Inn Express Inverness on the Black Isle. The Highlands may be famous for its calmness, however Wildwoods shakes this up by offering action packed fun. Take to the outside with family and friends in a game of Paintball. Dive and duck in the woods for tactical shelter against the enemy to become the winner. It is one of the most exciting things to do in Inverness.

9.) The Shetland Islands

The Island is a favorite spot for the people who enjoy the mountain biking and hiking. The watersports enthusiastic can have the opportunity to play on the 350 lakes or the huge Atlantic Ocean. The lochs, well stocked with rainbow and brown trout, are a heaven for fly fishermen. Here you have the great chance for deep sea fishing. It is one of the most interesting things to do in Inverness. In Shetland, there are also seminars carried by the musicians and local musos. Take your best from Shetland fiddle, singing, guitar and even circus art tuition. The festivals last for four days so don’t aspect much sleep.

10.) Dolphin Cruises

The Moray Firth is famous for being the most inhabitable area for dolphins in the UK. This dignified mammal is usually seen splashing around in the waters. The Inverness Dolphin Cruises offers you the opportunity to interact with dolphins in their natural habitat. It is one of the most fun things to do in Inverness.

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