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Things to do in Geneva

This article is about top things to do in Geneva. It is the second largest city in Switzerland. Geneva is home to many historical, cultural and natural attractions. The city is also the center of technology, banking, and tourism. Top tourist attractions in Geneva includes the French boundary, flanked by the stunning Alps and beautiful Lake. Loaded with restaurants like Michelin Star eatery and numerous museums, the place offers something for every taste.

Things to do in Geneva:

1.) Jet d’Eau Fountain

Things to do in Geneva

The Jet d’Eau fountain is one of the most exciting and fun things to do in Geneva. The water stream is the 459 ft high fountain in Lake Geneva. It’s in the front of the promenades of Geneva and is the principal portion of the city’s skyline. The fountain dates back to 1886, but actually, it wasn’t intended to be a fountain from the commencement. When it started bringing the visitors, it was relocated to a suitable location and a robust pump was installed. The beauty of fountain enhanced at night so if you do not have any plan for tonight then visit this place to experience the best sightseeing.

2.) The Old Town

Things to do in Geneva the old town

Geneva’s old town is the superb place to spend some time with your girlfriend or boyfriend. It is loaded with ancient conspiracy and a string of restaurants, terraces, cafes, many antiquaries stores, boutiques, and art galleries. Apart from the numerous shops and bistros in the Old Town, main attractions consist the 15th century Hotel De Ville, the seat of authority in Geneva. The Treille Promenade and the old Arsenal, giving exceptional views of the city.

3.) The Mont Saleve

Things to do in Geneva the mont saleve

The cable car of Mont Saleve carries you to an altitude of 1100 meters in just a few minutes. Mont Salève is an immense park for sports lovers. You can go climbing, paragliding, mountain biking, cross-country skiing in winter. Nature enthusiast would experience the fresh air, the flora and fauna and the marvellous sight of Geneva. On the southeast side, you can enjoy a panorama of the Alps with the Mont-Blanc massif. If you are guessing what to do on Sunday while in Geneva then visit this place.

4.) Place de Neuve

Things to do in Geneva Place de Neuve

The Place Neuve is located below the old city walls. This structure is considered to be Geneva’s cultural epicentre. The Rath Museum, conservatoire of Music and Grand Theatre are all found on this historical square in Geneva. The venue offers many contemporary social events and the Victoria Hall. You can’t get bored here as a visit to this place is one of the most delightful things to do in Geneva

5.) The Geneva Lake

Things to do in Geneva lake

Enclosed by a remarkable backdrop of hills, and has fantastic promenades. Geneva Lake was built by icebergs during the Ice Age. Roam the promenades around the lake and steep up the atmosphere. Take a dip at Bains de Paquis. This pool was constructed in the 1930s, but yet a famous spot to get a massage, or swim. There are facilities for swimming in the diving, lake, Turkish, saunas, baths and recreational projects. The excellent way to enjoy the lake is by two-hour boat voyage.

6.) Cathedrale St. Pierre

Things to do in Geneva cathedral st. pierre

Cathédrale St-Pierre was built in the 4th century is a wonderful model of neoclassical construction. It is a vital place for performing religious and cultural duties. It is one of the most spiritual things to do in Geneva. It is popular as the adopted home temple of Protestant Reformation leader, John Calvin. Visitors may take a tour of the archaeological site below the newer church.

7.) Reformation Wall

Things to do in Geneva reformation wall

The Reformation Wall is located in Bastions Park. It is not simply a wall, but it is more than that for the history lover. It is one of the most amazing things to do in Geneva. Some called this Switzerland’s Mt. Rushmore. Visitors will find the 4 great designs of John Knox, Theodore de Beze, Guillaume Farel, and Jean Calvin.

8.) CERN

Things to do in Geneva CERN

At CERN, the physicists and engineers are investigating the basic structure of the universe. They use the world’s most complicated scientific devices to study the fundamental constituents of material. The particles are simulated to collide at the speed of light. By doing the process scientist are figure outing the clues about how the particles communicate and provide perspicacity into the basic laws of nature.

9.) Carouge

Things to do in Geneva Carouge

Some 3.6 miles south of the city center, the suburb of Carouge is a separate experience from and the bohemian haven and Geneva proper that has its own discrete atmosphere. This hamlet of a number of people raised it to a bustling town of 4000 and, although Carouge never did an overhaul. Geneva, it is still something of a refuge from the center, it’s still an attractive place packed with artisan, old-style cafés, workshops, and some of the city’s best small nightlife.

10.) Palais Des Nations

Things to do in Geneva palais des nation

Palais Des Nations is the home-town of the United Nations Office and was established in the beginning of 1900’s. The head office building is a grand structure that expresses the city and its libation to peace. To visit the spot is one of the best things to do in Geneva.

11.) Bastions Park

Things to do in Geneva bastions park

Bastions park is one of the best things to do in Geneva with kids. The pattern of leafy fairness that is Bastions Park is a cool place to roam. In summer, relax yourself taking coffee at the lovely Café Restaurant du Parc des Bastions, while in winter season the outside garden of the same café is converted into an ice rink favourite with families. The square is also house to the Reformation wall, a large modelling depicting the forefathers of the Reformation journey, which changed Geneva into a Protestant heartland in the late 16th century.

12.) Flea Market

Things to do in Geneva flea market

Plaine de Plainpalais hosts one of the biggest and best flea markets of Switzerland’s. The market comprises of the vast variety of things from bric-a-brac to vintage clothes, plus larger pieces of furniture, second-hand toys to ethnic jewellery, and the number of stalls could tap you up a real one-off.  When you have wrapped yourself out, continue the old vibe by heading to 1930s café and ice-cream shop.

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