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Things to do in Huntington Beach

The Orange County of Southern California is home to the best Beach in United States. Also, popularly known as the “Surfing City”, it is bordered by the Pacific ocean on the west coast. The beach  was named after the American Businessman H.E. Huntington. Huntington Beach is the epitome of the Californian culture. It has also been named the “Best City to Live”. Surfing turned out to be the most popular sport in Huntington Beach. In this very city, first Surfing Championships of U.S was held. The best things to do in Huntington Beach is to try your skills in surfing. You will enjoy the beach life while your stay. Because it’s the cleanest and safest to spend your day. There is an official dress code to follow. And that includes bikinis, wetsuits, sandals, beach towel, volleyball, surfboards. Plan your weekend getaway to this coastal city. The city welcomes you with pleasant weather to make you visit more than once. Huntington Beach is counted among the best vacation spot in United States.  Read the top things to do in Huntington Beach provided below.

Top Things to do in Huntington Beach:

1.)  Huntington Beach Pier

Things to do in Huntington Beach

The best things to do in Huntington beach is to visit the Pier. Make the best out of this visit. The beach is open to public from dawn to midnight. Watch the sunrise at the beach while enjoying an early morning jogging or walk. There are lot many options to explore. It includes surfing, fishing, games. Also enjoy the delicacies at the Ruby’s Surf City Diner. The Pier is an another attraction for Art-A-Fair that displays local crafts and food.

2.) Historical Downtown Walking Tour

History lovers also have an opportunity to venture into the past. It’s another best things to do in Huntington Beach. The journey of your walking tour starts at the Huntington Beach Pier. Followed by Pier Plaza, 400 Pacific Coast Highway, The Strand on 5 Street, M.E. Helme Antique Store, First Church of Christ, Triangle Park, Beach Court Apartments. There’s more to it that showcases twenty to twenty first century infrastructures.

3.) Bolsa Chika

This place serves two different purpose side by side. You must be wondering what is it? Well, it’s a state beach and also an ecological reserve. Therefore, you can visit the largest salt water marsh in the wetlands. It is home to some extinct species. The names include bobcats, mule deer, grizzly bears, American badgers, antelope. It also comprises of migratory birds. Besides, the beach is located nearby that gives you the leisure time to spend by sunset. Earlier it was known as “Tin Can Beach”. The popular attraction of the beach is the surf fishing off the perch of rare and famous fishes like califonia corbina, cabe zone, shovelnose guiter fish and many more. Try to spend the time during the sunset hours while enjoying fishing.

4.) Downtown Huntington Beach

Any downtown area will definitely store few attractions for its tourists. The Downtown of Huntington Beach has many places to explore. The main street of Huntington beach  is 100 years old.  The essence of it is still prevalent in the town. The downtown offers various options to shop, dine and entertainment. Places to visit in downtown area includes American Vintage clothing, Surf city store, Hollywood Hat Lounge and many more. The next best thing to do in any new place is to try out new delicacies. Here’s a list of the best diners you can savor from. The list goes like Ritter’s Stream Kettle Cooking, 25 Degrees, Dukes, Sushi on Fire, The Black Trumpet Bistro, Sugar Shack Café. Add this to your list of things to do in Huntington Beach.

5.) International Surfing Museum

Every place has its own uniqueness. The best things to do in Huntington Beach definitely serves the Sea flavor. The International Surfing Museum contains the relics of Surfing History of U.S. It’s seems to be smaller from outside, but once you step inside you get into the era of surfing. The museum will explain the rich culture and history of the Huntington Beach.

6.) Sunset Gondola

A unique experience of being in Venice is brought to you by the Sunset Gondola Ride. The most exciting attraction in Huntington Beach is to indulge yourself in the romantic scenery. It takes you across the canals and nearby islands. You can definitely visit during the sunset hours. But few tourists have suggested to visit during the night to watch the stars. An awesome experience of sipping wine while watching the sun goes down. As you are allowed to take your own food and other eateries.  It will be one of the best things to do in Huntington Beach.

7.) Old World Village

To enter into an ancient zonra is to visit this Old World Village. The village seems to be a replica of a German Village. In short you have an opportunity to visit to an Old European town being in California. Once you enter the German scene you will definitely let your eyes look out for something to look similar to Germany. Another interesting fact is that it host the “Oktober Festival” every year. You can discover the unique shops, diners and entertainment zones. It’ one of the best thing to do in Huntington Beach.

8.) Orange County Coast

Orange Country Coast is located on the Pacific coast. Basically, it’s a string of cities being pulled togather under one administration. A place to spend your money lavishly. Stay at the best hotels across the Huntington Beach. Spend your leisurely weekend while enjoying the beach weather in Californian style.

9.) Beer Tasting Tours

The beach city being designed to the European flavor displays it’s Beer culture. A food truck popularly known as the “Craft Brew Tours” that tours around the city. The truck is available all seven days. You can hop in the truck anytime you want to grab a beer along with your friends. They let you taste beers of some famous brands. Also,  they provide the “Souvenir Bottle Openers” to take away.

10.) Huntington Dog Beach

As the name of the beach itself signifies its importance. You must have definitely guessed by now, what is it all about? The only beach where you can take your dogs for beach walk free of cost. The beach also showcases a variety of pet shops and other diners that allowed pets to be taken inside.

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