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Things to do in Cumbria

Cumbria is a small and simple county in North West England. Earlier it was known as the Roman Britain. Later the inhabitants of Cumbrialand named it Cumbria. Cumbria is not included in the metropolitan countries, but its natural beauty speaks for itself. The country includes the famous Lake District. The country is placed with beautiful lakes, waterfalls, mountains. The famous sites to visit include Hadrian’s Wall, Morecambe Bay, etc. And there are aslo activities like climbing, hiking and cooking with kids. The rural country offers its tourist the charm and beauty of nature in an unspoiled touch. The same beauty cn also be noticed in other places of England. And that includes  If you love to travel and want to enjoy your holiday to the fullest make sure you read all the 10 points that include all the best things to do in Cumbria. You can plan a trip throughout the year there is lots of places to visit in Cumbria. And the nearby places like Newcastle, Devon, Stoke on Rent also serves the purpose in claiming the nature’s paradise. Read down the article to known all the best tourist spot of Cumbria.

Things to do in Cumbria

Things to do in Cumbria

1.) Little Salkeld

things to do in cumbria little salkeld

The candy-pink walls are the first thing noticed by children at the Watermill at “Little Salkeld”. The second can be the chickens foraging for spilt grain at the entrance of this amazing working mill. This is one of the best things to do in Cumbria. There is something for everyone.  As adults will enjoy the taste and smell of baking bread in the well-known cafe which also serves delicious lunches made from the Watermill’s own flours. These are also available in country side stores.

2.) Carlisle

things to do in cumbria charlisle

Carlisle was the most north-westerly town from the ancient Roman Empire. The story of the city’s history playfully exhibited in the new Roman Frontier Gallery at Tullie House Museum. You get a plenty of things to do in Cumbria like children can dress up as Roman soldiers and Celtic maids, enjoy playing computer quizzes and have their faces printed on Roman identity cards. This is one of the best tourist attractions in Cumbria.

3.) Walby Farm Park

things to do in cumbria walby farm park

The place assures that your heart will be in your mouth when your kid hurl themselves down the tall drop slides at this amazing children’s play farm. This is amongst the famous things to do in Cumbria with kids. If you are not looking for high-thrills indoor play zone, then let your children enjoy some easy fun.  That includes go-cart tracks, trampolines and adventure playgrounds that is specially arranged outside. Walby Farm Park is a division of a working family farm and established by the ‘Rare Breed Survival Trust’. So this tourist attraction of Cumbria is home to friendly and well-known for livestock.

4.) Talkin Tarn

things to do in cumbria taking tarn

The scenery may not be as beautiful and dramatic as the Cumbria’s most famous lakes. But the 1.3-mile circular walk around Talkin Tarn is a best activity to do in Cumbria. It also allow you a biking-friendly route that everyone can manage. This is one of the fun things to do in Cumbria. This glacial lake is surrounded by 120 acres of woodlands crossed by paths and natural beauty. You can look out for roe deer, red squirrels and damselflies. Also don’t forget to hang out in the bird observatory to watch ducklings sheltering.

5.) Barrow-in-Furness

things to do in cumbria barrow in furness

Dusk can be noisy on the Duddon estuary from the month of April to June. The continuous loud croaking of male natterjack carries for miles near the sand dunes, where they breed in pools. If you ignore and close your eyes at the breeze blowing from the Irish Sea, you could be in the forest. One of the best things to do in Cumbria for a nature lover is to experience the National Trust-managed Sandscale Haws nature reserve near Barrow-in-Furness. It is ranked as a fifth in the UK for natterjack population and beautiful rare butterflies, birds and plants.

6.) Hadrian’s Wallthings to do in cumbria hadrians wall

Cumbria includes some of the best-preserved parts of Hadrian’s Wall. It is one of the world heritage site. That is stretched up to 73 miles from the Solway Firth to the North Sea. You can easily reach here by taking a 3.5-mile circular walk through Gilsland. Here the exposed gateways and granary houses can be utilized for an amazing game of hide and seek. This is one of the most beautiful of all the Hadrian’s Wall sites. And also the best among all the things to do in Cumbria. You can enjoy wonderful views across the Irthing valley at the Lake District.

7.) Climbing in Kendal

things to do in cumbria climbing in kendal

The place gives you an opportunity to crawl on the walls like a spider to climb the Kendal. This is one of the best thngs to do in Cumbria with kids. There are two different department for children and adults. There is no chance of falling as you are safe with a attached knot. At the Lakeland Climbing Centre in Kendal, you will get a private instructor  for one-hour session. You can also ask for longer period of time. Visit this place with your boyfriend or girlfriend to spend a fun time. This is the famous tourist attraction in Cumbria.

8.) South Tynedale Railway

things to in cumbria railway

It’s just a short journey from Alston to Kirkhaugh on the South Tynedale Railway, it is one of the famous things to do in Cumbria. Located in a narrow route at the north Pennine hills, but the view through the windows will make you feel refreshing.  A seven-miles hike along the Pennine way through the evocative earthworks of a “Whitley Castle” which is a Roman fort is worth to visit. It is recommended that you try the easy route. It is the South Tyne Trail, a footpath and cycle way that follows the railway line.

9.) Discover Piel Island

things to din cumbria piel island

Piel island is spread in an area of 50-acre located off the coast of Barrow that has its own castle, king and queen. Try to reach on time for lunch at the ship, where the owner Steve Chattaway who is also known as ‘His Majesty’ serves delicious local seafood and Piel pork. This is the most enjoyable things to do in Cumbria. Go on sandy beaches and climb the 14th-century “castle” tower. Originally it was a warehouse used for smuggling by Furness Abbey.

10) Horse ride the Pennine Bridleway

things to do in cumbria horse ride

Cumbris has a new national riding trail, so wait for none and plan a trip to Cumbria. This located at the Eden Valley Trail-Riding Centre very close to Ravenstonedale. A beginners’ ride offers an hour long ride that allow you to gaze the beautiful limestone fell country situated between the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales. Look out for the view of rare-breed that are roaming freely with their foals. This is one of the best among all the good things to do in Cumbria. Don’t forget to opt for guided rides and you can also hire bikes if you prefer two wheeler on horse riding.

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