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Things to do in Durham

Planning a trip to Durham? If yes, then you are on right track. Here we will tell you best things to do in Durham.The city is situated in the state North Carolina, United States. This city proudly owns more than 500 buildings. The structure such as Kingsgate Bridge, Crook hall, Town hall and Elvet Bridge are to name a few landmarks that city has. Durham has lots in stored for its visitors. There are historic sites and sporting places to put yourself in action. Apart from monuments, the city has become a cultural hub of arts, music and food. It is a perfect place for unique visual arts, award-winning performing arts, urban nightlife. The city is a fine example of economic transformation. The scenic beauty of the city is rewarding. Durham has proved itself to be an ultimate shopping destination. Read more, to know various things to do in Durham.

Best Things to do in Durham

1.) Durham Castle


Things to do in Durham

Durham city castle was built in 1072 as a fortress. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The highlights of the castle are the Normal chapel with its mesmerizing archaic capitals. The huge 14th-century dining hall, 15th-century kitchen and Bishop’s apartments are a few other attractions of the castle. A visit to this spectacular castle is one of the best things to do in Durham.

2.) Durham Cathedral

Durham Cathedral is the nickname of The Cathedral Church of Christ, Blessed Mary the Virgin and St Cuthbert, Durham. The cathedral is known for its mesmerizing British Romanesque style architecture. The church looks inspiring from every dimension. The entry of the building is constructed in the 15th-century style. Galilee Chapel, the Norman Naive and Monks Dormitory are to name a few attractions that the cathedral holds. Moreover, a huge part of  Harry Potter was shot here. Do not forget to add this site to your list of things to do in Durham.

3.) Durham Heritage Centre and Museum     

The Durham Heritage Centre and Museum holds numerous educational and informative exhibitions. The displays depict town’s rich heritage. Both the monuments have their roots in a church. The museum also hosts excellent audio-visual shows, a collection of beautiful stained glass windows and brass rubbings. World Heritage Site Visitor Centre is a great place to gather useful information about the city’s history. Do add this site to your list of things to do in Durham.

4.) Botanic Garden

Botanic Garden is located in attractive mature woodland. It is surrounded by unique trees from North America and the Himalayas. The highlight of the garden is a tropical and cactus house. The Prince Bishops Garden is also a major tourist hotspot. Another attraction of the Botanic Garden is 13th century Crook Hall with its peaceful English gardens. This botanic garden is at a walk away distance from the cathedral. Now you know why this garden is one of the best things to do in Durham.

5.) Durham Town Hall

Things to do in Durham

The striking feature of the Town Hall is its mesmerizing interior and architecture. The reception is fronted by the glass ceiling. It holds many period rooms, one of them is the dramatic main hall. It has an explicit stained glass window. Crush hall is another hall in the town hall. It has attractive memorabilia about the life of Count Boruwlaski, who was 39 inches tall. Do add this site to the list of things to do in Durham.

6.) Museum of Archaeology

Want to have a sneak peek into the history of the Durham? If yes, then do visit The Museum of Archaeology. It is relocated in the Durham University’s Palace Green Library. The museum was earlier the Department of Archaeology at Durham University. It displays artifacts from the Anglo-Saxon, Roman and Norman periods. The library also boasts university’s special collections, archives and early printed books. It is a great place for tourist who have a keen interest in the history. The new gallery is constructed at the heart of the World Heritage Site in Durham. You can also explore the Old Fulling Mill.

7.) Beamish, The Living Museum of the North

Beamish is a fantastic live museum. The Living Museum of the North offers a sneak peek into the lives of people who lived in the area during the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian eras. The characters are well-dressed, recreating the entire scenario. This real life character depicts the amazing story of how the region was transformed by Industrial Revolution. Beamish is also a home to many events. The Great North Festival of Transport, the Great North Festival of Agriculture and a Georgian Fair are to name a few events that take place in the museum.  Do not forget to add this Living museum in your list of things to do in Durham.

8.) University Oriental Museum

The University of Durham’s Oriental Museum is located at an Elvet Hill. It is one of the renowned museum. The museum is at a short distance from the old city center. It holds outstanding art and archaeological collections from the East. The museum also represents all the major  cultures and periods of Ancient Egypt t, Tibet, Japan and many more.

9.) Durham Indoor Market

Another juncture in your list of things to do in Durham should be Durham Indoor Market. This market is one of the favorite shopping centers. It is a covered market which has everything right from food stalls, restaurants and other shops. The huge shopping center is located in the heart of Durham. The highlight of the market is its architecture. It is built with Victorian Cast-iron.

10.) Durham Light Infantry Museum and Art Gallery

This museum exhibits the history of the Durham Light Infantry regiment from 1758-1968.  The museum covers every aspect of history. However, it mainly emphasizes on the  first and second world wars. It holds a Medal Room. It is one of the finest rooms in England. It also displays the artifacts which depict the experience of war using soldier’s letters and diaries. The museum also has an Art Gallery. It presents an exciting program of exhibitions and events including workshops, lectures and concerts.

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