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Things to do in Hastings (England)

Hastings is settled on the south coast of England in East Sussex, facing the English Channel. Despite having no natural dock, it developed a large fishing line and was one of the ancient Cinque Ports which flourished along this coast. Hastings sits on the inventive Heretaunga Plains right at the root of Hawke’s Bay. Besides drinking the finest wines, you have numerous things to do in Hastings. You will explore everything the city serves on the foot or by bike. You can enjoy amazing Art Deco architecture and Spanish Mission. Dive in the wonderfully vibrant culture and are.  You can stop for a world best coffee and enjoy the cuisine at award-winning cafes and restaurants around Hastings City Square and the Art Deco Clock Tower.

Fun Things to do in Hastings:

1.) Deep Sea Diving

Things to do in Hastings

If you want to dive in the deep sea without any help of equipment then it is the best place for you. It is a type of aquarium made in the sea. You will see fish are really swimming above you. There are many sections which accommodate the variety of marine life. The Neptune’s Nursery is pretty interesting among other section; here you will see the breeding process in operation. At the start of your tour, you will watch a short film on this auditorium. The entry charges are different for kids and adults. It is one of the most exciting things to do in Hastings. The experience of this auditorium is unique and you never ever seen this like before.

2.) Hastings Beach

The beach has a fantastic blend of pebbles and sand that gives it a completely traditional feel. You will enjoy here natural amusements, fish, and fairground rides. Along with that, you will also find chips and crazy golf playing section. To hire floating buggies called Tiralos, you can go to the child-friendly section of beach, Pelham. It is one of the most joyful things to do in Hastings. The place is perfect if you are touring with any physically impaired person.

3.) The Hastings Castle

The castle totally dominates the old Hastings as it attracts numerous visitors every year. The castle eventually lost his fame several centuries ago until the amateur archaeologist excavate it and made top Hastings tourist attraction. On the town’s West Hill you can explore the remains of Hastings Castle that built after the William. The site is accessible by the Cliff Railways which is the UK’s steepest funicular railway. It is one of the most incredible things to do in Hastings.

4.) Ride the East Hill Lift

You have traveled from normal railway track a lot, this time, you will face steepest funicular railway in Britain. The network goes up to West Hill and for the wonderful view of the town and the English Channel, this is the best way. You’ll be travelling in the real wooden Victorian coaches, right within a man-made tunnel, before entering the top at the Hastings Country Park.

5.) Net Lofts

It is more of Hastings Fishermen’s Museum which displays items related to them. It displays boats and the development of the Hastings fishing industry. It is one of the most interesting things to do in Hastings. Fisherman’s Chapel in Rockanore Road was built in the late 19th century which well deserves a visit. Net lofts are the traditional sheds used by the fisherman to dry and store their nets after fishing. The sheds are still maintained in the old town of Hastings.

6.) Old Town

The old town is settled between the East Hill and West Hill of Hastings. The old town comprises lots of restaurants and pubs along with numerous souvenir shops. The George Street located at the foot of the West hill is the soul of the old town. This is the place from where you can explore some Pre-Georgian buildings. From here you can access the Cliff funicular railway. It is one of the most fun things to do in Hastings. The Hastings Pier on the harbor is the Conqueror’s Stone, at which William is said to have taken his first meal in England.

7.) Smugglers Adventure

Pirates and smugglers once haunted the Hastings area, and Smugglers Adventure is an interesting insight into their lives. The place has so many exciting things that make it a worth visiting place in Hastings. Exploring the labyrinth of caves you’ll uncover the danger and secrets facing smugglers through the life-size characters and hands-on displays. Other ideal attractions for families consist of Drusilla’s Park in Alfresco, one of the top small zoos in the England. The Blue Reef Aquarium has its wonderful displays of amazing aquatic life. It is one of the most adventurous things to do in Hastings.

8.) Park Nature Reserve

The park is situated on a perfect stretch of England’s south shore near Hastings. There are numerous wonderful walks including its 640 acres of woods, coastal scenery, and grassland. Spend a full day here for some wildlife spotting which includes watching for the many migrating birds that traverse the English Channel. It is one of the most amazing things to do in Hastings. If you want more information on the wildlife and geology then head to the visitor center.

9.) Bateman’s

Bateman was the residence of the most popular English writer Rudyard Kipling. He is well-known for   English short-story writer, poet, and novels. He won the noble prize for literature and for writing the two remarkable books, The Man Who Would be King and The Jungle Book. The house is so adorable and perfectly reflects the character of the icon. The house has brilliant displays of Kipling’s 1928 Rolls Royce. The gardens are still unaffected and hold their beauty as they were when Kipling was residing. It is one of the most nobility things to do in Hastings.

10.) 1066 Target Sports

If you really want a feel of battlefield then this place is perfect for you. Here you can do Archery, Axe Throwing and Crossbows. It is one of the most exciting things to do in Hastings. The place is perfect to release stress. Both young and old can enjoy different types of weapon used in the real battle.

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