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Things to do in Florence Italy

Florence is a capital of the Tuscany region of Italy. This place is well known for its rich culture in art and architecture. One of the best among all the things to in Florence is to admire the architectural beauty. And Italy’s Renaissance period’s impact is visible on the Florence’s Cathedrals with its beautiful dome. It was constructed by the architect name Brunelleschi. The famous Bell Tower was made by Giotto. The city has huge bundle of history and its cultural heritage. That comprises of art, literature, music, cinema, fashion and many more. Florence follows the subtropical climate slightly tilted towards the meditteranian. So, the best time of the year would be winters as summer is hot and humid. If you have a limited time period and want to experience the best things to do in Florence Italy, no guide can suggest you better than this article which includes all the amazing things to do in Florence, Italy. Read below to know all the places to visit in Florence Italy. But if you are planning to cover the popular destinations of Italy along with Florence then here’s a little help for you. You can start from north like Milan followed by Venice Florence, Rome, Naples with final stop at Sorrento. Every city showcases unique and vivid variety of cultural heritage traced back to its historical past linked to its contemporary lifestyle.

Things to do in Florence Italy

Things to do in Florence Italy

1.) The Oldest Bridge

things to do in florence italy oldest bridge

It is the Florence oldest bridge that was constructed in 14th century. This is one of the best tourist attractions of the Florence Italy. It is crowded with the jewellery shops and a huge number of tourists. There are a number of amazing craftsmen that showcase their hand work at this place which is very impressive. So follow down the stream to Ponte Santa Trinita and you can click a perfect photograph at this venue. This is among the best things to do in Florence Italy.

2.) Parterre

things to do in florence italy parterre

Ice skating is one of the known tradition in Europe. It is quite impossible that you can escape by enjoying this. A rink near the Parterre region of the city has an open space. Here you can get into your skate shoes and enjoy riding on the cool ice. You will find people of all ages enjoying the good time. There are skate pairs available on rent so you don’t need to carry.  This place is out of the crowded city and allow you to enjoy to its fullest. This activity is available only in winter times.

3.) Christmas Market

things to do in florence italy christmas market

Florence has a Christmas market in almost every section of the city. The most famous one is the annual Christmas Market that gets started at the very first week of December. It gets over near to the actual holiday of Christmas. It is the best tourist attractions of Florence, Italy as all most all the tourist gather here to buy knick-knacks and gifts for their love ones. This place also adds identically to its economy as the products are local. This is a good market where you will find the local business of Florence and also find the things that you wish to. This place is famous for its beautiful winter wears.

4.) Bamboo Club

things to do in florence italy bamboo club

This place is the best attraction for all. It is very popular among students in Florence to young Italian men. It is situated in the center of the city. It is itself a well known landmark of the area. This is the best things to do in Florence Italy if you are a party lover. This club has earned a fame because of its ambience and cocktail drinks that are served here. Taking your girlfriend and boyfriend to this place would be one of the best choice to spend some quality time together.

5.) Borgo Della Pizza

things to do in florence italy borgodella pizza

Though you don’t find the beautiful interior of the restaurant it is definite that its local pizza and pies with different toppings will drag you here. It provides mouth watering crust and a variety of options for the toppings. At this place, this simple food of Italy is served in a simple and real manner. There are many more options available other than pizza.

6.) Palazzo Vecchio 

things to do in florence italy pallazo vecchio

The old palace situated in Piazza della Signoria has a lot to offer visitors. This is the best free things to do in Florence Italy. A ticket gives you access to the old area where the Medici family used to live and handle the city of Florence. You’ll find arts by da Vinci and Michelangelo at this place, as well as wonderfully-decorated rooms. It also has an amazing scene of the Arno River and the city the Santa Croce church. This place is perfect for those who are history lovers and are interested in hidden secrets inside the palace.

7.) Bargello 

things to do in florence ltaly bargello

The Uffizi is the gallery that includes of some of the amazing paintings in Florence, and the Bargello is the Uffiizi for sculpture. This place also includes beautiful statues from multiple different historic time periods and lots to see. It’s also not typically crowded as some of the other museums are in Florence, but this one of the interesting things to do in Florence Italy. You can take your time to enjoy and checking out the collection. It is better you hire a guide who will let you know every aspect of the corner of  this place.

8.) Teatro Verdi 

things to do in florence italy tearto verdi

You can enjoy the performances of Teatro Verdi’s throughout the year, they changes especially at Christmas time. You’ll have to go online and check if you can get some tickets there. Sometimes you can also find them at lower rates, if you’re lucky. The Teatro Verdi appeals performers from the world and every performance that you see will be a kind of that will take your breath away. This is the best place to visit in Florence Italy.

9.) Shopping

things to do in florence italy shopping

If you are looking for a memorable gift at the right price. You should head over to Prada where you can buy an amazing bag or scarf at a reasonable rate. If you need to buy lovely gifts for loved ones in your life, this is one of the best places to visit for shopping. This place also offers an amazing staff to help you with your purchases so that you can find the right gifts. This is the best things to do in Florence Italy if you are a shopping lover.

10.) Free Tour

things to do in florence italy free tour

There is no better way to experience Florence than to walk along the cobblestoned streets where you can learn something new about the city. This is the best amongst all the things to do in Florence Italy. Florence’s free walking tours will let you experience and enjoy the city in a way you have never before. If you are planning to stay in Florence for a few days, you can be sure to enjoy one. A free walking tour is the best ways to get to know about the city. You can even plan one of your Valentines day trip to this city and take up this free tour. You are for sure to collect the best memories.

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