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Things to do in Hollywood

This article is all about fun things to do in Hollywood. It lies in the central region of Los Angeles, California. LA is the second-largest city after New York in the United States situated in the Southern California. There are numerous things to do in Hollywood as it posses an international distinction that no other area in Los Angeles has. Although parts of the area can be completely messy, Hollywood still shines with gems of old glamorous hotels and celebrity hangouts along with an emerging capital cityscape. Go after our guide for know the best things to do in Hollywood. Travel around the iconic movie town’s attractions, along with the Walk of Sunset Boulevard and Fame. Read the article and learn more fun things to do in Hollywood.

Top Things to do in Hollywood:

1.) Forecourt of the Stars at the Chinese Theater

Things to do in Hollywood chinese theater

You should start your tour by visiting Forecourt of the Stars which is a fabulous place to watch a movie. But, everyone comes to the Chinese Theater for the foot imprints of about 200 Hollywood stars. The courtyard is normally choked with snap-happy visitor measuring their own limbs against the likes of Judy Garland and John Wayne. But you can keep away from the crowds by catching a flick inside, where the theater is as amazing as the IMAX screen’s projection quality.

2.) Hollywood Roosevelt

Things to do in Hollywood roosevelt

After a 2003 refurbishment by architect Dodd Mitchell, this 1927 monument is a wonderful example of Spanish imperial design. It embraced the A-listers who patronized it during Hollywood’s heyday. Things to do in Hollywood opens up many possibilities and one of them is Hollywood Roosevelt. The hotel is at its most dramatic downstairs. At the discreet Library Bar, in the Dakota steakhouse, and around the pool which owns a restored underwater decoration by David Hockney. And, an often-buzzing bar view at the poolside lounge. The rooms are dark, sleek, and in places, showing a few hints of wear and tear. Look out for the occasional crafty placed photographic nod to the luminous location.

3.) Hollywood Walk of Fame

Things to do in Hollywood walk of fame

There is truly a lot of old Hollywood glamor and history to explore along the Walk of Fame. The place is always decorated and crowded. The never-ending line of gift shops, tattoo parlors, and lingerie stores are the main attractions. The memorialize names on those famous five-pointed brass and terrazzo stars run from the Walk’s western maximum at the Hollywood and La Brea Gateway to the Pantages and W Hotel. Theater at Gower, and additionally on creeper from the Capitol Records Building down to Sunset, near the unique movie studios, were built a century ago. Make a trip to the Dolby Theater, the house of the Academy Awards. You can also find a release from the commotion inside a movie palace or the historic Hollywood Roosevelt.

4.) Sunset Ranch Hollywood

Things to do in Hollywood

If you keep on riding up Beachwood Drive in the exploration of the Hollywood Sign, you will meet a dead end at Sunset Ranch Hollywood’s group of horse stables. The ranch gives a variety of daily trail trips through Griffith Park, and you have to book advanced on their website.

5.) Dolby Theatre

Things to do in Hollywood dolby theatre

Despite a name change, after the theater’s main supporter switched from Kodak to Dolby in the year 2012, this 3,500-seat center persists one of LA’s most exciting live entertainment venues. With a year-round range of high-profile premieres, screenings, and events, going to the place is one of the most fantastic things to do in Hollywood. Just ask the Academy Awards—they have signed on to host their anniversary star-studded performance here through at least 2033.

6.) Hollywood & Highland

Things to do in Hollywood dolby theatre

It is hard to say whether Hollywood & Highland has helped drive Hollywood’s recent profitable regeneration, or whether it’s ridden to success on its coat-tails. Both way, this grand mall has converted to a popular stop for shopping and beginning at the Hollywood sign from its upper-level catwalks. The stores attract a younger crowd, but old-time film buffs will recognize the central courtyard’s colossal tribute to DW Griffith’s iconic elephant-adorned columns, Intolerance set, and all. The parking entry is on Highland Avenue.

7.) Hollywood Bowl

things to do in hollywood bowl

Hollywood bowl is the gorgeous amphitheater that dates back to 1922. The amphitheater hosts show from the ever genre. The place also allows you have to a picnic. You can take your wine with you and enjoy the show. The music is fantastic and the sound is pretty good. Going here is probably one of the most awesome things to do in Hollywood with friends.

8.) Capitol Records Building

Things to do in Hollywood capitol records building

This cylindrical tower is so firmly tied with postcard images of sunny California such that it’s difficult to depart the building from the enlightenment. It resembles a stack of records which is merely a coincidence. Its blade-like tower rising above the 101 white shades make you feel like you are living the dream.

9.) Runyon Canyon

Things to do in Hollywood runyon canyon

The 160-acre park at the eastern ending of the Santa Monica Mountains have one principal loop, additionally a group of dirt hiking tracks. The sea of the buff trainer and their shiny, sweaty clients can get to be too prominent during the busy morning and weekend workout passage. But you will be rewarded with some of the best scenes of the city. The southern entry gate is at the end of Fuller Avenue in Hollywood and the northern entry point is from the 7300 section of Mulholland Drive.

10.) EI Capitan

Things to do in Hollywood EI capitan

Want to relive your childhood and gratify in a Disney flick? El Capitan’s would be your perfect spot. The lavish 1926 built cinema screens Disney’s most popular feature along with classics in between releases. Tickets are really pricier than other cinemas. But then again, where else do you get to feast at a classic fountain and see a two thousand five hundred pipe organ be played before the show?

11.) Griffith Observatory

Things to do in Hollywood Griffith Observatory

This LA landmark seems like an indispensable party of any Hollywood visit. The views here are remarkable, especially at night when Los Angeles twinkles below. Inside you will find a flock of exhibits. It includes a Tesla coil, Foucault pendulum, and planetarium show. Give yourself loads of time before the 10 pm. You get the chance to stare through the 12-inch refracting telescope on the rooftop unless you can look through the far less crowded.

12.) Yamashiro

Things to do in Hollywood yamashiro

Going to Yamashiro is one of the best things to do in Hollywood. Built as a private art gallery in the 1920s, this Japanese mansion is a magnificent structure with exceptional views of Hollywood. For years, it was a lovely building which offered to eat awful food, but Jason Park’s new kitchen team has made a significant exception. The eating place is now appealing. The views from the place are also appealing. Korean, Japanese, and Chinese popular objects are presented alongside rational and occasionally daring fusion ideas. It may not be the budget option.

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