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Things to do in Denver Colorado (USA)

This article is about best things to do in Denver Colorado. From tourist point of view, Denver is one of the finest places to spend a vacation. Here you get to enjoy and celebrate different stuffs that welcome you. The capital of Colorado really offers you different things to make your trip a successful one. There are numerous tourist attractions that include museums and theme parks. Apart from that, Denver has a lot for kids as well. So, if you are planning to go with family or friends, then this is an ideal place in both the cases. Read the article and learn about the fun things to do in Denver with kids and family.

Top Things to do in Denver Colorado:

1.) Coors field

If you love baseball then what else can be better than that? The Coors field is the baseball park in Denver. Being the home club of the Major League Baseball franchise, Colorado Rockies, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Denver.  If you get to see the game then what else can be better than that? With a chance to watch your favorite team playing live, it is one of the most outstanding things to do in Denver. Just sit back comfortably in the audience and enjoy the match and get lost in the spirit of the game.

2.) Elitch Gardens Theme Park

Elitch Gardens Theme Park is one of the most outstanding things to do in Denver. It offers you to have a lot of fun and explore everything about the place. This amusement offers you numerous thrilling rides that include roller coasters as well. There is also arcade and shows. If you do not want to go for the rides then there is a water park as well. You can splash in water and enjoy to the fullest. The park is an amazing one as you can go with both friends and family. If you are going at the end of October then you can also enjoy the Halloween Fright Fest.

things to do in denver colorado

3.) Colorado State Capitol

Colorado State Capital is home for General Assembly of Colorado and the offices of Governor and Lieutenant Governor. Visiting the Capitol is among the most excellent things to do in Denver. The architecture of the place is worth praising and you are going to love your tour. Walking in the place gives you an amazing feel. The center of attraction of the Corinthian-style building is the golden dome. Different exhibits and photos inside the building will take your heart away. You can go with your family or friends and enjoy to the fullest. You should definitely visit the place when in Denver.

4.) Denver Museum of Nature and Science

You can also go to see the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. This Museum features everything about history and science. It also serves as a resource for informal education regarding science in the Tacky Mountain Region. You can enjoy the exhibits on health science, anthropology and zoology. There numerous exhibits that are enough to keep you engaged all the day. The museum provides much knowledge and thus is one of the best things to do in Denver.

5.) Denver Zoo

You can also go to see the Denver Zoo. Founded in 1896, it is a famous tourist spot in Denver. The zoo is funded by the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District. With wonderful animal exhibits, it is one of the finest things to do in Denver. The zoo also features animal demonstrations and shows. You can also find venues for eating. Apart from that, there is a place for shopping as well. In short, it is the perfect place for your vacation that offers you a lot in one. You can go with your family and yes, kids are going to love the place.

6.) Children’s Museum of Denver

If you are in Denver with kids then you can go to the children’s Museum of Denver. The place offers numerous fun things to do.  With lots of interactive exhibits, kids get to learn different things. This will prove to be one of the coolest things to do in Denver. Kids can not only watch the activity but can also participate in that. The bubble-blowing is the much celebrated area among the kids. Along with fun, the place also allows to have the learning experience. There is a little shopping place as well which makes it a perfect place to pay a visit.

7.) Downtown Aquarium

Observe the sea life closely at Downtown Aquarium. There are more than 500 sea creatures that reside in their natural habitat. The aquarium is really beautiful with numerous things to praise. Going to the aquarium is one of the fun things to do in Denver. Kids are perfect for kids. It also offers a restaurant and lounge. So, you can enjoy every bit of the place nicely. This way you get to have an interaction with the sea creatures. The place is also reserved for weddings. Well, from a tourist point of view, this place tenders everything you need.

8.) Forney Transportation Museum

Named after the founder J.D. Forney, it is a transportation museum where you get to see different things that are connected to transportation. Basically, the museum showcases different vehicles. So, if you have a love and passion for different vehicle then you are going to love the place for sure. You can also see different old cars and trains which makes the place one of the most interesting things to do in Denver. Different vehicles like locomotive, motorcycles, vintage cars and other exotic vehicles are displayed here. You can go with your friends or family. It also becomes interesting for kids when they get to see old designs of cars and other vehicles.

9.) Paramount Theater

Tendering the services since 1930, Paramount Theater is one the most entertaining things to do in Denver. Located on Glenam Place, near the 16th Street Mall, it is quite popular among locals and visitors. The theater hosts different shows and concerts. The theater presents lots of things for the entertainment of people. From music concerts to comedians, everything is so popular here. Theater has a nice sound quality that will allow you to enjoy the venue nicely and thoroughly. The place is perfect one when you are on a vacation with your friends.

10.) Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Garden is also worth visiting place in Denver. The garden is beautiful and the place is also known for the plant research. The place is perfect destination for your vacation if you are with family. The place is also home to different western and international paintings. It also has a separate place for children and that is much enjoyable. The ornamental paintings are worth praising. You can enjoy the views or can praise the beautiful art works. It is really one of the most interesting and joyful things to do in Denver. Mark the garden among the top places to visit during your trip.

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