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Things to do in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is home to the neoclassical buildings. The city comprises the “Medieval Old Town” and the “Georgian New Town”. Edinburg is a capital of Scotland which attracts tourist from over the globe.  The city displays the temperate maritime climate. Spending your summer in Edinburg is the best choice to tour around nature’s paradise. It is a second most visited city after London of United Kingdom. Edinburg celebrates its culture through its various festivals, music and theater. The “Edinburg International Festival” is hosted annually and is the biggest festival. This stunning city has a lot to offer from ancestry to castles, landscapes to islands and shopping to outdoor activities. You can visit the city again and again to explore something new on each visit. And if you want to visit some more island, then visiting the Ness Island in Inverness is worth. You can just walk through a place which defines the Scottish’s history or enjoy some of the best artworks in the world. It is also known for its natural beauty and the surrounding nature. Also, if you are looking for some music concerts then pay a visit to Glasgow which is only one and half hour drive from Edinburg. This article will let you know all the best things to do in Edinburgh before you plan a trip to Edinburgh.

Things to do in Edinburgh

Top things to do in Edinburgh:

1.) Royal Yacht Britannia

things to do in edinburg royal yatch

This yacht was used by the Royal Family as a means of transportation for all over the world. Before 969, a royal journey joined hands with someone else and now the boat owner is Royal Yacht Britannia. You can only travel the quarter of yacht which is permanently settled in Lieth at Ocean Terminal. The Captain’s Cabin and the Queen’s Room are same as it was before in Royal Family. You can enjoy a real luxury at this place like they used to. The inbuilt Royal Deck Tea Room serves freshly baked cakes of different flavors and the baked scones.

2.) Scotch Whiskey Experience

things to do in edinburg scotch whiskey tasting

The Scotch Whiskey is a very well known place in Edinburgh. The reason behind its fame is only one that it is the best among all the things to do in Edinburgh. It serves Scotland’s national drink which is a worth to try. It was established by several huge distillers, this tour will let you know about the interesting history of the whiskey. This will explain all the information about whiskey right from the process it is made and how it is preserved. It also holds a detail about its economic role in the country’s development. It may charge a bit more to try at least 5 Whiskey and you can take those bottles to home. This is one of the best among the list of things to do in Edinburgh for whiskey lovers.

3.) Midlothian Snowsports Center

things to do in edinburg midlothian snow sports

This place is the largest man-made Ski slope in the United Kingdom and also a training center for its Olympians. It includes two nursery slopes and jump slopes for adult and children both. It also trains the adults and children who are beginners. The fun is not just about Skiing adventure lover has many things to do in Edinburgh Snow sports Center. You can try snowboarding and snowblading and tubing runs. The floodlights is also one of the great attractions of this place as it is open even after the Sun set. There are plenty of cafe’s with a beautiful view of Pent-land Hills and the Edinburgh City. If you will be bored of sightseeing then visit this place for some adventure.

4.) Our Dynamic Earth

things to do in edinburg our dynamic earth

This Museum is well known for its celebrations of the beauty of earth by innovative technology. It is located at the end of Old Town from the Castle, which is near to Holyrood Palace. All the exhibits are very interactive which entertains and educate the tourist in interesting manners. This museum offers an incredible experience that includes earthquakes, tropical rainstorms, ice age, the ocean floor, glaciers and mountain. Just like this unique museum the city of Aberdeen also, holds the Stratosphere Science Museum. This science museum is a perfect place for kids. It is the fun things to do in Edinburgh with kids.

5.) Arthur’s Seat

things to do in edinburg arthur's seat

This place is full of adventure and is the best among all the things to do in Edinburgh. Just reach the rocky crags on the edge of town to have a colder look of Arthur’s Seat. It is a prominent volcano that has erupted long back 300 years ago. The view of the city from its peak is one of the best tourist attractions of Edinburgh. Make sure you carry your camera because it has a lot of beautiful things to show about this place. This park also offers lots of interesting activities to do in Edinburgh like hiking, and many fun things for kids and adults. You can even enjoy the view of the wonderful lake which is full of ducks and swans. The name of the park supposes to pay honor to the King Arthur.

6.) Scottish Parliament

things to do in edinburg scottish parliament

This structure was set up in the year 2004. This amazing building is located at the bottom of the Royal Mile. Here the members of Scottish Parliament meet and argue or debate on important Scottish issues. It is also one of the best attraction of Edinburgh and Scotland both which is opened for public. You can hire a guide who will give you a detail of every corner and important person in the Parliament. This open area also includes cafe and shops and exhibitions. The place is open from Monday to Sunday between 10 am to 5 pm.

7.) The Dead Tour

things to do in edinburg the dead tour


This city is known to be the most haunted in the world. So there are many tours that will make you feel you are the ‘spirit’. Beside these tours, some may be cheesy with historical accuracy and bit in the way of scares. The tour arranged for Greyfriars Kirkyards is run by the City of the Dead Tours. There are more than hundreds of documented attacks by the Mackenzie poltergeist in the Black Mausoleum. The city of the Dead also run tours under South Bridge. This is one of the most thriller things to do in Edinburgh.

8.) Reverie

things to do in edinburg reverie

It is a relative which is a newcomer but definitely has an essence of an Edinburgh. It is proud of their selection of around eighty alone malts. It serves one of the best inventive cocktails and reasonably priced food in town. This place is well known for its nightlife. If you happen to be in town tonight then do visit this place. They offer delicious mouth-watering food and that also includes the chance to make your own burger of your choice. These are among the fun things to do in Edinburgh. Reverie is also trying to establish as a great live music venue. This will organize a folk night on every Tuesday and a jazz night on every second Sunday.

9.) Gifting souvenirs

things to do in edinburg gisfting souvenir


This is a beautiful and amazing shop of gifts and many more that will surprise you. This is the best-known shop in this place and is itself a landmark of the place. Shopping is the best amongst all things to do in Edinburgh. This shop offers almost everything that you can think to gift your loved ones right from decorative items to handmade tasty chocolates. It also includes lovely jewelry and delicious bakery corner.

10.) Princes Street Ice Rink

things to do in edinburg prines street ice rink

This is the best place where you can enjoy air ice skating in the East Princes Street Garden. It is located in the amazing building of Edinburgh Castle, this Scott Monument and the neo-classical type of the art galleries on the mountain, it is one of the most skating rinks in the world. These Sessions are for 30 minutes or 45 minutes and skate is provided in the ticket price. You are also allowed to bring your own skates. This is the best among all the things to do in Edinburgh if you are a skating lover.

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