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Things to do in Denver CO

This article deals with the best things to do in Denver CO. The capital city of Colorado offers you numerous things to do when it comes at a vacation. If you are planning a vacation to the city then go ahead. The place offers you much that will make your vacation a quite happening one. The main attractions of the place include the art museum. And, the city is also known for the residence of the famous Titanic survivor Molly Brown. It is also a place for skiing. The Rocky Mountains also make the place attractive. This article has the list of top things to do in Denver that will help you in planning your vacation. Read the article and know about the best places to be visited in Denver.

Top Things to do in Denver CO:

1.) Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum is one of the most popular tourist attractions. The museum which is known for the beautiful pieces of art work is of great significance. The museum features the best of the Native American art. The museum is also home to the major Asian art collection. The exhibits are really amazing and you are going to enjoy it thoroughly. The beautiful pieces of art works are worth praising and you are going to spend some pleasant time there. Visiting the museum is one of the most interesting things to do in Denver CO. The museum is informative as well. Even if you don’t praise art much, you will fall in love with art after visiting the museum.

things to do in denver co

2.) Elitch Gardens Theme Park

It’s time to have a blast. Elitch Gardens Theme Park is among the most celebrated tourist attractions in Denver. The amazing amusement park offers you thrilling rides. You also get to enjoy the fantastic roller coasters. There is also an arcade that offers you much to explore. The theme park also offers you entertaining shows. If you are planning the visit in October then what else can be better than that? In October, the park hosts the Halloween Fright Fest. Visiting the place is really going to be one of the most outstanding things to do in Denver CO. The place is also a fun place for kids as well. You are going to love the place for sure.

3.) Downtown Aquarium

Downtown Aquarium is the aquarium in Denver that features the best of beautiful marine life. The huge aquarium is home to over 500 species that are on display. The place is perfect for the family outing and kids are going to love the place for sure. You are really going to enjoy watching different sea creatures living in their natural environment. The aquarium also hosts some under water mermaid shows that are heart-taking. The place also offers a restaurant so you can enjoy a meal as well. The aquarium offers a lounge that is used for different personnel functions as well.

4.) Denver Botanic Gardens

Denver Botanic Gardens is one of the ‘must to visit’ places in Denver. The botanic garden is located in Cheesman. The garden is known for the wonderful displays. The garden showcases the best of the western and international ornamental paintings. The paintings are really beautiful and you are going to praise the beauty for sure. The place also features water gardens. An area is dedicated to the plant research as well. The exhibits are really amazing. It is a fun place to go with the family. There is a children’s garden as well. So, going to the garden is one of the most fun things to do in Denver CO. As a whole, the place is really entertaining for a family.

5.) Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo is also one of the most popular Denver attractions. The animals from different parts of the world are on exhibit. Again, it is an ideal place for family outing. Zoo offers equal entertainment for people from all the age group. There are different shows as well that are going to make the visit a real successful one. You are also going to enjoy the demonstrations. Paying a visit to the park is really going to be one of the most awesome things to do in Denver CO. There are other attractions as well. The zoo also has amazing venues for eating. This zoo even has a venue for shopping as well.

6.) Children’s Museum of Denver

Among the museums in Denver, one of the most prominent ones is the children’s museum. The museum is a fun place for kids. They are really going to have a lot of fun and enjoy to the fullest. The museum has various exhibits on amazing and cool stuffs. There is an old fire truck that attracts a number of visitors. Kids are mostly attracted towards the bubble-blowing lab. Along with lots of fun, the place allows one to learn a lot. There are interactive activities as well that will surely help enhance the knowledge. Kids are allowed to take part in different activities and this way they get to learn.

7.) Denver Museum of Nature and Science

You can also go to visit the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. The knowledgeable place offers you numerous things to do. The most attractive and charming section of the museum is the exhibit on anthropoly. Apart from that there are displays on different subjects like geology, paleontology and health science. The place also has an IMAX theater as well. Visit to the museum is really going to be one of the most wonderful things to do in Denver CO. The museum is really an amazing one.

8.) Denver Mountain Park

Visiting the Denver Mountain Park is also one of the most fantastic things to do in Denver CO. The place is really beautiful and the way that helps you reach the place is also amazing. The views are miraculous and will definitely help you make the best of the memories. You also get to enjoy the Echo Lake. The place is perfect to go with your family or friends. Do not forget to take your camera. The place will give some awesome scenery that you will love to capture. When you are in Denver, you should visit the park for sure.

9.) Denver Public Library

If you have a love for books then do not forget to visit the Denver Public Library. Here you get to learn about different books, maps and photographs that have the complete history of Denver’s frontier. Along with the books, the architecture of the place is also beautiful. Going to the library is really going to be one of the most delightful things to do in Denver CO.

10.) Molly Brown House Museum

The museum is the former residence of the Titanic survivor Molly Brown. The house tells the story of the life of Molly Brown. The house also has the same furniture that was used by her. The old furniture is also worth praising.

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