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Things to do in Dorset

Are you looking for the best things to do in Dorset? Read this article to know more about Dorset. Dorset is a country situated in South West England. If you have planned for Dorset then you won’t be short of things to do in Dorset. From heritage to history, wildlife, coastline, beaches and all the family fun activities. The landscape of Dorset offers you to get lost in the breeze of steep limestone ridges, low line clay valleys and the broad elevated chalk downs. Dorset is home to the varied speciality of museums. The essence of this place is the flavour of the countryside. That has now merged with the magic of urbanisation. This has resulted into the perfect brew of the old and contemporary outlook of the place. Let’s roll down to discover more fun things to do in Dorset.

things to do in dorset

Top Things to do in Dorset:

1.) The Dinosaur Museum

things to do in dorset The Dinosaur Museum

This is the best things to do in Dorset. This museum is located on the mainland of Britain. It is solely dedicated to dinosaurs. It is been voted as one of the top ten hands-on museum and best family attraction of the year. The museum displays the reconstructions of dinosaurs with skeletons and fossils for the hands-on experience for its visitors. Must visit this place and discover the other fun things with your family and friends. It is a great place of knowledge for kids while enjoying the whole tour of this museum.

2.) Palmers Brewery

Palmers brewery is located in Bridport. It is a charming market town nestling on the hills of Jurassic coast. This will take you on a tour where you actually get to see the historic brewery buildings and the brewing process. It also covers the production of Palmers favourite ‘Golden Cap” whisky. Take a full tour and know the history and processing of your favourite drink. It is one of the fun things to do in Dorset.

3.) Jurassic Skyline

things to do in dorset Jurassic Skyline

It is one of the best attractions and things to do in Dorset. It is situated in the city of Weymouth. It’s a great value viewing tower attraction in Dorset. It’s one of the most famous places to visit with your family and loved ones. If you are visiting Dorset, don’t miss out the never forgetting experience of Jurassic Skyline. The view from the top is wonderful. From pleasing views of Portland, North port and Weymouth Harbour is a must watching.

4.) Aerosaurus Balloons

It is also a family run business offering champagne hot air balloon flights. This has become one of the largest hot air balloon flight operators in the country. Enjoy the little drift peacefully over the skyline and enjoy the natural wonders of the Black down hills, Quantocks, the new forest and the Jurassic coast. This is one of the coolest things to do in Dorset among its visitors. So buckle up your shoes and get ready for sky tour.

5.) Weymouth Beach

It is a curving arc with golden sand bordering to the town centre. This is one of the exciting things to do in Dorset. It’s safe, shallow, calm and tranquil waters are ideal for swimming and boating. It is famous for its best sunshine record in England. There is another range of activities that offers you donkey rides and Judy shows. So this place is awesome and best of fun things to do in Dorset with your family and friends.

6.) The Tutankhamun Exhibition

It is the world’s greatest Exhibition centre. It offers magnificence and wonderful experience of the world’s greatest discovery of ancient treasure. Discover the golden animal couches, the golden throne and the figures of the Tutankhamun. You get to see the Tutankhamun’s mummified body. This museum has recreated the treasures, sight, sound and smell of Tutankhamun. Must visit this place and explore the past and history of “The Tutankhamun”.

7.) Weymouth Sea Life

Weymouth Sealife is an adventure park. This takes you on a tour both above and below the ocean. This is one of the favourite things to do in Dorset for its visitors. When you are there you get to discover the underwater magical world full of the dazzling array of incredible creatures. It has something to offer for all the ages. Kids enjoy the indoor and outdoor ocean tunnels, shark reefs, rainforest and other water play areas. This place is commendable and a must for an adventurous activity.

8.) Durdle Door

It is one of the popular geological wonders. It is situated right on the Jurassic Coast between Weymouth and Swanage. The view is spectacular with its massive rock arch and the lush clear water. It also offers you snorkelling and bathing from stirring rock division and gorgeous caves. Those who are seeking for endless sea adventure must visit this place. People come here for picnicking, swimming and to have a great sunbathe on this stunning wonder. Explore more about Durdle Door and other fun things to do in Dorset.

9.) Henley Hillbillies

Henley Hillbillies is a kind of Adventure Park. It’s a family run business in the beautiful and quiet Piddle Valley. It is 180 acres based family farm. This is the best place those who are seeking for adventure in Dorset. The moment you are there, get on the quad bike, accelerate on the dirt track, shoot a clay pigeon, fly a hovercraft and many more fun things to do in Dorset. They have something for all ages. So go and enjoy with your family and friends for the exciting and thrilling experience.

10.) On the Rivet Cycling

On the rivet is all about uncontrolled indulgence for your passion for cycling. It’s about being away from all the chaos. Go ahead for the green hills and the spectacular views of the coastline. Get along with your friends. Try to achieve the spirit of Dorset and break all your personal boundaries for the gorgeous scenery of Dorset. So pack your bags and enjoy the wholesome experience of cycling with the best of other facilities being provided by “On The Rivet Cycling” team. This has become one of the best things to do in Dorset.

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