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Things to do in Cuba

Looking for the best things to do in Cuba. We will take you on a tour of Cuba through this article. The Republic of Cuba is a country that includes the islands of Cuba. Geographically, it is a part of North America. The official language of Cuba is Spanish. Cuba is a great Caribbean island nation. It is famous for its rolling mountains, white-sand beaches, rum, and cigars. The colorful capital of Cuba; Havana, features its well-preserved Spanish grand architecture. Well, there are more cool things to do in Cuba. Live music travels through the devise squares in Havana’s World Heritage. Vintage cars still speed up the streets and the beautiful old buildings. Cuba royal city induces the feel of a country frozen in time. Read this article to know more about Cuba.

things to do in cuba

Best Things to do in Cuba

1.) Old Havana

things to do in cuba old havana

It is a well-preserved part of the Cuban history. You will see its grace by walking around the improvised streets, the neoclassical buildings and grand Baroque. It’s pretty simple to feel its 200 years old heritage by simply walking around. The major attractions Cuban Baroque, Plaza de la Catedral, Catedral de San Cristobal, and Hemingway. Try the legendary restaurants and Bodeguita del Medio. You can also go for Castillo de la Real Fuerza and the military fortress. There are lots of other interesting attractions you can enjoy. This is how old Havana becomes one of the best things to do in Cuba.

2.) The Malecon

The Malecon is Havana’s well-known seafront promenade. This is one of the exciting things to do in Cuba. People watching the beach is all time favorite here. The path runs 7 kilometers from the Habana Vieja to the Vedado. Travelers find a variety of well-preserved 20th-century structures. That symbolizes a mixture of architectural styles. Decorated in pastel yellows and pinks, it’s a delight for photographer’s, particularly in the golden glow of dusk. Young lovers stroll hand-in-hand, children crawl along the sea wall and local fisherman throws their lines.

3.) Varadero

things to do in cuba varadero

Varadero is one of the Cuba’s most beautiful beach approved by the many visitors. Once you visit there, you get to enjoy the popular palm-fringed sidewalk. And its superb white-sand beaches draw visitors from around the world. Varadero highlights include Parque Natural Punta Hicacos. It is a nature reserve with a beautiful beach on its bed. It also consists of two caves, Cueva de Musulmanes and Cueva de Ambrosio.

4.) Morro Castle (El Morro Castle)

El Morro Castle, locally known as Castillo del Morro. But officially it is called Castillo de los Tres Reyes del Morro. It is situated on a rocky headland at the entry of the bay of the city. It is not to be puzzled with the El Morro Castle in Santiago de Cuba. Morro castle is itself a big museum. Which tells the strategies and stories about the Renaissance architecture. Go explore other stories behind the history of Morro Castle. Several momentary exhibitions with a number of themes are exhibited. This is how it becomes one of the best things to do in Cuba.

5.) Gran Teatro de la Habana

It is one of the most remarkable theaters in the Cuba. The scenes are as exciting as the shows performed within. It is one of the favorite places amongst its visitors. Also, it is considered to be the best things to do in Cuba. Laugh out loud at Havana’s Teatro Fausto, popular for its comedy shows and best operas. This is fully loaded for family-friendly entertainment. Must visit this place and discover more to tell stories to your friends later.

6.) Delfinario

This is one of the fun things to do in Cuba. The Delfinario is situated in a natural mangrove pond close to the Chapelin Marina. There are generally 2 dolphins shows daily. After the show, you can click your pictures with dolphins. Tourists and visitors can also interact and swim with the dolphins. You can even attain the opportunity to perform different activities with these elegant animals. This has something for all ages. It’s fun to visit this place with your family and kids.

7.) Guardalavaca

Guardalavaca is Fringed with glittering beaches. In the Holguin region, it is quieter and more isolated than Varadero. Green foliage fringes, the extensive thread of beach here provides plenty of shady area for those seeking a break from the tropical sun. Snorkelers and Divers can discover a surplus of sea life along the coral reefs and ecosystem. This one of the best things to do in Cuba.

8.) Parque Nacional Vinales

The Parque Nacional Vinales is gorgeous, lush valley in the Sierra de los Organos. The Parque Nacional Vinales is an agricultural area where vegetables, fruit, and tobacco are produced. For visitors, the park offers incredible horseback, hiking and riding in the hills. Nearby, the delightful town of Vinales is great to travel around. You can also hire a tour company. They offer day trips here from Havana. This is how it becomes one of the most exciting things to do in Cuba.

9.) Trinidad

Are you exploring the town of Trinidad? Well, it is a UNESCO World legacy Site, just like stepping back in time. The brilliantly restored buildings and paved streets in the city center instill a colonial sense. Trinidad is one of the Cuba’s most popular visitors towns. The streets are often crowded with foreigners. Trinidad includes many places to visit like Plaza Mayor, Church of the Holy Trinity for peace and worship. You can also visit famous Church and Monastery of Saint Francis. The Museum of Colonial Architecture is one of the best places to discover the art and history. It’s a great place for the horseback ride or drive through the stunning scenery of palm trees, green sugar cane fields, and mountains. This is one of the best places for entertaining things to do in Cuba.

10.) La Bodeguita del Medio Restaurant

The walls are displayed with drawings and autographs left by its visitors and travelers. Diners have enjoyed the bar’s rice grilled pork and black beans the most. Whenever you visit here, try the most delicious roast pork, flat-fried bananas, steeped black beans, sweet guava pudding. Enjoy the most beautiful ambiance with the amazing food that it has to offer. And treat yourself with the aged old rum. Spending the evening here with friends and family is always fun.

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